İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

born and raised   (doğup büyüdü)

Yeadon was born and raised in Ontonagon, Michigan.

Troxell was born and raised in Thurmont, Maryland.

Reinhardt was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia.

raised concerns   (endişeyi artırmak)

Environmentalists have raised concerns about potential flooding.

Aannand has regularly raised concerns for female empowerment in society.

The depletion of renewable resources has raised concerns in recent years.

raised funds   (yükseltilmiş fonlar)

She also has raised funds for Save the Children.

Mboya raised funds to build a headquarters for the KFL.

The Race raised funds for children's Hospital Los Angeles.

raised money   (yükseltilmiş para)

He also raised money for the DePugh Nursing Home.

Source: The match raised money for several charities.

Emily's List endorsed Ferraro, and raised money for her.

raised more   (daha fazla büyüdü)

He raised more than $5,000 for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

At one 2007 event for Obama, he raised more than $250,000.

The event raised more than $1.5 million.

raised questions   (gündeme getirilen sorular)

Neither qualified which raised questions about the qualifications of the U.S. Open.

His research had raised questions of religious tolerance which he wanted to explore.

The "Times" raised questions as to why the investigation proceeded as long as it did.

funds raised

The proposal was approved and funds raised in March 2013.

100% of the funds raised was split between the organizations.

It was produced in part by funds raised in a Patreon campaign.

money raised   (para toplandı)

Bush raised $20,296,645, the second most money raised state for him.

The total sum of money raised was 31,105,000 (SEK) which was a new record.

The money raised was donated to Women on Waves, COC Amsterdam and She Decides.

company raised   (şirket büyüdü)

Upon taking control the company raised water tariffs by 35%.

The company raised a £3 million series A round in March 2018.

In September 2011, the company raised a Series A round of $12.5 million.

issues raised   (sorunlar ortaya çıktı)

The focus was on clearing up issues raised by re-examination of the old German data.

The issues raised have included access to healthcare, transportation and agriculture.

GiveWell followed up with a blog post discussing some of the issues raised in the discussion.

raised through

On one occasion, they raised through the sale proceeds.

The major part of PFC's funds are raised through Rupee denominated bonds.

The money for purchase of the grounds was raised through the "Piltown Draw".

later raised

The wreck was later raised and broken up.

It was later raised to formation status.

The ELSPA later raised it to "Gold" status, for 200,000 sales.

raised the issue

The Vietnamese side raised the issue of political trust.

The attorneys for Chiles first raised the issue of jurisdiction.

She first raised the issue with the Education department in 2011.

then raised

He and his brothers were then raised by their grandmother.

She was then raised in the suburbs surrounding Paris, France.

The strings are then raised up by inserting two pieces of bamboo.

raised during   (sırasında yükseltildi)

Brown was raised during turbulent times in the United States.

The city's property taxes were not raised during his four-year tenure.

The mane is raised during confrontations to make the aardwolf appear larger.

raised above

By edict, he was raised above his colleagues, to the title of "Ichi no Hito", or First Subject.

The pouring satyr type depicts the satyr with one arm raised above their head with a pouring vessel.

Unlike the main seam, the quarter seam has no stitching and is not raised above the surface of the ball.

raised platform

A raised platform over a clay stove was used for cooking.

Plus, the entire base structure is on a raised platform, a few steps high.

The temple is composed of three levels that are situated on a raised platform.

raised up

We raised up to escape being hit by him".

He was raised up and tenderly cared for.

The strings are then raised up by inserting two pieces of bamboo.

first raised

The attorneys for Chiles first raised the issue of jurisdiction.

She first raised the issue with the Education department in 2011.

The Bedfordshire Yeomanry was first raised in 1797 as independent troops.

raised basement   (yükseltilmiş bodrum)

The third floor and raised basement are servant quarters.

The entire house is constructed in brick above a raised basement.

The two-story building is rectangular, set atop a raised basement.

concerns raised   (endişeler dile getirildi)

The CHOGM itself was highly security-conscious, due to the concerns raised by the attacks.

There have also been concerns raised about the safety of cyclists who use the Fitzroy Bridge.

Modern research attempts to distinguish between these causes, and to analyze any ethical concerns raised.

raised the possibility   (olasılığı arttırdı)

He later raised the possibility of a comeback if Ireland were stuck in the midfield department.

Fuchs also raised the possibility of Ruth succeeding McKechnie as manager, perhaps as early as 1936.

The discovery of fission raised the possibility that an extremely powerful atomic bomb could be created.

newly raised

Lawrence, and comprised four newly raised infantry battalions from Southern England.

Because the newly raised tax level was equivalent to a 70% tax rate; an impossible rate.

Bruce and comprised four newly raised infantry battalions from the North and Midlands of England.

concerns were raised   (endişeler dile getirildi)

Thereafter, discussions started about Baku's nomination and two concerns were raised.

Before long, additional concerns were raised about pollution caused by nickel dust escaping from exported ore.

Many concerns were raised over Charles's marriage in 1625 to a Roman Catholic French princess: Henrietta Maria.

raised the question   (soruyu gündeme getirdi)

This raised the question of what would happen if he were to produce first a daughter and then a son.

The modern activity of battle reenactments has raised the question of women passing as male soldiers.

This controversy has raised the question of how much private donors should have a say in publicly funded healthcare.

raised a total   (toplamı yükseltti)

McCain raised a total of $1,258,426 in the state.

Obama raised a total of $2,071,271 in the state.

John McCain raised a total of $447,757 in the state.

raised an army

He raised an army and took the fortress of Śĕrpü.

In response, the Celtiberians raised an army of 35,000 men.

During the siege, the French had raised an army which assembled around Rouen.

not raised

He also addressed issues not raised by the plaintiffs.

The Stars and Stripes were not raised over Austin until June 25.

The city's property taxes were not raised during his four-year tenure.

raised again   (tekrar büyüdü)

It was raised again in 1779 by Major-General John Douglas and disbanded in Canterbury in 1783.

However, the capacity of the river bed was still insufficient, which is why the embankments were raised again by 1890.

After the fall, the height of the two embankments will be raised again, blocking the water and preventing dam breaches and floods.

raised awareness   (farkındalığı arttırmak)

The 2016 publication of the book "" by Matthew Desmond raised awareness of the issue.

Run in conjunction with the think tank Demos and XDRTB.org, the competition raised awareness of XDRTB.

The 1959 riot had raised awareness, but few Montanans recognized the problems or realized the extent of them.

slightly raised

It has a shallow body, and a slightly raised fingerboard.

They live in large dens in frost-free, slightly raised ground.

A slightly raised area, resembling a low stage is provided facing Waterloo Bridge.

raised and educated

Apollo raised and educated the child on his own.

She was raised and educated in San Juan.

She was raised and educated in England.

questions raised   (sorulan sorular)

A web site has been set up where Poulton has answered a few questions raised by the book.

The head notes, giving the disposition of the various questions raised, occupy four pages.

The ethical questions raised surrounding the execution of mentally ill persons is not a new issue in Virginia.

campaign raised   (kampanya oluşturuldu)

The campaign raised the then astronomical sum of $21 Billion.

A crowd funding campaign raised $45,000 to start up the enterprise.

The campaign raised more than $1.4 billion from about 16,000 donors.

raised enough

The student body fought to keep the G standing and raised enough money to keep it from being taken down.

He eventually raised enough money to produce a full-length film, though not the full amount he originally wanted.

This raised enough money to annually endow a number of Senior Research Fellowships, which is the Institute's legacy.

raised against   (karşı büyüdü)

By the Opposition rank and file the gravest accusations were raised against Andrassy.

Antibodies raised against human chorionic gonadotropin are used in over the counter pregnancy tests.

A significant campaign "Say No to Third Voice" (SNTTV or Say No to TV) was raised against Third Voice.

flag was raised

Here the Russian troops lowered the Russian flag and the U.S. flag was raised.

A number of its defenders were killed or taken prisoner and the Hizbullah flag was raised on top of it.

It was the first time an American choral group had sung there and an American flag was raised outside the Abbey for the occasion.

questions were raised

The painting was withdrawn from auction when questions were raised about its authenticity.

When Mulally was passed over in both instances, questions were raised about whether he would remain with the company.

Criticisms were made of the developing aircraft and questions were raised about more cost-effective alternatives during this time.

funds were raised

Further funds were raised from an edition of Burns' booklet published at Leicester.

Cowan says the funds were raised relatively easily because there was a distribution circuit of Greek cinemas at the time.

The congregation gradually grew in number and funds were raised to construct a new church building to accommodate the people.

successfully raised

A brood of bees successfully raised by "Bombus vestalis" is mainly female.

Verus was a centurion, who had successfully raised to the rank of Roman Senator.

The organization successfully raised funds and designed the renovations of Museum Station.

again raised

She was again raised and her hulk sold at auction on 8 February 1864.

The issue was again raised in the Victorian state parliament by a Liberal Party MP in 2001.

Allegations of fraud and corruption were again raised in 2004 by former chief auditor Jules Muis.

subsequently raised

The fund subsequently raised $15 million for Space Capital in April 2019.

The walls were subsequently raised in several stages, particularly in the 13th and 15th centuries.

She was subsequently raised in eight different foster homes, and stated that she spent much of her childhood in the Bronx.

having raised   (yükseltilmiş)

Richie Graham, the most notorious wizard of his day, admitted to having raised the Devil at Auchinleck.

The Earl of Seaforth, having raised his men, sailed with them to India in 1781, but died there a few months later.

They concluded the tour having raised more than $35,000 and leaving it with the communities in which they had performed.

raised an additional

In 2017 its initial public offering raised an additional $187 million.

In October of 2015, the company raised an additional $6 million in Series B financing.

The company raised an additional $32 million bringing their total investment to $42 million.

raised several

They raised several Hinomaru flags after landing.

She and Pale Male reunited and raised several eyasses.

His ideas have raised several controversies, especially in Venezuela.

raised a family   (bir aile büyüttü)

They have raised a family of 8 children.

Arouch and Yechiel wed in November 1945 and raised a family of four.

He then lived the life of a country squire for 12 years and raised a family with his third wife.

raised when   (ne zaman yükseldi)

Woodard also testified that Wilson’s left arm was raised when he was shot.

Concerns were raised when medical files were found in the derelict hospital in 2008.

Once again his spirits were raised when the unit under his command received orders overseas to France.

money was raised

In an outpouring of public sentiment, most of the money was raised by private donations.

After a year-long effort, the money was raised, and Storer Normal School opened its doors.

The money was raised by MMR students through activities in school and in the community at large.

event raised   (etkinlik düzenlendi)

In total the event raised £2,622,421 for Comic Relief.

In 2017, the event raised $15,000 for R U OK?

The event raised more than $1.5 million.

raised primarily

She was raised primarily by her mother on Long Island.

MacGyver was raised primarily in Mission City, California.

This breed is raised primarily for meat.

regiment was raised

The regiment was raised in Baltimore from May through October 1861.

The regiment was raised by Sir Edward Hales in 1685, by order of King James II.

Subsequently one three-year regiment was raised, and then one 6-month regiment.

raised nearly   (neredeyse büyüdü)

The Tournament has raised nearly $1,400,000 for cystic fibrosis.

After less than one year of operation, MVP raised nearly $1,000,000.

The See For Change fundraiser raised nearly $6,000 for children’s glasses in New York City.

raised approximately

DN Capital has raised approximately $500 million.

The event raised approximately US$3,500 the ultimate goal of $20,000.

Since inception, FFL has raised approximately $4.6 billion of investor commitments.

raised in nearby

Owens was born in 1970 in Euclid, Ohio and raised in nearby Norwalk, Ohio.

Thayer was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and raised in nearby Worcester.

He was born in Memphis, Tennessee and raised in nearby Hernando, Mississippi.

raised cattle   (yetiştirilmiş sığır)

He also engaged in farming and raised cattle.

Wright's father was born in Mexico and also raised cattle.

The people of Aksum also raised cattle, sheep, and camels.