İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

more radical   (daha radikal)

The group proved to be much more radical than the VBKÖ.

The more radical element were pitted against the government.

After a two-month truce, ETA adopted even more radical positions.

radical change   (Radikal değişim)

Bicycle components underwent radical change in the 1990s.

That's why the MPs will hardly agree on such a radical change.

The poem expressed his desire for radical change without overt sedition.

most radical   (en radikal)

as "the most radical pop single" of 1998.

Only the most radical of abolitionists called for immediate emancipation.

In 1886, Carnegie wrote his most radical work to date, entitled "Triumphant Democracy".

radical changes   (köklü değişim)

1970) which caused radical changes in West Pakistan.

In the 16th century, the Reformation brought radical changes.

Russia was in need of radical changes.

free radical   (serbest radikal)

These compounds have varying degrees of activity as free radical scavengers.

Alkanes react with halogens in a so-called "free radical halogenation" reaction.

In the first step called initiation (2,3) a free radical is created by homolysis.

radical political

Some of them were chosen because of their radical political beliefs:

He was also a radical political activist with the White Panther Party and related organizations.

This was a radical political party which questioned colonial rule and the traditional establishment.

radical departure   (Radikal kalkış)

This variant is a radical departure from the standard "New Series" design.

The New Deal approach to education was a radical departure from previous practices.

Dostoyevsky's next work, "The Double", was a radical departure from the form and style of "Poor Folk".

radical politics

He also discussed radical politics in the book.

Whilst in London, Franklin became involved in radical politics.

At this point in his life he decided that he needed to be more involved in radical politics.

radical feminist   (radikal feminist)

"TERF" is an acronym for "trans-exclusionary radical feminist".

WFS is not a radical feminist, anti-male, or anti-AA organization.

However, not every early radical feminist opposed trans acceptance.

radical left

Lately, Geffen declared himself radical left.

He continued to sit with the radical left.

She joined the radical left party, Revolution!, which would later become the Revolutionary Communist League.

too radical

Douglass also came to consider Garrison too radical.

But his ideas were too radical and he was expelled from his order and went to live with the Mayor of Viborg.

They were Americanized but still retained traditional sentiments, and Reform Judaism was too radical for most.

radical new

In this last book he puts forward a radical new theory.

Instead, architect James Stirling devised a radical new housing type.

Growing pains aside, Marine Corps squadrons readily took to the radical new fighter.

radical ideas

By April 20 students began blocking traffic and espousing radical ideas unrelated to Hu's death.

The influence of the radical ideas espoused by Malcolm X is very evident among South African Muslims of all races.

Although he was broadly supportive of the radical ideas of Hebert and his associates, Hanriot remained loyal to Robespierre.

radical groups

Ironically, at the height of their influence, radical groups were splintering.

Third, most of these radical groups are pursuing transnational rather than national aims."

They assumed he was an infiltrator, like a number of police agents sent to spy on radical groups.

less radical   (daha az radikal)

This group was more established, less radical, and more connected to the government.

By that time, the M-22 was considerably less radical, although still ideologically Marxist.

Simple adoption is less restrictive in its requirements and less radical in effects than plenary adoption.

other radical   (diğer radikal)

The siblings lived together for several years on 11th Street in Greenwich Village among other radical activists.

She dedicated her time to the peace movement in Washington, DC, and she often went to jail with other radical Catholics and Protestants because of marches and demonstrations.

The United Jewish Peoples' Order (UJPO) was founded in 1945 through a merger of the Labour League and other radical Jewish organizations and has operated and managed the camp ever since.