İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

quit his job   (işini bırak)

When he was nineteen, he quit his job in a bank.

He quit his job but did not forsake the Brahmo Samaj.

This led him to quit his job and pursue films.

quit the band   (gruptan çık)

Redding eventually quit the band at the end of June 1969.

On 18 August 1980, after a show in Minneapolis, Ward quit the band.

Unable to tour because of the pressures of the road, Ward quit the band.

decided to quit   (bırakmaya karar verdim)

He was wearing the red jersey when he decided to quit.

With the setback, he decided to quit professional badminton.

It's a good thing I didn't lose hope or just decided to quit.

quit school   (okulu bırakmak)

Stanhope quit school at fifteen.

to quit school in his senior year at the Virginia Military Institute.

At age 12, in the 5th grade, Becerra quit school to work in a carriage repair shop.

quit her job   (işini bırak)

Later she quit her job for doing Post Graduation.

Dejected, she quit her job and returned to her hometown.

After eight years of teaching, Hart quit her job to pursue screenwriting.

quit the show   (şovdan çık)

She quit the show before being voted off.

Handel quit the show after five months.

One of selected girls, Bárbara Santos, decided to quit the show.

quit smoking

After an argument, Uncle vows to quit smoking afterwards.

Subjects were not instructed to quit smoking during the study.

As with other individuals, people with CADASIL should be encouraged to quit smoking.

forced to quit

He was forced to quit acting due to his deteriorating health.

However, by the fall of 1935, she was forced to quit the university.

He enrolled in Naval air training in Pensacola, but was forced to quit after a knee injury.

quit the party

Manit served as deputy chief, but later he quit the party on 15 November 2007.

She quit the party, citing rigging during the primaries, as she had previously warned.

Instead, PML-Council leader, Sardar Qayyum, quit the party and formed his own faction, Qayyum Muslim League (QML).