Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

not quite   (no exactamente)

I am not quite turning into a serious actress.

It's a start, but it's not quite the girl."

I'm not quite an atheist and it worries me.

quite different   (bastante diferente)

The versions are quite different from one another.

The rest of the song, however, is quite different.

This machine was quite different from Massey's.

quite common   (bastante común)

Fog is quite common from late December to late January.

Pork is quite common; beef and chicken are also popular.

In sports, booing by fans is quite common.

quite similar   (bastante parecido)

The method of averaged projections is quite similar.

This species is quite similar to "Potentilla sterilis".

The techniques observed in all of them are quite similar.

quite popular   (muy popular)

Newspapers are quite popular in the Czech Republic.

Swimming is a quite popular sport in the Faroe Islands.

Nicotine gums were already quite popular with consumers.

quite a few

Moreover, quite a few of these letters are of essay length.

However, quite a few cartoonists (e.g.

""I sang on quite a few tracks; I sang on Rock 'N' Roll Is King.

quite well   (muy bien)

But for these fifteen months I have been quite well.

The single had fared quite well in Australia.

It is claimed that he was "never quite well afterwards".

never quite

It is claimed that he was "never quite well afterwards".

You're never quite sure what you're going to get with him.

In underside, the ocelli are smaller and never quite developed.

quite large

Individual pods of graphite could be quite large.

This town was quite large and covered several acres.

Prey fish targeted by bald eagles are often quite large.

became quite

He became quite proficient, advancing mostly on his own.

The area became quite industrialised after the tunnel opened.

During the Eocene, plants and marine faunas became quite modern.

quite a bit   (bastante)

So you will see her clashing with Angie quite a bit.

The game changed quite a bit throughout its development.

He said the film "transformed quite a bit" from the rough cut.

quite some time   (bastante tiempo)

"I've been playing it for quite some time.

Maria has been involved with Pedro's son, Hermano, for quite some time.

He has been saving for quite some time and only has enough for one part.

quite often   (Muy a menudo)

They are also quite often kept as pets by locals.

Such recalls once occurred quite often.

The letters ⟨e⟩ and ⟨r⟩ are also quite often found in ligature.

quite small

The number of letters in an alphabet can be quite small.

The mounds of the second group were all quite small, under high.

His production was quite small.

quite successful

The farm was quite successful under his leadership.

The Vietnam-era jungle boots were quite successful.

The F-101B proved to be a quite successful interceptor.

quite rare   (Bastante raro)

Fossils are quite rare, except in the lowest beds.

However, this accent is quite rare in the region today.

There were about 8,000 built but it is now becoming quite rare.

become quite   (llegar a ser bastante)

Baccarat has become quite famous at the royal houses.

The issue has become quite controversial and political.

But, in time, they might become quite a formidable force."

still quite   (sigue callado)

While not as widespread as in the U.S., is still quite popular.

It is, however, still quite lethal.

While I don't salivate over it now in 2002, it's still quite good."

quite possibly

By the age of 29, he had performed in at least 35 plays, quite possibly many more.

They described it as "quite possibly one of the system's most ambitious designs yet."

David Levy, however, criticized this edition, saying that it could create "quite possibly false" traditions.

quite distinct

It is quite distinct from any other Aramaic variety.

They are quite distinct from the eastern dialects and Imperial Aramaic.

But up to the 19th century both islands must have had a quite distinct language.

quite high

These results are quite high for Ukrainian journals.

In academia the association enjoys quite high esteem.

The long-run price elasticity of supply is quite high.

quite close

It is also quite close to its parent peak, Blanca Peak.

The left field fence was apparently quite close to home plate.

In reality, however, the Kagura were quite close to being stateless.

quite a lot

And in addition, the product is actually quite a lot.

Tockholes itself has quite a lot of history.

"It gave me quite a lot of courage."

quite difficult

Life at the lighthouse was also said to be quite difficult.

This detraction from Brexit, however, has been quite difficult.

This made it quite difficult to tell whose paintings where whose.

quite good

Only one thing saved me – the idea that I'm a quite good singer."

While I don't salivate over it now in 2002, it's still quite good."

Males are quite good fliers.

often quite   (a menudo bastante)

Prey fish targeted by bald eagles are often quite large.

Attitudes in developing countries are often quite different.

They are often quite colorful and some are kept in aquariums.

quite low

As they are no longer heavily persecuted, adult mortality is quite low.

Originally the disk capacity was quite low and has been improved in one of several ways.

Because of this, the village's population is quite low, and agricultural production has fallen.

quite clear   (bastante claro)

The separation of forces and moments may be quite clear.

The generalization now becomes quite clear.

It is quite clear throughout this how severe the invasion is.

quite possible

It is quite possible that Ammonius Saccas taught both Origens.

On the prior hand, it is quite possible that the K is held by West.

It is quite possible to write a feature story in the style of a news story.

quite young   (bastante joven)

Pessoa started using pen names quite young.

Kepler-51b is quite young at a few hundred million years old.

When she was quite young, her parents moved to Providence, Rhode Island.

actually quite

And in addition, the product is actually quite a lot.

It's actually quite a hardcore song."

Despite this, the figures were actually quite fragile and prone to breakage.

quite so

More precise views, however, require definitions of continents, which in the case of Asia are not quite so facile.

He did not play quite so often the following year, but nevertheless managed three five-wicket hauls in first-class innings.

The view just past it is not quite so sweeping, but also takes in Hunter Mountain, the Catskill's second highest peak, to the west.

quite a number   (un buen número)

Some of the tomb also have a TT-designation, but quite a number do not.

In fact, Plato produced quite a number of anachronisms in many of his dialogues.

More than 160 of the hills of Dartmoor have the word "tor" in their name but quite a number do not.

quite variable

The larvae are quite variable.

These colorful reef fishes have a complex and quite variable color pattern.

Information gathered from [Green Valley Lake Homepage] The weather is quite variable.

quite complex

Spreader design and tuning can be quite complex.

Models can range from relatively simple to quite complex:

The boundary between the two regions is quite complex in places.

quite likely   (muy probable)

It is quite likely that overhead line crossings of broad waters can be replaced with underwater cables.

Prince Munenaga led a turbulent life, which quite likely served as an impetus for his poetic sensibility.

Since low-energy recoils just above the threshold only produce close Frenkel pairs, recombination is quite likely.

quite simply

A lot of the papers coming out were quite simply wrong.

He is, quite simply, the most powerful and capable Wizard on the planet."

"The Times" called his stage personality "impish", writing: "He was, quite simply, a phenomenon.

quite simple

The logging process was quite simple.

Both characters and enemies had static battle sprites, and the interface was quite simple.

Known as a top-down formation scenario, this theory is quite simple yet no longer widely accepted.

quite early

The term internal working model, however, was coined quite early by Craik (1943).

Reactions were anything but uniform, and proponents of various ideologies attempted to appropriate his work quite early.

At some stage, probably quite early on, he joined the "Building Workers' Union" (""Syndicat Unique du bâtiment"" / SUB).

quite the same

He wasn't quite the same once the game got going."

In this episode an astronaut returns from a voyage to find the world not quite the same as he remembers it.

A guard is not quite the same thing as a type declaration; guards are optional and can specify constraints.

quite long   (bastante largo)

The tails are quite long compared to their size, .

The eyes are small and antennas are quite long.

Moreover, the cycle time is quite long, approximately 28 seconds.

quite easily

Bob "the Beast" Sapp won the Japan GP quite easily.

Basic accommodation is quite easily available.

He seems to understand the Italian language quite easily.

quite unlike

Many of these species look quite unlike the commercial decapod shrimp that are eaten as seafood.

The platyrrhine primate fossil record is relatively sparse, quite unlike that of caviomorph rodents.

It all comes together to make "I Am Alive" an uncompromising game of survival, quite unlike anything else on the Xbox 360."

quite sure   (bastante seguro)

You're never quite sure what you're going to get with him.

But, everything was new and they weren't quite sure what to do.

"He is quite sure that the endgame wasn't simply kidnapping him."

quite literally

Yurka threw herself into the part – quite literally.

Lives may, quite literally, be at stake."

Parapoetic ventures into sign systems that are – quite literally – unheard of."

became quite popular

Within a few weeks, sales grew brisk and the book became quite popular.

The Junior/F12 series became quite popular, and many cars were produced.

These became quite popular both for their entertainment value and for use in education.

usually quite

The president's entrances are usually quite spectacular.

The mutiraja used all over Nusa Tenggara Timur are usually quite small.

The winters are usually quite warm and the temperature rarely goes below zero.

quite short

He was quite short and was bullied for his small size.

When mounted, he looked tall, but on his feet he was quite short.

The tail is quite short, amounting to less than 25% of the total length.

t quite

"Mirch" is a sexy idea that doesn’t quite come to fruition, she wrote.

Currinn gave a mixed review of the music video, stating that it "doesn’t quite meet [his] expectations".

It’s not like they are marksmen who can’t quite hit the center of the target; they’re holding the gun backwards."

t quite

"Mirch" is a sexy idea that doesn’t quite come to fruition, she wrote.

Currinn gave a mixed review of the music video, stating that it "doesn’t quite meet [his] expectations".

It’s not like they are marksmen who can’t quite hit the center of the target; they’re holding the gun backwards."

generally quite

The critical reception of the book was generally quite positive.

These materials are generally quite brittle and prone to fracture.

It is generally quite fertile and yields a plentiful variety of products.

quite frequently

Salt was abundant in Aksum and was traded quite frequently.

At that time I saw him and conversed with him quite frequently.

Aristotle is also quite frequently quoted in Alexander's works.

quite closely

The ships fulfilled the design requirement quite closely.

With the proper seasonings, they can mimic various kinds of meat quite closely.

The video tells a basic version of the story behind "The Black Parade" quite closely.

quite limited

In other respects, however, the tone generator is quite limited.

The first phase of Rangaku was quite limited and highly controlled.

In 1767 he took an MD degree, but his activity in medicine was quite limited.

quite unusual   (bastante inusual)

This was quite unusual for a doctoral dissertation.

The flowers produced by the plant are quite unusual.

This feature is quite unusual in the family Tachinidae.

quite quickly

They have short legs, but can move quite quickly.

Armadillos have short legs, but can move quite quickly.

It was intended as an ultralight that could be quite quickly (300 hours) assembled by inexperienced constructors.

making them quite

However, they have their feet placed far back on the body, making them quite ungainly on land.

Oftentimes, ice caps gradually merge into ice sheets; making them quite hard to track and document.

quite differently   (bastante diferente)

The pollutants can be measured quite differently.

Solution-focused therapists see the therapeutic change process quite differently.

Numerals function quite differently in Kuikuro than the typical Indo-European system.

quite a long   (bastante largo)

Life was like this for quite a long time.

"It took quite a long time", Iommi said.

Such materials take quite a long time to heat up, therefore the room takes a long time to warm up.

quite strong

The weather is quite strong with very cold winters and very hot summers.

The evidence raises suspicion; in some instances quite strong suspicion.

Hikaru's feelings for her are quite strong but he only realizes it later.

quite easy

But school isn't that difficult, it's quite easy."

Identification of the Stagemaster guitars is quite easy.

But it is quite easy to learn and enjoyable to play, and it is worth acquiring.