heavy rain   (大雨)

The race started 45 minutes late after heavy rain.

The match was played in strong wind & heavy rain.

The second ODI match was abandoned due to heavy rain.

rain forest   (雨林)

Like Grande Comore, it retains stands of rain forest.

An ATV tour is a great way to experience the rain forest.

It inhabits creeks in the rain forest.

due to rain   (雨のため)

From British attacks were postponed due to rain and fog.

The match ended in a draw due to rain.

Final practice session for Saturday was cancelled due to rain.

rain fell   (雨が降った)

In Virginia, up to of rain fell in Carroll County.

Over of rain fell in the eastern part of the state.

In Kunigami, of rain fell during the storm.

rain forests   (熱帯雨林)

Its natural habitat includes lowland rain forests.

Areas of mountain rain forests are located inland.

Sri Lanka montane rain forests includes in EBA Sri Lanka.

rain water

Examples of how this could occur include rain water infiltration.

Farmers rely on rain water as well as water from rivers for farming needs.

Nearly Sixteen rock-cut cisterns are carved on the hill for the storage of rain water.

acid rain

The term "acid rain" was coined in 1872 by Robert Angus Smith.

Soil biology and chemistry can be seriously damaged by acid rain.

Released sulfur dioxide is one of the primary precursors of acid rain.

torrential rain   (激しい雨)

He then claimed: "I've never experiences torrential rain in my life."

Uttarakhand was the state that was most affected by the torrential rain.

As a torrential rain falls, Ed attempts to escape, but the passage is flooded.

rain shadow   (雨の影)

This effect is known the "rain shadow effect.

They are in the rain shadow of the taller Peninsular Ranges.

Jump off Joe lies in a semi-arid environment within the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountains.

rain or snow   (雨または雪)

Dasht-e Kavir's climate is arid; it receives little rain or snow.

The wettest month was May during which time Stabio received an average of of rain or snow.

The wettest month is July during which time Widnau receives an average of of rain or snow.

form of rain

Here, average temperatures are , and the precipitation often appears in the form of rain, hail, and thick fog.

Fort Qu'Appelle receives an average of of precipitation annually, with of that occurring in the form of rain, and the remaining 111.9 mm of precipitation as of snow.

The rising topography forces this air upwards, causing moisture to condense and fall in the form of rain on the western slopes of the mountains, with some areas receiving more than of rainfall per year.

rain falls

Abundant rain falls on the city; it has no dry season.

Much more rain falls on Dartmoor than in the surrounding lowlands.

Most rain falls during the summer.

freezing rain   (着氷性の雨)

It currently forecasts rain, snow, freezing rain, ice pellets, and hail.

Early in the month there was also some freezing rain in the North and Midlands with 50mm of glaze being recorded at Buxton.

Train 2M48 came to a stand after passing Lewisham station, unable to draw power as the third rail was affected by freezing rain.

tropical rain

This can be an advantage in excessively leached tropical rain forest soils.

At Taï, it can be found in the last remaining tropical rain forest in Ivory Coast.

Among the exhibits include a tropical rain forest, Australian Outback, and Africa.

rain or snowfall   (雨または降雪)

On average, Niigata City has 269 days of precipitation each year, about 170 days of which see rain or snowfall measuring over 1 mm.

Most weather fronts originate in the Pacific Ocean, and travel east toward the Coast Mountains where they are forced upward by the range (Orographic lift), causing them to drop their moisture in the form of rain or snowfall.

rain per

Banjarmasin on average sees just under of rain per year.

Most desert and temperate climates get at least of rain per year.

There are on average almost 300 days of sun and 700 mm of rain per year.

rain and snow

Runoff from rain and snow flows into two seasonal ponds.

The game also features various weather conditions, such as rain and snow.

Temperatures can drop to 4 °C during winter with a lot of rain and snow on the higher ground.

rain delay

However, due to the rain delay he was unable to return.

2018: Race started on Fox, but was pushed to FS1 due to rain delay

McLain did not return when play resumed after a one-hour and 15-minute rain delay.

days of rain

After six days of rain, the series resumed.

After days of rain, Jefferson County saw the worst flooding in recorded history.

Avers has an average of 120.2 days of rain per year and on average receives of precipitation.

wind and rain

The Gate of China has weathered wind and rain for 600 years.

Over 400 people attended the ceremony despite the bitter wind and rain.

Salander remembers Bland, and braves the strong wind and rain to collect him.

inches of rain

In Florida, Isaac produced several inches of rain, leading to flooding.

Throughout the day, 0.32 inches of rain were reported around Charlotte Motor Speedway.

A source claims that as much as 11 inches of rain fell prior to the mine disaster on September 24.

rain falling

Naranjal's climate is humid with rain falling mostly in the summer.

Citlaltépetl's climate is warm with rain falling mostly in the summer.

Tepetzintla's climate is warm and humid with rain falling mostly in the summer.

light rain   (小雨)

A large part of this precipitation falls as light rain or brief showers.

Spring and fall are also moist seasons, with light rain falling for long periods.

The prevailing conditions were light rain and fog (which had been preceded by snowfall).

rain per year

Banjarmasin on average sees just under of rain per year.

Most desert and temperate climates get at least of rain per year.

There are on average almost 300 days of sun and 700 mm of rain per year.

pouring rain

The increasingly demoralised Parliamentarian infantry fell back towards Fowey in pouring rain.

Those who arrived in the summer of 1942 were welcomed by pouring rain and mud more than a foot deep.

The next scene shows her singing in a village, then in the same town from the beginning of the video in the pouring rain.

rain during

There is usually rain during the first seven months of the year from January to July.

Among Albanians, pilgrimages are made to mountaintops to ask for rain during the summer.

Unusually frequent rain during the season—"Wisden" described the season as the wettest ever—meant that pitches often favoured bowlers.