first quarter   (第1四半期)

The score was 7–6 at the end of the first quarter.

Growth slowed to 4.1% in the first quarter of 2013.

At the end of the first quarter, Virginia led 17–0.

fourth quarter   (第4四半期)

Purdue added 10 more points in the fourth quarter.

Late in the fourth quarter, Navy took the lead, 22–21.

Fordham was shut out until 2:14 in the fourth quarter.

third quarter   (第3四半期)

Michigan held a 10-point lead in the third quarter.

The Argos completed the scoring in the third quarter.

Florida opened the third quarter with a three and out.

second quarter   (第2四半期)

UCF received a kickoff to begin the second quarter.

In the second quarter, the teams traded the lead.

In the second quarter, UCF scored 20 unanswered points.

quarter finals   (準々決勝)

The quarter finals were played on March 27, 1985.

The quarter finals were played on March 12, 1975.

She lost in the quarter finals to Trina Gulliver.

last quarter   (前四半期)

These are planned for the last quarter of 2011.

No time code is sent during the last quarter of an hour.

A pass from Ike Armstrong to Wop Glover in the last quarter got the win.

quarter final   (準々決勝)

However, they lost in the quarter final to Sweden.

Brazil were beaten 1–0 by France in the quarter final.

They reached the quarter final of the Scottish League Cup.

quarter mile   (クォーターマイル)

A lightning arrester was installed every quarter mile.

Performance was 7.7 seconds for with a 15.9 s/86.4 mph quarter mile run.

In 1904 he was eliminated in the semi-final of the quarter mile competition.

final quarter   (最終四半期)

The Brisbane Lions fought back in the final quarter.

However, two touchdowns in the final quarter gave WVU the victory.

The final quarter of the book returns to the setting of "Fleet of Worlds".

quarter when   (四半期)

Michigan scored first late in the first quarter when Brandon Minor ran in a 2-yard TD.

Michigan responded late in the quarter when Brandon Minor ran for a touchdown from 3 yards.

Vanderbilt remained in the lead through the fourth quarter when Alabama scored a trio of touchdowns.

quarter lengths   (四分の一の長さ)

Triple Crown by one and three quarter lengths.

He won the race by three and a quarter lengths from Tidal Bay.

He took the lead between the last two hurdles and won by two and a quarter lengths from Mossley.

quarter century   (四半世紀)

The modern, bright logo represents refreshed vigor for the work of the next quarter century.

For the next quarter century, Poland was often a pawn in Russia's campaigns against other powers.

The "Lizzie Throop" encountered some misfortunes on the lakes in her quarter century on the lakes.

quarter scoring   (四半期スコアリング)

UCF took command in the second quarter scoring a touchdown on the following drive.

Mallett hit Michael Smith for a 29-yard passing touchdown to close the third quarter scoring.

Nebraska capped the third quarter scoring with another 21-yard Spielman touchdown reception from Martinez.

last quarter mile   (最後の四分の一マイル)

Fallon restrained the filly in the early stages before moving forward in the last quarter mile.

Billesdon Brook raced towards the rear of the field before making a forward move approaching the last quarter mile.

He looked exhausted however in the last quarter mile and was overtaken by the 33/1 outsider Felstead who won by one and a half lengths.

reached the quarter   (四半期に達しました)

In 2012 Olympics, two boxers reached the quarter finals.

Greebe reached the quarter finals of the 2007 Dutch Open.

They reached the quarter final of the Scottish League Cup.

nearly a quarter   (ほぼ四分の一)

A century ago, Europe had nearly a quarter of the world's population.

In 2005, nearly a quarter of the population was employed by industrial factories.

On election day, Shafer was victorious by a margin of nearly a quarter of a million votes.

quarter of all   (全体の四分の一)

Bycatch represents about a quarter of all marine catch.

By 1991 a quarter of all patrols were by air.

A quarter of all the trips in the country made on bicycles, one quarter of them to work.

scoreless first quarter   (スコアレス第1四半期)

After a scoreless first quarter, Notre Dame took a 14-0 lead in the second quarter.

After a scoreless first quarter, both teams scored their only touchdown in the second.

After a scoreless first quarter, Pittsburgh began their dominance in the second quarter.

each quarter   (各四半期)

The clock counts down from 15:00 in each quarter.

By 2001 the school enrolled 600 students each quarter.

91 days or 13 weeks, each quarter.

quarter via   (四半期)

Purdue added 7 points in the third quarter via a 36-yard Blough pass to Terry Wright.

Purdue added seven points in the fourth quarter via a 45-yard touchdown run by D. J. Knox.

Minnesota opened the scoring in the first quarter via a 24-yard field goal by Emmit Carpenter.

every quarter   (毎四半期)

A lightning arrester was installed every quarter mile.

When they arrive in Nairobi, the villagers seek help from every quarter.

That result for cubes of odd size is obviously true since every quarter turn has even parity.

almost a quarter   (ほぼ四分の一)

In a 2002 survey, almost a quarter of residents "did not consider themselves Spanish at all".

The report urged clinicians to ‘Think Sepsis’ after almost a quarter of maternal deaths were from sepsis.

Although Urbach–Wiethe disease can be found worldwide, almost a quarter of reported diagnoses are in South Africa.

rear quarter   (リアクォーター)

A "Half Panel" (RPO code AA5) rear quarter window delete option was available from 2008 - 2010 model years.

The word "POLICE" is printed in large text on the side of the car, and "MPDC", with the MPD shield splitting MP and DC, on the rear quarter panels of the vehicle.

The wheelbase was shortened from 168 inches to 140 inches (nine inches longer than the Suburban), and the Bronco rear quarter panels, hardtop, and tailgate were mated to the pickup bodywork.

only a quarter   (四分の一)

By contrast, the worker shares half of her genes with her sons and only a quarter with her brothers.

The new pennies were known as quarting because they contained only a quarter of the silver content of the old currency.

In the early 1950s in Florida, 200,000 people had no access to library services and only a quarter of the population had adequate service.

per quarter   (四半期ごと)

Protestant boys received a free education, while Catholic boys paid £1 per quarter.

In the Seventh-day Adventist Church the Holy Communion service customarily is celebrated once per quarter.

Volunteers continue to keep the center running, donating an average of 400 hours per quarter and maintaining the building's interior and exterior.