Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

radar system   (sistema de radar)

Alim radar system Alim is the first Iranian passive radar.

It initially used a war-surplus GL-II radar system operating at 71 MHz (4.2 m).

Military air traffic controllers guided the aircraft to the airport with their radar system.

radar systems   (sistemas de radar)

Specific radar systems can sense a human behind walls.

It can be linked to other, longer-range radar systems.

In the ASR-11, two radar systems are included.

radar station   (estación de radar)

It is the site of a doppler radar station.

In 1981–1984 he served in military (chief of radar station).

A plaque is virtually all that remains of the radar station.

search radar   (radar de búsqueda)

The ship also had SPS-10 surface search radar.

A Type 291 search radar was also added.

It is also equipped with Thales LW-08 long range volume search radar.

weather radar   (Radar meteorológico)

The velocity threshold is much lower for weather radar.

The IntuVue weather radar visualizes weather patterns up to 300 miles away.

Additionally, Doppler weather radar showed the highest reflectivity values to be from the center.

radar stations

Subsumed under it are a number of radar stations, with two, Gabala and Balkhash, located outside Russia.

A network of picket boats, radar stations and lookout posts was responsible for detecting incoming raids.

Many of the German radar stations on the French coast were destroyed by the RAF in preparation for the landings.

radar picket   (piquete de radar)

"Turner" was reclassified as a radar picket destroyer on 18 March 1949.

They were joined by Navy radar picket destroyer escorts (DERs) of Escort Squadrons 5 and 7.

radar equipment

The system's primary subject is enemy radar equipment.

FG-1E: Goodyear FG-1 with radar equipment.

During and after the war Bendix made radar equipment of various types.

surveillance radar

Compact surveillance radar emits microwaves from a transmitter and detects any reflected microwaves.

The JY-9F three-dimensional low-altitude surveillance radar, is a new derivation of the JY-9 low-altitude radar.

In 2015, Indian Prime Minister signed an agreement to set up eight Indian-controlled coastal surveillance radar stations.

radar site   (sitio de radar)

At dusk, four aircraft were sent to strike a suspected radar site at Walton Airfield.

A radar site for the 90 mm antiaircraft gun system (Site B-35) was at the site 1952-1958.

The main radar site (PARCS) is still used as an early warning ICBM radar, facing relative north.

warning radar

Also in Azerbaijan there was a former Soviet early warning radar.

It allowed Luftwaffe nightfighters to home in on the Monica tail warning radar fitted to RAF bombers.

She carried a new bridge and stepped light tripod masts fore and aft, carrying Type 291 air warning radar.

control radar   (radar de control)

This involved testing Soviet tracking and missile control radar systems.

The superstructure has a fire control radar mounted for targeting the main 37 mm gun.

This radar can also be used for helicopter landing control and as a fire control radar.

airborne radar   (radar aerotransportado)

World War II also saw the first use of airborne radar on fighters.

The MONEX study was one of the first field campaigns to collect airborne radar data.

The benefit of altitude providing range has meant a significant focus on airborne radar technologies.

radar data

The MONEX study was one of the first field campaigns to collect airborne radar data.

Both of them read and process the radar data and show the movements on a computer screen.

The Radio-Technical Troops of the Aerospace Forces are the primary source of radar data on air situation.

radar sites

On the top of Mount Sefuri there are two radar sites.

Bombers flying at low altitudes could remain under these angles simply by keeping their distance from the radar sites.

Those locations include Eareckson Air Station on Shemya Island, and a network of 18 Air Force radar sites throughout Alaska.