İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

questioned whether   (olup olmadığını sorguladı)

The police even questioned whether he was human.

The judge also questioned whether women should be doctors.

Byyny questioned whether one of WAAKE-UP!

questioned why   (nedenini sorguladı)

The writers questioned why there are no parents in Disney comics, only uncles and cousins.

However, if this is the case, then it must be questioned why there were Greek and Egyptian contingents in the navy.

Japanese media questioned why Bown was not able to steer the aircraft away from the residential area before ejecting.

when questioned   (sorgulandığında)

In 4.2 when questioned by Othello, she firmly states Desdemona's innocence.

Individuals will alter a response when questioned for personal or social purposes.

Although he did not die instantly, when questioned, Wilson was unable to say who had shot him.

questioned how   (nasıl sorgulandı)

Descartes questioned how the immaterial mind and the material body can interact causally.

Schaefer in particular has questioned how robust the claimed alignments in the Caracol are.

The book also questioned how faith healers use funds that were sent to them for specific purposes.