quiet life   (平穏な生活)

Triratna Man then settled down to a quiet life in Kathmandu.

Levitt lived a personal and quiet life.

In 2006, Puyol said that when not working, he leads "a very quiet life...

keep quiet   (静かに)

He is discovered by David who agrees to keep quiet.

Rita had threatened Kristina to keep quiet about it.

Vijay tells her to keep quiet but Sumed Singh arrests Vijay.

relatively quiet   (比較的静か)

The situation around the town then became relatively quiet.

From then on, news of the upcoming game was relatively quiet.

Ever since, the matches between the two teams have been relatively quiet.

very quiet   (とても静か)

Enya described her upbringing as "very quiet and happy."

December 25 is a very quiet and relaxed day.

These submarines had advanced sensors and were very quiet.

kept quiet   (静かにして)

The woman is now married and the family alleges that they "kept quiet out of fear."

The Burgerschaft would remain undisturbed, as would the population, if they kept quiet.

The story has been mentioned a few times, though the xenomorph's exact origin was kept quiet.