raises money   (お金を集める)

The benefit raises money for her Animal Foundation.

It raises money from micro-donations collected as part of other e-commerce transactions.

Founded by Bob Zmuda, Comic Relief raises money for homeless people in the United States.

raises funds   (資金を調達)

The Zambia Group raises funds to support these schools and their students.

The Visitor Centre provides information and raises funds for the School of the Air.

It raises funds from the general public, corporate supporters, lotteries and trusts.

raises the question   (質問を提起します)

This then raises the question of why the battle occurred when it did.

After this list, he raises the question of musical innovation of Italian composers.

This raises the question of the authenticity of a story dating back several decades.

raises questions

The string of non-combat deaths raises questions about the reform progress of the military.

This book looks at, analyzes, and raises questions regarding racial culture and cultural practices.

In its most extreme sense, this raises questions about dam safety, both in the construction phases and in the end product.

raises awareness   (意識を高める)

The coalition also raises awareness of human trafficking in Alberta.

", which raises awareness for more gender balance in the digital space.

The week raises awareness of children affected by parental alcohol problems and the support available.