railroad tracks   (鉄道の線路)

After crossing the railroad tracks, the T.T.A.

KY 716 crosses the railroad tracks and continues north.

They were housed on the other side of the railroad tracks.

railroad line   (鉄道線)

The bridge formerly carried a railroad line.

Note: The first railroad line built is the first one named.

The hotel was frequently used by carpenters working on the railroad line.

railroad station   (鉄道駅)

The railroad station is on the Makat-Beyneu line.

The structure no longer serves as a railroad station.

The area of the railroad station is now part of Gin Road.

railroad bridge   (鉄道橋)

Destruction of railroad bridge over Chickahominy June 27.

The first vehicle bridge was converted from a railroad bridge constructed in 1873.

Heth's men returned to the New River to continue protecting the vital railroad bridge.

when the railroad   (鉄道が)

However, when the railroad no longer ran through Breesport, the mill closed.

The springs was severely damaged, when the railroad was built in the middle of 19th century, and only one spring persisted.

"#58," as it was then known, ran for the Knox and Kane between 1989 and spring of 2006, when the railroad ceased all operations.

railroad company   (鉄道会社)

Conrail is an American railroad company.

Abraham Lincoln was the lead defense lawyer for the railroad company.

It was merged into a sister railroad company, the Central Kansas Railway, in 2000.

railroad track   (線路)

In 2003, the railroad track was abandoned.

In 1860, there were only 100 miles of railroad track laid in Russia.

They lay explosives under a railroad track and blow up a German ammunition train.

railroad lines

The East Penn Railroad operates the following railroad lines:

Several roads and railroad lines follow the path of the Sendai River.

Blocks 1, 4, and 5 were smaller because of the railroad lines running diagonally through the community.

first railroad

It was the first railroad built in the state.

Note: The first railroad line built is the first one named.

The first railroad swing bridge in the United States was built in 1833.

railroad cars

His father worked in a repair shop for railroad cars.

Bánáthy was assigned to unload sacks of wheat from railroad cars.

MRS owned railroad cars used to transport Anheuser-Busch's products.

transcontinental railroad   (大陸横断鉄道)

In fact, many were hung later, when they began to prey on crews building the transcontinental railroad.

Congressman Oakes Ames of Massachusetts, who was influential in the building of the transcontinental railroad.

In 1853 Congress authorized the Pacific Railroad Surveys to select the best route for a transcontinental railroad.

new railroad

The new railroad ran its first train in October 1871.

During the Civil War, a new railroad appeared on the scene in Lancaster County.

In 1901 the PRR took great interest in a new railroad approach just completed in Paris.

railroad depot   (鉄道基地)

Tulasco had its start in 1869 as a railroad depot.

Benjamin Mott gave the LIRR of land for a railroad depot.

They sheltered at a railroad depot and were found by a policeman.

railroad was extended   (鉄道が延長された)

The railroad was extended to Picture Rocks in 1875 using wooden rails to save money.

Under the control of the SP&S the railroad was extended southward to Eugene, Oregon by 1912.

In 1878, the railroad was extended northward several blocks, so the "terminus" was renamed Berkeley Station.

railroad companies

Aberdeen had four different railroad companies with depots built in the newly developing town.

These four railroad companies are the reason why Aberdeen was able to grow and flourish as it did.

Section 8 required pre-existing railroad companies to accept Article X in order to benefit from future legislation.

railroad workers

Cullen warns him that the Sioux will attack everyone, railroad workers or not.

Three days later, 63 railroad workers were killed in an avalanche nearby in British Columbia.

Chinese immigrants arrived in the United States seeking employment as miners and railroad workers.

former railroad

The picnic areas around the park are named after some of the former railroad stops.

There is still (2008) a lot of evidence of the former railroad simply left to rot away.

The rail trail crosses 12 bridges and the Buxton Trestle, a former railroad trestle bridge that is long and high.

railroad construction

It soon became a recreation center for 1200 railroad construction workers.

He had previously gained experience in railroad construction in the American Midwest.

A 936 km railroad construction program, the Trans-Gabon Railway, began in October 1974.

railroad official

The community was named after Darwyn Lyon, a railroad official.

It is now known as Gallion to honor Jo Gallion a railroad official and is an unincorporated community in the afore mentioned county.

His elder son, by his first marriage, Béla Bartók III, remained in Hungary and later worked as a railroad official until his retirement in the early 1980s.

railroad industry

Chicago is the largest hub in the railroad industry.

He's the Red Adair of the railroad industry."

The railroad industry also wanted bison herds culled or eliminated.

along the railroad

The town stretches from north to south along the railroad tracks on 26 kilometers.

The direct route to Ladysmith lay along the railroad, which ran mostly north and south.

The road passes through several small towns that built up at stops along the railroad line.

railroad crossing

Just short of a railroad crossing, it intersects Roberts Road, which carries KY 3292.

In 2018, a tunnel was dug under the station by ProRail to remove the railroad crossing.

These suggestions included the familiar circular railroad crossing sign and octagonal stop sign.

railroad executive   (鉄道幹部)

Helen Loring married Edwin I. Grenfell, a railroad executive, in 1889.

William Truesdale William Haynes Truesdale (1851–1935) was an American railroad executive.

McKim's service as a railroad executive is noted on the 1839 Newkirk Viaduct Monument in Philadelphia.

railroad was built

A logging railroad was built from Tellico Plains, Tennessee, up the Tellico River.

The area continued to prosper until a railroad was built in nearby Cedarburg in 1870.

The railroad was built in 1891, with the route via Great Notch station in Little Falls.

railroad through

It declined rapidly in importance with the building of a railroad through Pickens County following the war.

Named after John Magee, who helped bring the railroad through Genesee Depot, the school was completed and opened in 1922.

During the days of the railroad construction, plans were laid to bring the railroad through Columbia, then the county seat.

railroad car

Car 553 Car 553 is a privately owned railroad car.

Clearance car A clearance car is a type of railroad car in maintenance of way service.

Scale test car A scale test car is a type of railroad car in maintenance of way service.

railroad system

After the completion of the nationwide railroad system, many new people began to settle in the area.

While Virginia never finished its proposed canal and railroad system, the Pennsylvania system never was profitable.

The train was delivered in February 1935, and toured the BM-MEC railroad system before entering service on April 1.

gauge railroad

The museum also has a narrow gauge railroad, with replica stock.

Lawndale Railway and Industrial Company The Lawndale Railway and Industrial Company operated a narrow gauge railroad from Shelby to Lawndale, North Carolina from 1899 to 1943.

Lac La Belle and Calumet Railroad The Lac La Belle and Calumet Railroad was an American, narrow gauge railroad that operated in the Keweenaw Peninsula, or the extreme northern Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

railroad stations

Rio Grande Station Rio Grande Station is the name of several railroad stations including:

METRA's SouthWest Service provides Monday–Saturday rail service at the Ashburn and Wrightwood railroad stations.

It is the southernmost of the three commuter railroad stations serving Winnetka, an affluent suburb north of Chicago.

railroad ties

An outbuilding is built of railroad ties covered with corrugated roofing.

By 2010, only bleached railroad ties marked the route of the once-pioneering line.

The Mecca Lumber company produced a large quantity of railroad ties using the hardwood on the land.

railroad town   (鉄道の町)

Broad Avenue was originally the main street of Binghampton, a small railroad town chartered in 1895.

During the 20th century Glostrup developed from a small railroad town into a modern middle class suburb.

Atlanta started as a railroad town, and logistics has been a major component of the city's economy to this day.

railroad between

A railroad between Gateway Road and Raleigh Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba, was turned into a asphalt trail in 2007.

Hogg purchased the steamship "Yaquina City" to provide a direct link to his railroad between Yaquina and San Francisco.

In 1880, the entire area of Sapporo was renamed as "Sapporo-ku" (Sapporo Ward), and a railroad between Sapporo and Temiya, Otaru was laid.

railroad junction

At the Rondout railroad junction today (2017), just south of Rt.

The community was so named on account of a railroad junction near the original town site.

North of Sagola is the community of Channing which began as a railroad junction called "Fort Siding".

old railroad

PD rebuilt the old railroad, which opened in 1967, mostly on the old BMRR grade.

Many scale test cars were small, old railroad cars carrying heavy metal weights as their superstructure.

The old railroad bed still passes through the townsite, and some evidence of buildings and old streets can still be seen.

build a railroad

The company was founded in the 1880s to build a railroad across the swamps of Oahu, Hawaii.

The corporation chartered to build the canal complicated this arrangement by deciding to also build a railroad.

The American Construction Syndicate wants to build a railroad across Baluchistan, as part of their plans for global development.

abandoned railroad

The highway began at an abandoned railroad grade at the north city limit of Marquette.

The route enters Linden and heads past industry as it crosses an abandoned railroad branch.

The property also includes an abandoned limestone quarry and abandoned railroad bed and bridge.

railroad bridges

Company-owned railroad bridges were set afire.

Both of them are in use as railroad bridges closing the gap between Dresden and Nuremberg.

It is one of only a small number of stone arch railroad bridges known to exist in Michigan.

railroad engineer

The drivers are required to get a licence of railroad engineer as well as a driver's license.

Suspicion is also cast on Tom Jordan (Matthew Betz), a recently discharged and disgruntled railroad engineer.

A motorman is in charge of the motor (of the electric car) in the same sense as a railroad engineer is in charge of the engine.

model railroad   (鉄道模型)

One such model railroad was over in size.

A few model railroad items attributed to Allen survive and have been authenticated.

A local model railroad club is located in the freight house just north of the station.