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rally driver   (ralli sürücüsü)

Vovos is a rally driver and was president of Maroussi Basketball Club.

He was born in Haverfordwest, the son of rally driver David Llewellin.

Vic Preston Jr Vic Preston Jr (born 1950) is a former rally driver from Kenya.

tried to rally   (toplanmaya çalıştı)

By the afternoon, General Nelson arrived and tried to rally the troops.

They tried to rally three times, but they were eventually surrounded on a narrow road.

As Ponsonby tried to rally his men against the French cuirassers, he was attacked by Jaquinot's lancers and captured.

political rally   (siyasi miting)

It was deployed by the local law enforcement during a political rally in Chandigarh.

The film opens some years ago with Kolkata police inspector Michael at a political rally.

April 18, 2008 – Sen. Hillary Clinton visited the school during her 2008 Democratic Primary campaign for a political rally.

rally support   (ralli desteği)

She worked with city and state officials and developers to rally support and raise funding.

Barquq was arrested and exiled to al-Karak where he was able to rally support for his return to the throne.

Organization of Angolan Women The Organization of Angolan Women, (OMA)established in 1962, was originally founded to rally support for the new political party known as the MPLA.

held a rally   (miting düzenledi)

The BSM held a rally on February 8 to discuss Chancellor Sitterson’s responses to their demands.

Jerry Falwell held a rally where Bryant was advertised to appear, but Green replaced her at the last minute.

On December 13, 2011, it held a rally in Austin, Texas to support a stricter ID law passed earlier that year.

campaign rally   (kampanya ralli)

On April 23, 1993, Lalith Athulathmudali was shot dead during an election campaign rally.

Participants were shot at and attacked at the Republican campaign rally in Camilla, including by the sheriff.

Maradona participated and danced at the electoral campaign rally during the 2018 presidential elections in Venezuela.

rally car

The rally car brakes with just centimetres to spare.

She then asks Dave to send a crew member to reset a rally car.

Lada VFTS The LADA VFTS is a rally car based on the Lada 2105.

rally against   (karşı çıkmak)

It was started by two women who sought to celebrate the beauty of Assateague Island and rally against plans to develop it.

Minnesota media also reported on an August 6, 2011, public rally against the merger of parishes in front of the St. Paul Cathedral.

Thousands of women came to participate and rally against nuclear weapons and the "patriarchal society" that created and used those weapons.

rally was held

On February 14, 2013, the rally was held in more than 190 countries.

Another rally was held in 1915.

On 1 March 2008, a PR rally was held at the Han Chiang College in George Town.

rally held   (miting düzenlendi)

It was the first Dakar Series rally held in South America.

Women's Sunday Women's Sunday was a suffragette march and rally held in London on 21 June 1908.

Sinatra obliged and chose to sing "My Kind of Town" for the rally held in Chicago on October 20, 1972.