İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

answer questions   (soruları cevaplamak)

The EVLR staff are always on hand to answer questions.

He rarely speaks, but can answer questions.

These members also have access to a live teacher to answer questions for them.

ask questions   (sorular sor)

I execute first and ask questions later."

They don't ask questions anymore.")

The chief threatened to execute him if he continued to ask questions.

raised questions   (gündeme getirilen sorular)

Neither qualified which raised questions about the qualifications of the U.S. Open.

His research had raised questions of religious tolerance which he wanted to explore.

The "Times" raised questions as to why the investigation proceeded as long as it did.

questions regarding   (ile ilgili sorular)

Ko (2015) states there are two questions regarding bipedalism 1.

This is a Surah which deals with questions regarding Muhammad's wives.

Chinn was then assigned to respond to questions regarding various guns.

many questions

They will ask many questions as their curiosity grows.

His departure left many questions unanswered.

It, however, left many questions unanswered.

asking questions   (soru sormak)

and asking questions such as "I don't understand which pyramid you mean."

He then spent several months following Wallenda around and asking questions.

When Adam shows violent behaviour, Alice starts asking questions about his past.

answering questions   (soruları cevaplamak)

Before 2003, candidates wrote sentences for answering questions.

Participants selected by the host win prizes by answering questions.

The summer was spent answering questions and resolving concerns about the merger.

asked questions   (sorulmuş sorular)

He asked questions about faith and the fundamental teachings of the Church.

They were then asked questions about how many of a certain item there were in a set.

The study asked questions such as "Thinking about all aspects of your life, how happy are you?

questions such   (böyle sorular)

and asking questions such as "I don't understand which pyramid you mean."

It tackles a child's questions such as "How can I have fun with Grandma?"

These questions pose symbolic questions such the confusions about identity of modern man.

questions asked   (sorulan sorular)

Queries are questions asked based on a specific model.

No questions asked.

In fact, one of the more common questions asked in cockpits today is, "What’s it doing now?"

answered questions   (cevaplanmış sorular)

answered questions posed by viewers.

She answered questions like "How do I remove a snake from my car?"

during its second season, where contestants were chained up and answered questions.

questions concerning

Shang oracle bones mention questions concerning the whereabouts of lost dogs.

Students may also submit questions concerning the course content directly via email to the CSI.

In 1989, the art historian, Federico Zeri, raised questions concerning his father's true identity.

series of questions

In this way the miracle question is not so much a question as a series of questions.

The computer program asked a series of questions to confirm the person's intent to die.

To obtain a marriage license, a couple must answer a long series of questions, under oath.

questions whether

Skepticism questions whether knowledge is possible at all.

Tomlinson questions whether this presence translates to cultural imperialism.

Sophie questions whether Mark changed his mind and Kate runs home to Ramsay Street.

all questions

But not all questions studied in applied ethics concern public policy.

This case settled the law that applied to all questions regarding state legislation during the war.

Yang described the situation at the border and answered all questions to the emperor's satisfaction.

more questions

Those who identify with the government on two or more questions are defined as the political class."

Furious, Armstrong refuses to answer any more questions, and denies that he had the telegram from Staunton.

The elimination round was no longer a physical game, but a new question round, with more questions about the book.

raises questions   (soru soruyor)

The string of non-combat deaths raises questions about the reform progress of the military.

This book looks at, analyzes, and raises questions regarding racial culture and cultural practices.

In its most extreme sense, this raises questions about dam safety, both in the construction phases and in the end product.

questions and answers   (sorular ve cevaplar)

Then he'll come out and lecture the audience with time for questions and answers."

", in which she alternates different voices to highlight the questions and answers of the text.

Even if the person is not joining the KChO, the person can download the questions and answers at the KChO website.

important questions

Some important questions are "How much of language is innate?

Natural resource industries also raise important questions of sustainability.

Many important questions were discussed, including reconciliation with Hamas.

questions raised   (sorulan sorular)

A web site has been set up where Poulton has answered a few questions raised by the book.

The head notes, giving the disposition of the various questions raised, occupy four pages.

The ethical questions raised surrounding the execution of mentally ill persons is not a new issue in Virginia.

questions related

TNIOM offers consulting services in questions related to dental biomaterials.

There are three philosophical questions related to AI: Can a machine be intelligent?

If he was invited to a patient's family, he would ask questions related to the case during the diagnosis.

raising questions   (soru sormak)

The story deals with themes of love and loss as well as raising questions about the nature of the Irish identity.

Cummings wrote a letter to Engelbrecht, raising questions about voter challenges in Ohio, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Maryland.

The Iran–Contra scandal, as it became known, did serious damage to the Reagan presidency, raising questions about Reagan's competency.

questions were raised

The painting was withdrawn from auction when questions were raised about its authenticity.

When Mulally was passed over in both instances, questions were raised about whether he would remain with the company.

Criticisms were made of the developing aircraft and questions were raised about more cost-effective alternatives during this time.

questions correctly

No one ever won the grand prize of $100,000 by answering 25 questions correctly.

Competitors who answered the three questions correctly qualified for the next game.

The main goal of the game was to win €1 million by answering 15 multiple-choice questions correctly.

fundamental questions

The objective is to answer fundamental questions about how planetary systems form and evolve.

More importantly, Camus addressed one of the fundamental questions of existentialism: the problem of suicide.

The format of the great debate has been used subsequently to argue the nature of fundamental questions in astronomy.

questions relating

It asks a number of questions relating to the nature of destiny and the human condition.

To purchase vehicles, the player answered questions relating to science at stops along the way.

The EDPS also asks for clarification of a number of questions relating to the practical implementation of user control.

number of questions   (soru sayısı)

Play continues until all players have been asked the set number of questions.

The number of questions and test time per section is same as those of the CSAT.

The number of questions he gets right becomes the target that the team has to beat.

questions posed   (sorulan sorular)

answered questions posed by viewers.

The questions posed in a confession album varied from volume to volume.

Tan and Hoe were more cooperative, answering the questions posed by the court.

such questions

To Bohr and his followers, such questions were meaningless.

In English, such questions can be formed in both positive and negative forms (e.g.

Epistemology addresses such questions as: "What makes justified beliefs justified?

answers to questions   (soruların cevapları)

You will get a lot of answers to questions you never knew you had."

A computerized version of a quiz show, the game presents multiple choice answers to questions from a range of categories.

The pronouns are also mandatory as the direct answers to questions involving figuring out who was doing what or what was done to whom.

unanswered questions   (cevapsız sorular)

These unanswered questions indicated greater, hidden relationships.

Ignat remains a controversial figure, still raising many unanswered questions.

The field of PTS still holds many unanswered questions that are important targets for more research.

research questions

Other research questions assumptions that large improvements would result from a more comprehensive voucher system.

Herzog was a North American pioneer in the field of ethnomusicology and posed such radical research questions as: ""do animals have music?""

One of the hallmarks of thematic analysis is its flexibility - flexibility with regards to framing theory, research questions and research design.

philosophical questions   (felsefi sorular)

There are three philosophical questions related to AI: Can a machine be intelligent?

Such philosophical questions shift the starting point of reasoning from "what to do" to why and how to do it.

Entertainment may skillfully consider universal philosophical questions such as: "What is the meaning of life?

serious questions   (ciddi sorular)

They also run Court actions where there are serious questions of potential environmental harm.

It became apparent to Admiral Nimitz that Ghormley and his staff did not have answers to serious questions that they should have had.

Despite the probable illegality of these actions, no serious questions were made into the payments and the auditors were not disciplined.

other questions   (diğer sorular)

There were other questions.

Additional comparisons revealed possible collaboration on the other questions.

He referred other questions to a statement released by his lawyer, Christopher Wolf.

political questions   (siyasi sorular)

The new king solved political questions only from a pure sense of duty.

On the Ireland tour he also made a study of social conditions which aroused a deep interest in political questions.

Never consulted on political questions, Alexander confined himself to military duties and fulfilled them in a conscientious and unobtrusive manner.

choice questions

After reading, they will answer multiple choice questions to correct the errors.

The exam format for Levels 2 and 3 is based on objective response (multiple choice questions.

There are multiple choice questions as well as written responses, in which the students are given lines to write their answers on.

raise questions   (soruları arttır)

The teams and fans often exaggerate referee mistakes although some so called mistakes do raise questions.

This met the standards for that day, although Penn State did raise questions about the contamination remaining.

The team reached a high point when they were 40 games over .500, but a second half swoon started to raise questions about the team's staying power.

questions about how

They were then asked questions about how many of a certain item there were in a set.

The objective is to answer fundamental questions about how planetary systems form and evolve.

In an interview by Elmo, she answered questions about how a blind person can learn to use other senses to get along in the world.