Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

quickly became   (Nhanh chóng trở thành)

Rotisserie-style play quickly became a phenomenon.

He quickly became obsessed with the art of angling.

He quickly became a fan favourite in the Highlands.

very quickly   (rất nhanh)

However, on the pitch, he settled in very quickly.

Clay which is exposed to air, dries very quickly.

Ward became involved in local politics very quickly.

more quickly   (nhanh hơn nữa)

Some people will recover more quickly than others.

Newer materials are available that set more quickly.

The lack of a slider enables the parachute to open more quickly.

quickly established   (nhanh chóng thành lập)

He quickly established himself in the club's youth system.

Bundesliga, and quickly established themselves at this level.

Fort Knocks Entertainment was quickly established by June 2004.

quickly followed   (nhanh chóng làm theo)

Other branch locations quickly followed.

Competing firms such as Armour and Company quickly followed.

They quickly followed with "Speedball".

quickly as possible

Slade needs to proceed as quickly as possible to investigate.

The player must then race through the level as quickly as possible.

Still, it was clear that he must be disposed of, as quickly as possible.

quickly gained

Franco quickly gained a reputation as a good officer.

Thus, they quickly gained recognition in the Latvian music scene.

Located in San Francisco, Frances quickly gained a Michelin star.

quickly spread   (nhanh chóng lan rộng)

The fire quickly spread through the entire vessel.

The fire quickly spread to the nose and cockpit.

These new rules quickly spread throughout western Europe.

so quickly

But Seketoa jumped up so quickly that it missed him.

No one could be filled with it so quickly!"

The Age of Man, so quickly heralded, is already under siege.

quickly grew

The race quickly grew in importance after its inception.

The company quickly grew to warrant more full-time employees.

From the 1950s to the 1970s it quickly grew into a suburb of Zürich.

too quickly

He didn't want us getting big ideas too quickly."

but also criticized the issue for ending too quickly.

If held horizontally it may burn too quickly.

quickly moved

Tony Kanaan quickly moved up to second position.

After this dispute, they quickly moved to Bones Brigade.

From there, he quickly moved to provisional competitions.

quickly rose

He quickly rose to prominence in the Turkish film industry.

It quickly rose on the KQV Top 40 singles chart reaching No.

Production costs quickly rose as Ray spent money with abandon.

quickly developed

They quickly developed a reputation for having fun.

This proved practical and a prototype was quickly developed.

Amsterdam quickly developed its own Renaissance architecture.

quickly made

Considering his reputation, Babbage quickly made progress.

On his first international event, he quickly made an impact.

Mithqal quickly made a name for himself as a leader of raids.

quickly began

The British quickly began to build other settlements.

Various rival cash dispenser systems quickly began to emerge.

Conn quickly began to promote Bowie.

then quickly

The authorities then quickly started to prepare.

Prices began to slowly rise, and then quickly increased.

Cigars are then quickly passed out en masse to the audience.

grew quickly

New clients followed and Ogilvy's company grew quickly.

From then on, the new Order grew quickly with new vocations.

The business grew quickly, adding gas stations and car washes.

quickly become   (nhanh chóng trở thành)

Vancouver would quickly become the most important.

They quickly become entangled with each other.

Afterwards, they have dinner and quickly become friends.

quickly becomes

Kyosuke quickly becomes Kirino's confidant for her secret hobby.

Via her telepathic abilities she quickly becomes Sam's girlfriend.

In this capacity, Johnston quickly becomes something of a local legend.

quickly found

They quickly found pasture for their cattle at Mattapan.

He quickly found a new club, ending the season with Telstar.

Upon landing in a field, he met a youth who quickly found a doctor.

quickly took

Calderón Guardia quickly took control of the party.

In 1933 she joined the (UJFF), and quickly took a leading role.

Hank Aaron walked and quickly took second on a Yogi Berra passed ball.

quickly replaced

The state quickly replaced its on-site monitor.

Arjuna quickly replaced those strings.

A tense coda would be quickly replaced with a reprise of waltz 2A.

quickly turned

Spotlights were quickly turned on to illuminate the ring.

Once visitors saw what was happening the prison quickly turned the water on.

As the battle quickly turned against Orb, Cagalli returned to lead her country's forces.

spread quickly   (lây lan nhanh chóng)

So they can be spread quickly and be very destructive.

The clubs spread quickly throughout France.

The Toughman Contest spread quickly.

quickly enough

He has criticized the Liberals for not ratifying the TTP quickly enough.

In most cases where moisture is not addressed quickly enough, mold and mildew develop.

Any process that happens quickly enough to deviate from thermal equilibrium cannot be reversible.

moved quickly

Æthelstan moved quickly, seizing much of Northumbria.

Things moved quickly, and they were married within five months.

debacle, Kurosawa moved quickly to a new project to prove he was still viable.

quickly becoming

Another prank that is quickly becoming a tradition is the Orc Raid.

He was quickly becoming one of the hottest properties in Maltese football.

They are quickly becoming the most common type of voice phone service in many areas.

quickly fell

Icarus quickly fell in the sea and drowned.

The single debuted at #20 and quickly fell off the charts.

The couple quickly fell in love.

how quickly

He is also very astonished by the amount of cake he eats in one night and how quickly he does so.

Bids would be evaluated in part on how quickly the bidder would be able to start exploiting the coal field.

An index such as the Indexing Service can improve how quickly results are returned after a search is performed.

quickly went

The video of his dive quickly went viral on the internet.

Bernard, a bold and wise businessman, quickly went to work.

The film was also released on Blu-ray but it quickly went OOP.

quickly expanded

Mizoram's cash economy also quickly expanded to labor.

The company quickly expanded to other cities.

Medical scribe programs quickly expanded to other cities.

relatively quickly   (tương đối nhanh)

This means that the cores of the planets could have formed relatively quickly.

This means they will lose velocity relatively quickly, limiting their effective range.

About 10% of absorbed radiocaesium washes out of the body relatively quickly in sweat and urine.

quickly came

A succession of appointments quickly came his way.

The event quickly came to be called the Boston Massacre.

Kublai quickly came to his appanage in Hebei and ordered reforms.

quickly defeated

Alexander's Hasmonean army quickly defeated Zoilus's forces.

The Roman cavalry, outnumbered eight to one, was quickly defeated.

The group was quickly defeated by Hope Summers during a botched bank robbery.

quickly through

Wacha ascended quickly through the minor leagues.

The river therefore flows very quickly through La Rioja.

"The Montessori Method" sold quickly through six editions.

quickly returned

Johnson quickly returned the Cowboys to the NFL's elite.

After hearing this, De Niza quickly returned to New Spain.

He quickly returned to his house.

quickly changed

His situation was favorable in the beginning, but that quickly changed.

At the age of 15 his father sent him to work shoveling coal which quickly changed his mind.

Construction began on the branch line to Quarryville, but was quickly changed to standard gauge.

quickly sold

The book quickly sold out and became an instant hit.

The concert quickly sold out so a second was scheduled for 30 January.

Both albums quickly sold out.

quickly put

"Shannon" was quickly put into service.

Mathis Jr. turned pro in 1991 and quickly put together 12 wins.

The Ruston diesel locomotive was quickly put into service laying track.

quickly realized

They quickly realized there was nothing they could do for Holt-Singh.

She "quickly realized there was a far cooler and broader Miraculous movement underway".

The musicians quickly realized that Dylan was taking a "spontaneous" approach to recording.

quickly became popular

It was formulated by Dan Duchaine, and quickly became popular among bodybuilders.

These stories from his youth quickly became popular reading for the German middle-class.

Roman cement quickly became popular but was largely replaced by Portland cement in the 1850s.

quickly adopted

The scheme was so popular that other GSM companies quickly adopted this method.

Upon his return to Florence he conveyed this new enthusiasm to his friends, who quickly adopted his ideas.

It was the first running shoe to use EVA, an air-infused foam that was quickly adopted by other athletic brands.

move quickly   (di chuyển một cách nhanh chóng)

"Chasers" move quickly and try to make a catch.

"We have to move quickly and strongly.

The water monitor can grow to at least in length and and can move quickly.

quickly lost

With this, NPO 3FM quickly lost many important DJs.

Strongman Sarit quickly lost his interest in the party.

"Los Guerreros del Infierno" actually won the first fall, then quickly lost the second fall.

able to quickly   (có thể nhanh chóng)

They were able to quickly route the Marabouts, who took refuge in a neighbouring copse.

He was able to quickly find a crew, made up of people that he had worked with before or had wanted to work with for a long time.

The Confederation was able to quickly conquer the towns of Aarau, Lenzburg, Brugg and Zofingen along with most of the Habsburg castles.

quickly captured

The island was quickly captured.

He did not attempt to flee, and was quickly captured by a local militia.

They quickly captured You.

fairly quickly

Tchaikovsky got over the affair fairly quickly.

The materials usually dry fairly quickly.

This may be achieved fairly quickly by someone with practice.

quickly weakened

Prapiroon quickly weakened and dissipated early on August 5.

Due to the interaction with land, the storm quickly weakened.

It quickly weakened over land, dissipating early on August 20 to the west of Guilin.

rose quickly

However, thanks to Maeda efforts, that number rose quickly.

The program's popularity rose quickly.

Allan rose quickly in public service jobs to higher positions.

quickly reached

The plume from the fireball quickly reached a height of over .

Word quickly reached New York City.

Soon after Ottoman Empire invaded the republic and quickly reached Borjomi.

quickly became known

They quickly became known for being highly politically incorrect.

Because of this, the Mississippi River Squadron quickly became known as the Brown-water navy.

With record-breaking spending and gate receipts, Arsenal quickly became known as the Bank of England club.

up quickly

Although Filipe got a quick lead, Mike caught up quickly.

The quick cure time allows many coats to be built up quickly.

Louis, however, got up quickly, but took no chances for the remainder of the round.

quickly abandoned

In the event, the 1-pounder was quickly abandoned.

1 stack was quickly abandoned in 1924, leaving only No.

Procter quickly abandoned the second siege.

quickly signed

Jordan was quickly signed by ex-Eastleigh manager Paul Doswell at Sutton United.

He was quickly signed by Benfica on 12 January 2011, on a three and half year contract.

He quickly signed a new contract with the club in April 2002, and returned to the first team.

quickly built

Some of the others quickly built stone walls to protect the city.

He quickly built a reputation as an activist among the Black community in Los Angeles.

It was as a small firm that quickly built a national reputation in the financial and corporate areas.

quickly when   (nhanh chóng khi)

Cacti can also form new roots quickly when rain falls after a drought.

The Bulgarian army crumbled quickly when Turkey and Romania joined the war.

The tanker was carrying 10,000 tons of gasoline, which caught fire quickly when the torpedo hit.

quickly led

Afterwards, Golson quickly led Florida State on a drive from its own 25-yard line down to the Georgia Tech 38.

Before singing, Sandhu starting his musical journey by creating remixes of popular Punjabi songs which quickly led to him becoming a DJ.

The assassination provoked a series of diplomatic manoeuvres that quickly led to declarations of war and the onset of the First World War.

quickly proved

It quickly proved to be a useful addition to the fleet.

Albert quickly proved to be one of Normandie's best pilots.

The extension quickly proved profitable.

quickly learned

Slave children quickly learned that they were subject to the direction of both their parents and their owners.

Indeed this is what they found: that the newcomers quickly learned the traditional routes and schooling sites.

The band quickly learned that filming a live performance for a television show is not as straight forward as its sounds.

quickly discovered

She quickly discovered that her fears were justified.

Augustine quickly discovered that Ambrose was a spectacular orator.

The conspiracy was quickly discovered by the Emperor's agents, however.

quickly got

but they quickly got called the "Coffee Shop racer"..

Corbett's eccentric behavior quickly got him into trouble.

His talents quickly got noticed by Houston's popular Dhol Beat International.

rather quickly

Generally, pups are born rather quickly in the breeding season.

The changes rather quickly resulted in a noticeable increase in prosperity.

After attaining winds of hurricane-force, Beni strengthened rather quickly.

quickly released

She was taken to the ICU at Mercy, but was quickly released.

He was quickly released on bail.

The doctors were quickly released, while the others were later paroled.

quickly promoted

He developed more improvements and was quickly promoted within the company.

At Bendix, she was quickly promoted to Vice President of Strategic Planning by Agee.

Turner began his career at McDonald's in 1956 as a grill operator and was quickly promoted.

quickly and easily

Indexes are also designed to help the reader find information quickly and easily.

This allows the sail(s) to quickly and easily be deployed and reefed by pulling lines.

The book was written for students to quickly and easily learn the art of ornamentation.

quickly joined

He quickly joined the Norwegian Resistance forces in Østlandet.

WGFL quickly joined CBS to keep the network available in Gainesville.

The student protest movement quickly joined with labor and mass strikes erupted.

quickly formed

These quickly formed the nucleus of the collection.

An important advantage is that an improvised abatis can be quickly formed in forested areas.

A citizen's army, numerous but poorly equipped and trained, quickly formed around these leaders.

quickly dropped

However, the song quickly dropped off the UK chart after peaking, spending only five weeks in the UK top 100.

However he was regarded as an "enthusiastic novice" and quickly dropped by Preston, leaving the club in February 1891.

This did not last, however, and temperatures quickly dropped; at 1080 CE summer temperatures had reached a maximum of .

quickly earned

Brennan joined Hawaii in 2005 and quickly earned the starting quarterback job.

He was educated at St. Mary's College in the city and quickly earned a reputation as an all-round sportsperson.

Their high-energy style of rock-and-roll quickly earned them fans among the locals, especially among the students at Tulane University.

much more quickly

As a result, coastal dunes can erode much more quickly in the winter than in the summer.

Many of the instances that occur in practical applications can be solved much more quickly.

They add on mass rapidly, as well as fully developing powers much more quickly than other means of transformation.

quickly removed

The wings can be quickly removed for ground transport or storage.

However, after a negative start Mészöly was quickly removed from his position.

It was decided that Hope must be quickly removed as governor without raising suspicion.

quickly set

He quickly set about reforming the school.

Five out of the fifteen were Ghanaian soldiers who were quickly set free.

She quickly set out to sea again, escorting Convoy NG-404 to Guantanamo Bay.

quickly recovered

After the Second World War, the company quickly recovered.

James quickly recovered and survived the remainder of the round.

It quickly recovered, new fortifications were erected, and it became a "municipium".

quickly taken

When Joe barges in by himself, he is quickly taken prisoner.

This natural habitat, home to the Truffula Trees, was quickly taken advantage of by the greed of the Once-ler.

He has the bodies quickly taken away and buried, but not before Dr. Nora Kelly and FBI Special Agent Pendegrast take a cursory look.

quickly picked

He saw the performance and quickly picked it up.

Business quickly picked up, especially exports.

These were quickly picked up by 4chan and spread to other Western sites soon after.

band quickly

The band quickly settled for an undisclosed sum.

Later they started the band 'Duga' but Tennander left the band quickly.

The band quickly recorded a pair of CD-Rs, f'n and Digital Endpoints, selling them at live shows throughout New Jersey.

quickly intensified

The system quickly intensified and was given the name "Dog".

While approaching the Yucatán Peninsula, Ernesto quickly intensified, developing a well-defined eye.

The system quickly intensified into a tropical storm as it tracked in a general northward direction.

quickly left

When Ross heard the fighting, he quickly left his meal and ran to the scene.

When Chen Ji heard about it, he quickly left Luoyang for Pingyuan State to avoid getting caught up in politics.

In the postwar years, freedmen quickly left the white congregations and associations, setting up their own churches.

quickly picked up

Business quickly picked up, especially exports.

These were quickly picked up by 4chan and spread to other Western sites soon after.

It was quickly picked up by both American gospel singers and British skiffle and pop musicians.

quickly brought

Arlen's Falcon was quickly brought to the screen by RKO.

Silius Nerva quickly brought the situation under control.

This decision quickly brought on a crisis.

quickly caught

The approach quickly caught on in Chicago.

Isbisa fled, but was quickly caught, unmasked, and imprisoned.

It quickly caught the public's fancy.

quite quickly

They have short legs, but can move quite quickly.

Armadillos have short legs, but can move quite quickly.

It was intended as an ultralight that could be quite quickly (300 hours) assembled by inexperienced constructors.

quickly recognized

Because of this prophecy, she was quickly recognized as the rebirth of Tra Gelong Tsultrim Dargyé.

Lorenzo Mattielli soon became a close friend of Antonio Beduzzi, who had quickly recognized his skills.

The skiing community quickly recognized CR as a talented young star who could help progress free skiing.

quickly decided

Trowbridge continued independently in the merchant trade, but quickly decided to move west.

But they quickly decided to give every candidate a chance and auditioned female singers as well.

A bizarre Reebok scheme was temporarily applied to some aircraft but was quickly decided against.

quickly realizes

She quickly realizes that the Great Tree means Alexei, the Dowager Governess' son.

While Obrecht claims she only wants a confession, Peter quickly realizes she wants him dead.

Although initially outraged, Bob quickly realizes that the encounter was purely physical, like his own affair.

quickly and efficiently   (nhanh chóng và hiệu quả)

Through computers, new airfares can be published quickly and efficiently to the airlines' sales channels.

challenges the player to make a Puzzle Islander's favourite shape more quickly and efficiently than they can.

The cover, which had four hard leather boxes to carry the mail, was transferred quickly and efficiently, usually in less than two minutes.

quickly won

To replace Holmes, Hoover nominated Benjamin N. Cardozo, who quickly won confirmation.

The New Testament was released in October 2007 and quickly won the top Evangelical award, The Christian Book of the Year.

He quickly won his place in the starting lineup under Sulejman Starova, winning the league's player of the month award in March.

quickly overwhelmed   (nhanh chóng bị áp đảo)

The humans are quickly overwhelmed and driven back to Earth.

The Ivorian army was quickly overwhelmed, and Gbagbo deposed by the rebels.

Rioters of over 20,000 quickly overwhelmed the 3,100 member police department.

quickly responded

The Army gunners and the Marine Ontos quickly responded.

The ABAKO quickly responded with a demand for "immediate independence".

However, the Polish Government quickly responded by closing the border down and denying any further access.

quickly rebuilt

The shed was quickly rebuilt that same year.

After the attack, the city of Barawa was quickly rebuilt.

The town was quickly rebuilt and became a borough in 1816.