within a radius

There are two high schools within a radius of 3 km.

These wells were the only known water sources within a radius of .

Denver is the most populous city within a radius centered in the city and of magnitude.

times the radius

At present it has 67 times the radius of the Sun.

At present it has 12 times the radius of the Sun.

As a consequence, it has expanded to 33 times the radius of the Sun.

radius of curvature   (曲率半径)

As the size increases, the radius of curvature of the bubble decreases.

As the contact angle increases, the radius of curvature will increase as well.

Also, in systems where formula_18 = 0 the radius of curvature is equal to the capillary radius.

turning radius

This would have reduced stall speed by up to 6% and turning radius by up to 12%.

While skiing, competitors have a wider turning radius as a result of their disability.

The 7/8" zoom ring is made of raised rubber ridges and operates over a 75 degree turning radius.

km radius

Kota is surrounded by five power stations within its 50 km radius.

For instance, permits are required to fly drones above 7 kg, or within a 5 km radius of an aerodrome.

Unusually for a terrestrial crater, it is surrounded by a set of concentric rings, which extend to about 10 km radius from the centre.