İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

ran through   (koştu)

The event was founded in 2007, and ran through 2014.

The road ran through Canyon Lodge (Two Guns).

The National Road also ran through Bellaire.

ran away   (kaçtı)

At the age of eleven, Wallace ran away from home.

She scorned Apollo's advances and ran away from him.

One ran away, the others stopped till Saturday.

ran aground   (karaya oturdu)

She ran aground again that same year, in November.

A bulk ore carrier also ran aground in the cyclone.

"Leone" ran aground and was sunk by her sisters.

ran unsuccessfully   (başarısızlıkla koştu)

He ran unsuccessfully for governor in 1944 and 1946.

In 1854 and 1856, he ran unsuccessfully for Congress.

In 1995, Hahn ran unsuccessfully for office at the age of 22.

ran between

The series ran between 1985 and 1992 on BBC Radio 4.

Its principal route ran between London and Cork.

It ran between Sira and Flekkefjord in Agder, Norway.

then ran   (sonra koştu)

Michigan's Minor then ran in a TD from 1-yard out.

He then ran for another 84 yards and another score.

Goebel then ran five yards to the Tech 11-yard line.

when he ran   (koştuğunda)

He was defeated when he ran for reelection in 1911.

He was defeated when he ran for reelection in 1883.

He was defeated when he ran for reelection in 1840.

ran along

It ran along the entire ridge to the "Hirschhornklippen".

A spur line ran along the South Kaibab Trail to the Tipoff.

A short branch ran along the Rheidol's bank to the harbour.

ran again

Caergwrle never ran again and was retired to stud.

He ran again in 1843, losing twice to Jacob Collamer.

He ran again and won, in the 1959 and 1963 elections.

series ran

The series ran for two seasons and ended in 1983.

The series ran for 10 episodes and will have 2 ova.

The series ran for 120 episodes; ending in 1968.

ran against   (karşı koştu)

In 1938, O'Hara ran against Quinn for Governor.

In 1964, he ran against Republican Rep. James E. Bromwell.

However, Hamdeen Sabahi ran against him in the presidential race.

line ran

The last such line ran to Cabin John, Maryland.

A spur line ran along the South Kaibab Trail to the Tipoff.

The line ran from Yatton to Wells.

show ran   (gösteri koştu)

The show ran for two seasons and was well received.

The show ran from May 14, 2016 to July 17, 2016.

The show ran for six seasons from 1972 to 1978.

trains ran

The trains ran to both the Oakland Mole and the Alameda Mole.

In the 2008 timetable two pairs of trains ran daily to Špičák.

A variety of passenger and mixed trains ran throughout the day.

first ran

The prototype engine first ran in November 1948.

Cardenas first ran for alderman in 2003.

At the London Paralympics Devine first ran in the T13 1500m.

ran for reelection   (yeniden seçilmek için koştu)

Mauguin ran for reelection to the senate in 1894.

Incumbent supervisor Eric Mar ran for reelection.

Incumbent supervisor David Chiu ran for reelection.

ran unopposed   (rakipsiz koştu)

Incumbent President George W. Bush ran unopposed.

Schauer ran unopposed in the Democratic primary.

Acop ran unopposed for the 2nd District of Antipolo.

train ran

The last scheduled train ran on 31 December 1990.

On 6 November 1975 the last steam train ran down the line.

For the duration of the branch, a train ran six days a week.

ran off   (tükenmek)

Again, the time ran off again without a conclusion.

3 R15 ran off at Indianapolis corner, and the No.

The burglar ran off through a hedge to the road.

unsuccessfully ran

Field unsuccessfully ran for state treasurer in 1966.

Schauer unsuccessfully ran for Governor of Michigan in 2014.

He unsuccessfully ran to become U.S.

ran up   (koştu)

One girl ran up to me and said, 'I'm so glad you're here.

Wes ran up to Sylvia and trainers had to separate the two.

Jericho then ran up on the stage, laid down, and told Foley to pin him.

ran down   (kaçtı)

On 6 November 1975 the last steam train ran down the line.

Woods commented "I just ran down the corridor screaming – it was so amazing!

The escapees ran down the road and encountered three Israeli tanks heading their way.

originally ran

The SER originally ran trains from here to "via" .

The trains originally ran on a two-car configuration.

The programme originally ran from 1963 to 1989.

ran for mayor   (belediye başkanı için koştu)

In 2001 he ran for mayor and was reelected in 2005.

In 1974, he ran for mayor losing to Rod Sykes.

In 1965, Givens ran for mayor of Jersey City.

successfully ran

UCF successfully ran out the clock, and secured the victory.

The project successfully ran for thirteen consecutive years.

Sablan successfully ran unopposed in the November 2016 election.

later ran

She later ran for Nike's Athletics West team.

He later ran the "Longview News" and founded the "Quitman News".

His son Thomas later ran the paper.

only ran   (sadece koştu)

In 1976 the five train pairs only ran on weekdays.

In only ran 77 performances.

Patrick not only ran the station but continued as one of the talk show hosts.

ran track   (parça koştu)

In addition to football, he also ran track and field.

Cloudman ran track at Bowdoin before graduating in 1901.

Echols ran track collegiately at Louisiana State University.

again ran

In 2016, he again ran for this office.

In 1952, Holt again ran for governor, and earned 48% of the vote.

On 26 April 1914 Giacobbi again ran for election to the legislature.

ran into financial   (finansal olarak koştu)

The firm soon ran into financial difficulties.

The firm had ran into financial debt of over £200,000.

In the 1970s the institute ran into financial difficulties.

ran for governor   (vali için koştu)

In 2010, Pro-Life ran for governor for a second time.

In 1986 he ran for governor of the state.

In 1858, he ran for governor and was elected to a two-year term.

ran across   (rastlamak)

It ran across what is today West End Avenue.

It ran across West End Avenue, which had not yet been built.

season ran

The season ran from 11 March to 18 November 2018.

The season ran from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019.

The season ran from 13 December 2013 to 31 December 2013.

ran parallel   (paralel koştu)

In 1966, the border with Jordan ran parallel to Shmuel HaNavi Street.

The river Derwent ran parallel to City Road and formed one of the boundaries.

The old road ran parallel and approximately 30 kilometres south of the present road.

time ran

Again, the time ran off again without a conclusion.

He was moving rapidly from task to task as time ran out.

They stated circulation at that time ran between 1,400 and 1,500 subscribers.

ran successfully

Accident ran successfully in theatres for 50 days.

He ran successfully for reelection on 26 April 2011.

Lamido ran successfully for reelection on 26 April 2011.

production ran

Ventura II production ran from 1971 to 1977.

The production ran four shows in November 2014 in Taiwan.

The production ran for 268 performances.

ran only   (sadece koştu)

The campaign ran only in the United States.

In 1998 he ran only 8:48 minutes, and decided to stop running.

The original service ran only between Florence, Pisa and Livorno.

service ran

Latterly the service ran on to Tonbridge in Kent.

A regular ferry service ran to Bonawe from 1690.

This service ran from 1981 to 1985.

ran for election   (seçim için koştu)

Morelli ran for election to the senate in 1888, but was defeated.

He had formerly ran for election unsuccessfully in 1906 and 1909.

Wilson ran for election in 2016.

ran back   (geri koştu)

Moore ran back the ball 53 yard to the Cincinnati 22 yard line.

He and the others ran back in and the Syrians chased them, throwing smoke grenades.

The empty freight train then ran back to the timber sidings at Teigngrace to be loaded.

ran his own

For a period he ran his own press, the Woodlands Press.

He ran his own label, Contemode, in association with Yamaha.

During this time, Mingay ran his own radio manufacturing business.

ran for president

After the revolution, she ran for president in Ukraine's position.

Westerholm ran for president twice, in the 1978 and 1982 elections.

In 2014, he ran for president and councilor of Łomża, also without success.

father ran

His father ran car dealerships, including Medway Autos in Kent.

Her father ran a kiosk in Harburg.

His father ran a sewing machine in a factory for children's clothing.

when she ran   (koştuğunda)

She was sailing in heavy weather when she ran aground on Knife Island.

She was elected in 1975 but was defeated when she ran for reelection in 1981.

B A Inc., was an electrical company from when she ran out of the back of her house.

party ran

The party ran with Tkuma again in the 2015 elections.

The party ran for the 1965 elections on a platform of changing the electoral systems.

The party ran in the 2003 elections with Mahameed as its head, resulting in him losing his seat.

candidates ran

Altogether 392 candidates ran for seats in the Soviet.

A total of 850 candidates ran for the 91 available seats.

Five candidates ran for the open seat.

route ran

Its principal route ran between London and Cork.

The route ran south to the loop at King Street.

The second route ran via Low Fell on the A167.

ran second

Krupicka ran second to the eventual winner, Adam Ebbin.

But, in the ensuing Belmont Stakes he ran second to High Gun.

At three, the colt ran second to Dr Devious in the 1992 Epsom Derby.

series that ran

They had several other series that ran for shorter periods during this time.

The same format was used for "", an online-only spinoff of the US series that ran in 2016.

In 1960-61, "My Sister Eileen" was adapted as a television series that ran for 26 episodes.

team ran   (takım koştu)

The team ran also as Alan Docking Racing Finland.

In the final, the Brazilian team ran 42.91 and finished seventh.

Canada has a national team ran by the Canadian Cheer Union (CCU).

ran for office

He ran for office and lost again a few years later.

He ran for office in the 2012 Hong Kong legislative election.

Wharton entered politics in late 1879, when he first ran for office.

initially ran

A great success, "Der Graf" initially ran for 299 performances.

Initially launched in 1987, the series initially ran through 1995.

He initially ran as part of The Right Wingers, but withdrew from the mandate.

ran north

From there, M-48 ran north to M-28 east of Newberry.

It was situated at the end of a road that ran north of the A1303.

It was situated along a road that ran north west from Station Road.

tournament ran   (turnuva koştu)

The tournament ran from August 28 to September 12, 2010.

The tournament ran in a knockout format.

The tournament ran from 18 February through 24 February 2002.

ran a small

The family ran a small town store called The Hub.

He ran a small publishing company called Wowapi.

His mother, Liba, ran a small farm, where she grew fruits and vegetables.

once ran

Ray once ran a post office from 1872 to 1960.

An "Apablasa Street" once ran through the Chinese quarter.

It is also the western terminus of an inactive SAL spur that once ran to cities such as Leesburg and Tavares.

ran the ball

Pike also ran the ball five times for four yards.

Moore ran the ball back 93 yards for the touchdown, and a 14–3 Knights lead.

Ricks ran the ball twice, scoring on the second carry after the fumble recovery.

ran alongside   (yanına koştu)

They ran alongside the façades of the houses.

He ran alongside David McIntosh.

To avoid being captured, Harvey ran alongside one of the luggers, which he boarded and captured.

ran into trouble   (başı belaya girdi)

However, he ran into trouble off the field.

Immediately, Bane's nomination ran into trouble for three reasons.

Kim struck out the side in the eighth, but ran into trouble in the ninth.

ran an article

In January 1994, the "LA Weekly" ran an article on the group, then known as "The Total Overcomers".

On 16 May 2006, "Ma'ariv" ran an article claiming that Ma'ale Rehav'am was built on private Palestinian land.

"The Hazard Herald" ran an article about the passing of the president on the front page their Thanksgiving issue.

play ran   (oyun koşusu)

The play ran for two months in autumn 2012.

The play ran for 394 performances, closing September 2, 1939.

The play ran until August 21, 2010.

ran around   (koştu)

A promenade wide ran around the outside of the first level.

Michael ran around the stage performing "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go".

The cost ran around $32,000.

ran a successful

He ran a successful farm and had served as town selectman.

The group ran a successful slate of candidates in a Calgary Board of Education election.

Wills retired from boxing in 1932, and ran a successful real estate business in Harlem, New York.

company ran   (şirket koştu)

The company ran about 60 locally programmed stations.

The company ran an "Opera Camp" each summer.

The company ran into economic difficulties in the early 1990s.

ran several

The Libertarian Party ran several candidates in the District of Columbia.

The promotion ran several live events and tapings for a potential television show.

Thicker ice could only be broken by boxing, a process in which the ship ran several attacks until the ice gave way.

film ran   (film koştu)

The film ran for more than 200 days in theatres.

Each film ran as long as there was film in the camera.

The film ran to full houses in the first week after its release.

previously ran   (önceden koştu)

He previously ran for governor in 2002, but lost to Republican Jim Douglas.

He previously ran for President of U.S. Soccer in 1984, but lost to Werner Fricker.

The "Desiro" trains replace the outdated passenger trains that previously ran on the line.

ran a series

Autism Cymru ran a series of seminars on various locations with guest speakers addressing autism issues.

Between May 28 and October 7, 1957, the Nevada Test Site ran a series of nuclear tests called Operation Plumbbob.

The 2012 season was the inaugural season of the tour and ran a series of 11 tournaments from September to December.

ran south

The route ran south to the loop at King Street.

The underground railroad ran south during this period.

At Tampa, it reversed and ran south to Miami.

services ran

Timetabled services ran Monday to Saturday, no Sunday service.

While the station was open, services ran from and to north of Rishworth.

In July 2011 the first revenue earning Intercity services ran, under temporary approval.

soon ran

The firm soon ran into financial difficulties.

But money soon ran out and Amtmann took a teaching job.

Keating's troops soon ran out of ammunition.

ran a story   (bir hikaye koştu)

On July 29, 1940, LIFE magazine ran a story about Art in Action using a spread of color photos.

Earlier in July 2008, Forward ran a story by the American writer Scott C. Davis on "What Michelle Obama can learn from Asma al-Assad."

That year, Atlanta-based WAGA ran a story; he also appeared in an "Esquire" magazine article that first dubbed his museum "Paradise Garden."

ran afoul   (kıç koştu)

Barley ran afoul of London authorities as well.

TSR itself ran afoul of intellectual property law in several cases.

On 7 March a convoy ran afoul the field, losing one of their escorts, the (910 tons).

ran onto   (üzerine koştu)

Hanscomb then ran onto the field to speak with Bancroft.

There was a free kick, the ball was knocked back and he ran onto the ball.

Immediately, several agents ran onto the roof to assess damage and help the wounded.

eventually ran

It eventually ran for over a year in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and New Zealand.

He rose in Tammany Hall through the 1840s and eventually ran for Congress but lost.

The spacecraft eventually ran out of hydrazine fuel for its attitude control thrusters.

ran wide

On lap 11, McCoy overtook Biaggi for third place after Biaggi ran wide on the first corner.

Lewis struck again when he took a handoff, ran wide and threw a 15-yard pass to Charlie Shepard in the end zone.

Teammate Kris Meeke also ran wide at the same corner, but he damaged his rear-left suspension and was unable to continue.

ran via

The second route ran via Low Fell on the A167.

It ran via the Great Western Main Line to and then via and .

(The first route of the Great North Road ran via Wrekenton on the present B1296.

line that ran

Until April 1, 2005, Meitetsu also operated a streetcar line that ran through Gifu.

A line that ran between the two moles was dubbed the "Horseshoe Line" for the shape of the route on a map.

The hamlet was once served by the Southern New York Railroad, an electric trolley line that ran from Oneonta to Mohawk.

ran during

Although special trains ran during busy times, branch traffic was always sparse.

Trial service first ran during the Sunday Streets events on The Embarcadero in 2008.

George ran during the heats and finals of the 4 × 400 m at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

ran towards

From Lightmoor Junction, a line ran towards Wellington via Doseley and Horsehay.

Catcher Hank Severeid hit a single into center field, and Dugan ran towards home.

And beholding him approaching them, they set Draupadi free and ran towards the city.

ran well   (iyi koştu)

Bush ran well in all the major regions of the country, but especially in the South.

A few weeks later, at Bristol, Allgaier ran well all race, even up in the top 5 at one point.

In the Rous Memorial Stakes at Goodwood Racecourse in July she ran well but was no match for the colt Coronach.

ran the company   (şirketi yönetti)

He ran the company from his home at Købmagergade 13.

The Jones family ran the company for decades.

Julio César Arana ran the company in Peru.

ran the first

26 July 2008: The VGR ran the first double-headed J Class working in thirty years, using J515 and J541.

Pemberton ran the first advertisement for the beverage on May 29 of the same year in the "Atlanta Journal".

Due to a lack of sponsorship, the team only ran the first two races of the season before suspending operations.

ran for only   (sadece koştu)

It ran for only three shows.

The sitcom was a radio sequel to "Dad's Army", but ran for only one series.

The original Broadway production opened in 1901 and ran for only 64 performances.

ship ran

On the night of February 27, the ship ran into a hurricane on the open sea.

The ship ran aground on a reef in a snowstorm, and was broken up in a gale, sinking on October 25.

In the evening of 1 February, the ship ran into a severe hurricane, forcing the captain to heave to.

road ran   (yol koştu)

The road ran through Canyon Lodge (Two Guns).

For many miles the road ran through snow.

The old road ran parallel and approximately 30 kilometres south of the present road.

instead ran

Peugeot instead ran a third 905 Evo 1B for the home crowd in the race.

(Bernsen instead ran unsuccessfully for Texas Land Commissioner, losing that race to Jerry E.

Term limits prevented her from seeking a third Senate term in 2006; she instead ran unsuccessfully for Secretary of State.

ran aground off

In 2004, the vessel ran aground off the coast of South Africa.

On 6 June, she ran aground off Saint-Malo in fog and was damaged.

In July 1907 the "Phipps" ran aground off Pyramid Point on Lake Michigan.

ran counter   (sayaç koştu)

Its site, adjacent to the mine, ran counter to the normal practice of siting mills near water courses.

The numbering of years in the Republican Calendar by Roman numerals ran counter to this general decimalization tendency.

He then may or may not have been induced to sign it", since it ran counter to Faisal's other public and private statements at the time.

ran third

Morris ran third with 28,279 votes (19.8 percent).

He ran third among four candidates and finished with 393,458 votes (19.6 percent).

He then ran third in both the Fountain of Youth at Gulfstream Park and Hialeah's Flamingo Stakes.

ran high   (yüksek koştu)

Tensions ran high at several points during the preparation stages.

Tensions ran high: Rațiu's home in Torda was damaged by Hungarian demonstrators, leading to protests in Romania.

For months in between, rumors of a feud between Grande and McCurdy ran high, and continued to after the series' cancellation.

ran every

The train served the following stations: On working days, the train ran every two hours.

When the company first started, Faiman, Gissing and Steiner ran every part of the business themselves.

The "New York Daily News" ran every "Terry and the Pirates" daily and Sunday except for the final three weeks by Wunder in 1973.

ran to succeed

Curley was ineligible to run in 1925 and Glynn ran to succeed him.

In 1981, incumbent Mayor Joseph Amaral chose not to seek re-election and Johnson ran to succeed him.

When he resigned his council seat on being sworn into the Senate, she successfully ran to succeed him.

ran all

She ran all of her decisions by Rashad.

For three straight years he ran all three yearly Self-Transcendence multidays in New York (six days, , 700 miles).

The station lay just behind the West Street girder bridge and ran all the way down to the Perry Hill area of the town.

never ran

Caergwrle never ran again and was retired to stud.

During these migrations, the springbok never ran or trotted.

His sire never ran on grass, but his descendants proved themselves on the turf.

ran low

The besieging French forces were forced to withdraw after their own supplies ran low.

He would often return to Blaenclydach when money ran low and to seek inspiration for writing.

The ATF attempted to breach the compound for approximately two hours until their ammunition ran low.

ran for more

The film ran for more than 200 days in theatres.

It ran for more than 200 days in theatres.

The production of these exciters ran for more than 20 years with many hundreds being produced.

ran past

The line ran past the former 1939 border, and approximately from Leningrad.

Naval forces under Farragut ran past Confederate defenses south of New Orleans.

Shows sometimes ran past midnight, and the Rolling Stones' performance lasted about 75 minutes.

ran the business   (işi koştu)

John ran the business and Frank was able to focus on the art.

Jeanne was in charge of design, while Isidore ran the business.

Worse is that the mother who ran the business indirectly murdered his parents earlier.