Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

first race   (primera carrera)

Their first race together was the 1979 Daytona 500.

Blue Fire Lady's first race is a disaster for Jenny.

At the age of 16, he owned his first race horse.

road race   (ciclismo en ruta)

The road race events were held in Antwerp, Belgium.

He won gold at the 2018 Commonwealth Games road race.

The women’s road race competed in a field of 33 athletes.

race held   (carrera celebrada)

It was previously a one-off race held in Spain.

Their also a race held by the local rotary around August time.

The annual Bix 7 is a road race held in late July in Davenport.

won the race   (ganó la carrera)

Will Power, driving for Team Penske, won the race.

Christie won the race with a spread of 4.3 points.

Minting won the race and St. Mirin finished second.

race was won   (la carrera fue ganada)

The race was won by former F1 driver Alex Zanardi.

The race was won by defending champion Wyomia Tyus.

The race was won by Miguel Ángel Martínez Torres.

horse race   (carrera de caballos)

In 1996, Moore had won approximately HK$40 million from a horse race.

It is a traditional horse race in dirt track in Brazil, raced since 1936.

It is a traditional horse race in dirt track in Brazil, raced since 1922.

final race   (carrera final)

The final race day in 1926 was Monday, 6 September.

Godiva died within five months of her final race.

The final race took place on 16 September 2018.

race car   (coche de carreras)

It reformatted Jazz in the form of an Earth race car.

His younger brother, Yuji, is also a race car driver.

It was the birthplace of race car driver Tazio Nuvolari.

human race   (raza humana)

See it's known today that the human race is nothing.

It could simply denote a member of the human race (Ps.

He is holding the future of the human race in his hands.

race started   (la carrera comenzó)

The race started in Zgierz and finished in Warsaw.

The race started in Nice and finished in Seillans.

race track   (pista de carreras)

Finishing in TOP 6 will unlock a new race track.

Every race consists of five laps around a race track.

Flying began at the Saugus race track in 1911.

second race   (segunda carrera)

He won his second race, the first of 11 victories.

The second race in 1864 attracted 40 barges.

The second race also provided less points than the first.

during the race   (durante la carrera)

He had two second places on stages during the race.

The weather during the race was sunny and warm at 12 °C.

Skiers cannot use their legs to break or steer during the race.

cycle race   (Carrera de bicicleta)

There is also a local cycling club and the area hosts an annual cycle race.

It is sometimes used by the Tour de France cycle race, including on the 2013 Tour.

The climb over the pass has been used several times in the Tour de France cycle race.

win the race   (gana la carrera)

Moss rejoined in ninth and went on to win the race.

The result is that Arab Boy is sure to win the race.

Since then, Wimille wasn't in danger to win the race.

race was held   (la carrera se celebró)

The race was held on Saturday, November 15, at 3:45pm.

In 1945, the first Omloop Het Volk cycling race was held.

The race was held under clear conditions with light winds.

race against   (Carrera contra)

Charlie proposes a deal: A race against Hell Cop.

There are no other vehicles to race against in real time.

When they first race against each other, Liddell beats Abrahams.

motor race   (carrera de motor)

Indianapolis is the place to be for the Indianapolis 500, the legendary motor race.

1971 Rothmans 250 The 1971 Rothmans 250 was motor race for Group E Series Production Touring Cars.

1907 Kaiser Preis The 1907 Kaiser Preis was a Grand Prix motor race held at Taunus on 13–14 June 1907.

before the race   (antes de la carrera)

A day before the race, Ilderim prepares his horses.

She behaved poorly before the race was left many lengths behind at the start.

For each miss, a penalty loop of 150 m must be skied before the race can be continued.

finish the race   (terminar la carrera)

Eight of the 25 entrants failed to finish the race.

In the Super-G, he failed to finish the race.

He would finish the race in 31st position.

each race   (cada carrera)

Almost after each race the positions reversed.

These are the points awarded for each race.

last race   (última carrera)

Alonso also won the last race at Suzuka, in 2006.

The last race before World War II was in 1937.

That was Kelly's last race as a professional.

race relations   (relaciones raciales)

The myth shaped regional identity and race relations for generations.

Many attended the dinner, making it a turning point in Atlanta's race relations.

It won the 1943 Anisfield-Wolf Book Award for its contribution to race relations.

finished the race   (terminó la carrera)

He finished the race in a sharp time of 1:22.42.

He finished the race in 1:18:46, a new Olympic record.

Out of the 19 cars competing, only six finished the race.

other race   (otra raza)

She finished unplaced in her only other race that year.

Sacré did not finished in the other race.

However, it finished outside the top 10 in every other race.

arms race   (carrera de armamentos)

The cost of this cruiser arms race was significant.

In an arms race the defense would always win.

The launch of "Dreadnought" in 1906 commenced a new naval arms race.

race distance   (distancia de carrera)

The race distance was 250 km from 1970 until 1975.

The total race distance of the Turkish Grand Prix is over 58 laps.

The race distance was 3 km long.

race between   (carrera entre)

The election was seen as a two-way race between Cullen and Scott.

Senator Patty Murray, only the third Senate race between two women.

It was a tight race between Hannover and Bult with a little sprint at the end.

mixed race   (raza mixta)

1 million Angolans are mixed race (black and white).

Timothy P. McCarthy suggests both parents were mulatto or mixed race.

At the time, that was the terminology used for persons of a mixed race.

stage race   (carrera por etapas)

The stage race is rated by the UCI as category 2.2.

In 2001, Cioni won his first stage race, the Vuelta Minho in Portugal.

This was also the first stage race won by Nordhaug outside his native Norway.

next race   (próxima carrera)

His next race came in the 2000 Guineas at Newmarket.

Therefore, they were removed at the next race in Monaco.

The next race is set for May 9, 2010.

race cars   (autos de carreras)

100 octane fuel is used in these race cars.

Elfin produced a variety of sports and Open-wheel race cars.

By 1909, he was driving race cars.

race winner   (ganador de la carrera)

Benning said that the race winner won around $3000.

The race winner was Vivian Cheruiyot in a time of 2:18:31.

Richard was demoted to third and Lee was declared the race winner.

maiden race   (carrera inaugural)

At Doncaster in September, she won a maiden race over six furlongs.

The third was a maiden race, also 1600 meters, where he placed first of 8.

He then won a maiden race at the Curragh, beating Master of Hounds by 2½ lengths.

race was run   (la carrera se corrió)

The race was run for the first time in 2018.

In 2007, the race was run on April 29, 2007.

The race was run in two divisions in 2002.

car race   (carrera de coches)

Twelve drivers have scored their first - and in some cases only - Indy car race win at Michigan.

Procter's racing career ended in 1966 when he was hit from behind in a saloon car race at Goodwood.

He instituted "the world's largest car race" from Oslo to Askim in 1939 and Rally Viking in the 1950s.

motor race held   (carrera de motor celebrada)

1907 Kaiser Preis The 1907 Kaiser Preis was a Grand Prix motor race held at Taunus on 13–14 June 1907.

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is a major hillclimbing motor race held at the Pikes Peak Highway.

1950 Dutch Grand Prix The 1950 Dutch Grand Prix was a motor race held on 23 July 1950 at Circuit Park Zandvoort, Netherlands.

race restarted   (carrera reiniciada)

The race restarted on lap 262, and it remained green for 63 laps.

The race restarted on lap 400.

The race restarted on lap 305.

race took   (la carrera tomó)

The final race took place on 16 September 2018.

The 500th race took place on 21 March 2019.

His final race took place in February 1818.

alien race   (raza alienígena)

The series depicted Jameson as a god to an alien race.

Ender Wiggin was twelve years old when he destroyed an alien race.

This novel explores the prey/predator mentality through an alien race.

entered the race   (entró en la carrera)

Conway entered the race to succeed termed out Bill Maze.

Twenty-four teams entered the race.

race car driver   (piloto de carreras)

His younger brother, Yuji, is also a race car driver.

It was the birthplace of race car driver Tazio Nuvolari.

Currey's father was a race car driver.

race leader   (líder de carrera)

The final race of the day had more tyre troubles for the race leader.

After pit stops, Moffitt lined up 3rd behind new race leader Myatt Snider.

The rider with the least accumulated time is the race leader, identified by a pink jersey.

race took place   (la carrera tuvo lugar)

The final race took place on 16 September 2018.

The 500th race took place on 21 March 2019.

His final race took place in February 1818.

cycling race   (carrera ciclista)

In 1945, the first Omloop Het Volk cycling race was held.

Grand Prix Alanya The Grand Prix Alanya is a cycling race held in Turkey.

The Tour de France cycling race came to Modane, starting stage 19 there, in 2011.

started the race   (comenzó la carrera)

Eighteen teams of up to six riders started the race:

Eighteen teams of six riders started the race:

198 riders started the race, only 63 finished.

every race   (cada carrera)

He has competed in every race from the 1996 to the 2013 Iditarod.

Nearly every race in the game is composed of two of these elements.

He started every race from pole position, but finished as runner-up.

not race   (sin rastro)

Tranquil was injured in late summer and did not race again.

Italics indicate driver practiced this car but did not race.

In August Hanbury announced that the filly would not race again.

race wins   (la carrera gana)

Runner-up Chris van der Drift amassed four race wins too.

He won the category after eight race wins.

Stefano Coletti took 3 sprint race wins.

km race   (carrera de km)

He completed this 1,600 km race with his father.

He finished ninth in the 50 km race at the 1948 Winter Olympics.

A 21.1 km race was added in 2018.

individual road race   (carrera individual)

In 1956, he finished in 22nd place in the individual road race.

The Men's individual road race HC C event took place on September 14.

The Men's individual road race HC B event took place on September 14.

endurance race   (carrera de resistencia)

On the second dynamic day, an endurance race is held.

The circuit held the Mil Milhas Brasil endurance race in 1997.

In 1984 he teamed with Mike Baldwin to win the Suzuka 8 Hours endurance race.

winning the race   (ganando la carrera)

Marc Surer finished as runner-up, winning the race Kassel-Calden.

He also qualified in the 100-metre freestyle by winning the race.

+ disqualified after winning the race following a positive drugs test

bicycle race   (carrera de bicicletas)

The GP Herning is a professional bicycle race held annually in Herning.

Until recently, the annual Tour de Georgia bicycle race has gone through Suches on its way to Dahlonega.

2012 Danmark Rundt The 2012 Danmark Rundt was a men's road bicycle race held from 22 to 26 August 2012.

race run   (carrera de carrera)

The most valuable race run at Listowel is the Guinness Kerry National.

There was no race run in 2005 due to condition problems with the Hollywood Park turf course.

Due to a New York State ban on parimutuel betting there was no race run in 1911, 1912, or 1913.

race before   (carrera antes)

He later withdrew from the race before the election.

The last race before World War II was in 1937.

St Pete Race gear box issues persisted stopping race before start.

race win   (victoria de carrera)

Lee Holdsworth scored the team's first race win at Winton in April 2014.

Revson took Brabham's final USAC race win in a BT25 in 1969, using the Repco engine.

Kovalainen's single race win came at the 2008 Hungarian Grand Prix as a driver with McLaren.

third race   (tercera carrera)

Boardman came first in the third race at Knochill.

6 boat for his third race start in five years.

It was the third race of the 2012 UCI Women's Road World Cup season.

race consisted   (la carrera consistió)

The race consisted of 2 laps on a 6.8 km long circuit (13.4 km).

Hispanic or Latino of any race consisted of 7.3% of the population.

The road race consisted of 13 laps on a 6.8 km long circuit (88.4 km).

sprint race   (carrera de velocidad)

55 car to drive as if it were a short sprint race.

Stefano Coletti took 3 sprint race wins.

Giedo van der Garde won the sprint race.

presidential race   (carrera presidencial)

Francis said he had followed the presidential race closely.

However, Hamdeen Sabahi ran against him in the presidential race.

In the presidential race, incumbent president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali won 89.62% of the vote.

race when   (carrera cuando)

His average time was also less in the 400m race when compared to other runners than in the 200m.

The second Dyson Racing Team Lola-Mazda was in third place near the end of the race when the gearbox failed.

The novel poses complicated questions about the nature of sexuality, gender, and race when the present faces the past.

race due   (carrera debida)

However, the team never entered a race due to lack of sponsorship.

Brownie King was the last-place finisher in this race due to trouble with his fan belt on lap 44.

McDuffie ended up being the last-place finisher of this race due to an engine problem on lap 2 of 160.

race held annually   (carrera celebrada anualmente)

The GP Herning is a professional bicycle race held annually in Herning.

From 1911-1993, there was traditionally only one race held annually at the Speedway.

Tour de l'Espoir The Tour de l'Espoir is a stage cycling race held annually in Cameroon.

regardless of race   (sin importar la raza)

In 1961, she called for liquor laws to be applied equally regardless of race.

Second, the school had to be open to all applicants, regardless of race or gender.

By January 1964, 14 major Atlanta hotels and motels had publicly pledged to accept reservations regardless of race.

race began   (la carrera comenzó)

The race began on 18 November at 15:35 local time.

When the race began, each player selected to go 1 or 3 spaces.

In 1987, the race began to be sponsored by Marlboro and became known as the Marlboro 500.

stakes race   (carrera de apuestas)

Pimlico Race Course named a Graded stakes race in her honor.

"I've got a plan... We're looking (for a graded stakes race).

This point system replaced the previous graded stakes race earnings system.

race course   (curso de carrera)

You can view on YouTube the road race course and the time trial course.

The Tall Timber Classic is an alpine race course held on Sugarloaf's Narrow Gauge Trail.

Also in 2004 the race course returned to its more traditional loop configuration of the early years.

points race   (carrera de puntos)

She also rode the women's points race but did not finish.

"After all events including points race."

Three drivers entered the 1970 Wilkes 400 in a very close points race.

race weekend   (fin de semana de carrera)

In 2018 the race weekend attracted 11,000 runners.

Prior to the race weekend, a Design Report is submitted.

Three practice sessions were held over the course of the race weekend.

flat horse race   (carrera de caballos plana)

Prix La Flèche The Prix La Flèche is a Listed flat horse race in France open to two-year-old thoroughbreds.

Burradon Stakes The Burradon Stakes is a Listed flat horse race in Great Britain open to three-year-old horses.

Beresford Stakes The Beresford Stakes is a Group 2 flat horse race in Ireland open to two-year-old thoroughbreds.

close race   (carrera cerrada)

She narrowly lost in what was an unexpectedly close race.

The polls throughout this election always indicated a very close race.

In a close race for the electoral district of Yamaska he was defeated by Moïse Fortier.

start the race   (comenzar la carrera)

Twenty-five teams were invited to start the race.

He did start the race, albeit, from the pit lane.

Nineteen teams were invited to start the race.

race walker   (caminante)

His twin brother Sérgio Vieira is a race walker as well.

Gu Yan Gu Yan (born 17 March 1974) is a retired Chinese race walker.

She is married to Ireland's renowned Olympic race walker Rob Heffernan.

did not race   (no corrió)

Tranquil was injured in late summer and did not race again.

Italics indicate driver practiced this car but did not race.

Flair did not race again and was retired at the end of the year.

race again   (correr de nuevo)

There is no word on when the team plans to race again.

Kelly won this race again six years later.

Tranquil was injured in late summer and did not race again.

based on race   (basado en la raza)

"La Civiltà Cattolica" condemned antisemitism based on race.

The 15th Amendment states no person should be denied the right to vote based on race.

Wagner also made housing discrimination based on race, creed, or color illegal in New York City.

race tracks   (pistas de carreras)

The race tracks are unconventionally themed.

Along the 405 m-long race tracks, 4716 solar modules were installed.

Overall, the game contains 45 race tracks, 32 ship models, and 26 weapons.

single race   (una carrera)

Results: The event consisted of a single race.

new race   (nueva carrera)

Finishing in TOP 6 will unlock a new race track.

Davros has created a new race using his own body's cells.

The organizers rescheduled a new race for several days later.

race lead   (líder de carrera)

He lost his race lead though on stage 19 to Chris Horner.

By doing so he took the overall race lead.

Cavendish eventually lost almost twelve minutes on the day, comfortably losing his race lead.

race day   (día de la carrera)

The final race day in 1926 was Monday, 6 September.

On race day, however, Crawford created quite a stir.

On race day, he showed himself to be a contender early.

match race   (carrera de partido)

He was a regular holder of the Silver Sash, the Provincial League match race championship.

The event was a 2½-mile match race run by a trio of champions: Ten Broeck, Tom Ochiltree, and Parole.

Nashua won his famous match race with the great thoroughbred Swaps, who had defeated him in the 1955 Kentucky Derby.

race riots   (disturbios raciales)

They merely engender discord and race riots."

A mob destroyed Second African Presbyterian in the 1842 race riots.

Following the Oldham race riots he ran in Oldham West and Royton in the 2001 general election.

race was started   (la carrera comenzó)

The race was started on 9 of March at 20:24.

The race was started on 12 March at 12:15.

The race was started on 12 March at 12:00.

race horse   (caballo de carreras)

At the age of 16, he owned his first race horse.

(...) it was like I was a race horse locked in a stable.

Tidal Bay Tidal Bay is an Irish bred Bay gelding Thoroughbred race horse foaled on 12 May 2001.

same race   (misma raza)

He not only is not, but never was, of the same race."

Naimova finished fifth in the same race.

He went on to ride Morar to victory in the same race in 1992.

championship race   (carrera de campeonato)

It is the championship race for Quarter Horses.

(This rule was not used in the final championship race.)

They were the four competitors in the October championship race.

only race   (única carrera)

He finished 9th in his only race (see stats).

The Free Plate was run at York, his only race away from Newmarket.

The race in 1974 was the only race Hill would run in the West series.

race meeting   (reunión de carrera)

The circuit hosted its first race meeting on 26 November 1961.

The last race meeting ever held at Brooklands took place on 7 August 1939.

In just its second race meeting, the Mallala Race Circuit hosted the 1961 Australian Grand Prix.

win a race   (ganar una carrera)

He did not win a race in this series either.

McLaren did not win a race all season, for the first time since .

Galatea failed to win a race in two starts as a two-year-old in 1938.

feature race   (carrera característica)

At the first round in Spain, Evans won the feature race.

The A feature or main feature race is held for each division.

His teammate Conor Daly, who was the feature race winner at Valencia.

race was first   (la carrera fue primero)

The race was first held in 1980 with 200 participants.

The Cycling Zandvoort 24h race was first held on 25–26 May 2013.

The race was first run in 1986, and it has held Grade 1 status since 2002.

metres race   (metros de carrera)

She was a semi-finalist in the individual 400 metres race.

The 1977 championships featured the 10,000 metres race walk for the first time.

She won the silver medal at the 2018 European Championships in the 400 metres race.

minor race   (carrera menor)

He showed little promise as a juvenile when he won one minor race from six attempts.

Tranquil remained in training as a four-year-old and won one minor race, namely the Copeland Stakes.

Her dam, Flit, won one minor race and was a full sister to the American racemare Skimble (Dahlia Handicap).

title race   (carrera por el título)

The defeat meant the title race was out of Liverpool's control.

The first title race was held in October 1974 at Wimbledon Stadium.

They were still in the title race until a defeat by Arsenal at Highbury in April.

throughout the race   (a lo largo de la carrera)

The race organizers performed anti-doping controls throughout the race.

He led throughout the race and held off a challenge from Harchibald to win by a neck.

Both riders were nip and tuck throughout the race, with Manning taking the victory by 0.020 seconds.

race that took   (carrera que tomó)

There were 500 laps on this race that took almost three and a half hours to resolve.

1970 Targa Florio The 1970 Targa Florio was an endurance race that took place on May 3, 1970.

2018 Eschborn–Frankfurt The 2018 Eschborn-Frankfurt was a road cycling one-day race that took place on 1 May 2018 in Germany.

marathon race   (carrera de maratón)

His personal best in marathon race is 2:44:36 established in 1920.

This covered a track and field programme plus a men's marathon race.

race horses   (caballos de carreras)

In the past, successful race horses have been bred in Tunworth.

He raised champion race horses.

Selle Français are also used for the production of race horses in France.