İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

more races   (daha fazla yarış)

Earnhardt competed in eight more races until 1979.

Papară had participated in a lot more races.

In 34 more races, he finished in the top 10.

other races   (diğer ırklar)

In ten other races he was unsuccessful.

Along with five other races, it forms the World Marathon Majors.

However, women of other races have proposed alternative feminisms.

all races   (tüm yarışlar)

Being an Olympic year, all races were run in meters.

The school was open to all people of all races.

It equally affects men, women, and all races.

races including

She was also placed in several major races including the Breeders' Cup Mile.

As a two-year-old in 1944 she won three races including the Queen Mary Stakes.

The monsters use a mixture of fantasy races including goblins, rat men and trolls.

both races

Ryan Hackett was the primary driver for both races.

The only other horse to win both races was Fayonagh in 2017.

The last horse to win both races was High Chaparral in 2002.

horse races   (At yarışları)

He wants a dream that might help him win the horse races.

The few remaining horse races were transferred to Hawthorne.

"Every time this horse races, it's a special remembrance to me."

different races

Vertical bets are spread over different races.

The Charlotte Marathon event consists in 3 different races.

Cause people of different races to trade and settled in this area more.

races held

All races held in United Kingdom.

The field is determined by the winners of qualifying races held around the United States.

The races held at Pimlico, especially the Preakness, draw spectators from the Mid-Atlantic region.

races were held

The last three races were held at Queenstown.

All races were held in the United Kingdom.

Note: Double races were held at each round for all disciplines.

road races   (yol yarışları)

She began competing in European road races in 2000.

In total he won 140 road races and 110 cyclo-cross races.

In 2008-2009 Colclough rode road races with Team Halfords Bikehut.

races during

Also she runs short races during the year.

Notable races during the "Grand Prix Historique de Pau" since 2001:

He won five World Cup races during his ten-year international career.

stakes races   (bahis yarışları)

He got his big break in 1990 when he rode Itsallgreektome to win big stakes races.

Among the other notable horses he rode was Hall of Fame inductee Tosmah with whom he won seven stakes races.

Lonhro raced from two to five years of age and won 26 races, including 25 stakes races, ranging in distance from 1,100 to 2,000 metres.

major races   (büyük yarışlar)

58 cars were sold, which won 42 major races.

The first Formula Three Brabham, the BT9, won only four major races in 1964.

She was also placed in several major races including the Breeders' Cup Mile.

car races

USAC sanctioned Championship car races from 1956–1979.

He also began shooting with an 8 mm camera, including filming car races.

The DBR9 competes in the GT class in sports car races, including the world-famous 24 Hours of Le Mans.

several races

Her daughter, Royal Patron, won several races.

The first several races used an actual baton.

He was unfortunately forced to miss several races due to injury.

ten races

In addition to those detailed above, the following drivers started at least ten races:

In the 1976 championship, Unett had a run-away victory, with ten class wins in ten races.

The team won ten races at speedways at Flemington Speedway and East Windsor Speedway in New Jersey.

first two races

In 1945 Hypericum won one of her first two races.

It raced alongside the 89C-V for the first two races at Fuji.

He successfully qualified for the first two races of the season.

endurance races   (dayanıklılık yarışları)

Two LF-A prototypes had also competed at Nürburgring VLN endurance races in mid-2009.

He specialised in six-day races but rode races from 200m sprints to 100 km endurance races.

Hossack returned to the team for the endurance races and paired with Pate, took eighth place at the Sandown 500 and seventh at Bathurst.

races before   (önce yarışlar)

Moore later won additional races before his death.

Collins won 27 races before selling the horse to Ursula "Urkie" Newton.

Lonhro returned home to Sydney for his last two races before retirement.

many races

This would ultimately explain why so many races are humanoid.

The election was one of many races across the province of Ontario.

In many races, the rewards that you get are blueprints of vehicles.

races between

It is a single make class, unlike races between different manufacturers.

The competition began with five head to head races between the ten riders.

The competition began with four head to head races between the eight riders.

alien races   (uzaylı ırkları)

Eight other new alien races were going to be introduced too.

A fourth series, "Alien Spotlight" launched in September 2007, focusing on various alien races.

Torquemada is served by a fanatical army of soldiers called Terminators, who are constantly at war with all alien races in the galaxy.

stage races   (sahne yarışları)

De Gribaldy employed him as unambiguous team leader, someone he believed could win stage races and not just stages.

By now Kelly had a reputation as a sprinter who could not win stage races, although he did finish fourth in the 1980 Vuelta a España.

It was in 2004 that Cioni made his breakthrough in sustaining his abilities in time trialing and climbing through important stage races.

won races

He won races at Zolder, Nürburgring and Wunstorf.

In five years, she produced five foals, four of whom won races, three at Group level.

She is the only female to have won races in the K&N Pro Series, doing so in the 2018 and 2019 seasons.

won two races

They won two races on the way to LM GTE class win.

He won two races in six final-round appearances.

Yamaha won two races, and Suzuki and Minarelli one each.

won three races

They won three races and clinched the championship title.

The team won three races in 1984 with Geoff Bodine driving.

Van Es won three races and placed second in the series standings.

important races

From there, Fisherman went on to win two very important races.

He went on to win important races that year including the prestigious Travers Stakes.

At age two, he won one of the important races for his age group, the Champagne Stakes.

races such

It remained active, with races such as Stock Car's "Corrida do Milhão".

He has also performed well in some races such as the Dwars door Vlaanderen and some stages of the Vuelta a España.

At age two, Career Boy won important races such as the Grand Union Hotel Stakes and the United States Hotel Stakes.

won four races

Electra ran eight times as a juvenile in 1908 and won four races.

Spanuth won four races up to 15 km in his career in 1999 and 2000.

He also won four races up to 15 km in his career from 1998 to 2000.

few races

This race was one of the few races telecast on Pay Per View.

Ciccarelli had driven for the Hixson team in a few races in 2016.

He is also the grandfather of Ritchie Petty, who ran a few races in NASCAR.

sprint races

Strong winds affected the jumps programme and several of the sprint races.

Strong winds affected several of the sprint races and jumps on the programme.

Among his recommendations for the sport is a new method of recording false starts in sprint races.

winning races

Alternative car versions are unlockable by winning races.

Instead, there is a point system where cars are purchased from winning races.

Instead of winning races by simply finishing first, teams get points based on how they worked together.

consecutive races   (ardışık yarışlar)

A greyhound called Idle Chief won 16 consecutive races at Slough.

This was the only time that Lonhro was defeated in consecutive races.

A "daily double" is an exotic wager placed on the winner of two consecutive races.

number of races   (yarış sayısı)

All other rounds attracted the same total number of points regardless of the number of races.

Some tracks have explicit rules where you have to bump up if you have won a certain number of races in one class.

Sent to the racetrack at age two, Fisherman won a number of races for his age group including the important Champagne Stakes.

races that year

He went on to win important races that year including the prestigious Travers Stakes.

Through the site he also covered the 2006 midterm elections, correctly predicting the winner of all 33 Senate races that year.

In her two other races that year the filly finished second in the Houghton Stakes and ran fourth in the Champion Breeders' Foal Stakes at Derby.

minor races

Her dam, Miss Gammon, won three minor races and was a half-sister of Royal Rasher, who won the Del Mar Oaks in 1957.

She was sired by The Derby winner Felstead out of the mare Rockliffe who won ten minor races for her owner Lord Londonderry.

She had previously won two minor races but ended the season ranked about eighteen pounds behind the top juveniles in France.

remaining races   (kalan ırklar)

25 entry for the four remaining races of 2018.

His four remaining races were all at Newmarket in autumn.

Musidora failed to reproduce her classic-winning form in her remaining races.

between races

driving around the Hockenheimring between races.

In many comics being produced in this time there was a major push for tolerance between races.

Many used these differences to argue that there is an innate biological difference between races.