İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

random variable   (rastgele değişken)

A random variable "F" is distributed on formula_1.

Let formula_27 denote a Cauchy distributed random variable.

The random variable E(|"Z"| | "X") is the best predictor of |"Z"| given "X".

random variables   (rastgele değişkenler)

If treating several random variables formula_13 etc.

random variables, based on some underlying distributional form.

Let formula_3 be random variables.

random number   (rastgele sayı)

Many solvers internally use a random number generator.

There are proposals for adding strong random number generation to PHP.

Transfers between statuses are modelled based on random parameters (generating a random number).

random walk   (rastgele yürüyüş)

Also known as "random walk" or "drunkard's walk".

The Brownian motion can be modeled by a random walk.

Unlike the random walk, it is scale invariant.

random access   (rasgele erişim)

Relative files also allow for both sequential and random access.

It can also be used as dielectric in resistive random access memories.

All semiconductor memory, not just RAM, has the property of random access.

random numbers

They are used for generating random numbers and are commonly used in tabletop games.

Dice can be used to generate random numbers for use in passwords and cryptography applications.

'ACE' also references the fact that instead of dice, cards can be used to generate random numbers.

random sample

Such surveys do not result in a random sample because participants are a self-selected group.

Suppose that a study of a random sample of people includes exactly two people with a birthday of August 7: Mary and John.

In many cases, a carefully chosen random sample can provide more accurate information than attempts to get a population census.

chosen at random

The order of rule application is chosen at random.

The participants were not chosen at random.

Match-ups are chosen at random.

seemingly random   (rastgele görünüyor)

Virgil is puzzled by Raina's seemingly random attacks and seeks an explanation for her actions.

An investigation of Galen's ship yields no results other than a series of seemingly random number blocks.

They consist of upright stones that are assembled together either in geometric patterns or seemingly random configurations.

random draw

Tournament participants are matched up by random draw.

The pairings for each round were determined by a random draw.

play against two of the remaining 8 senior clubs in a random draw.

random number generator   (rastgele numara üreticisi)

Many solvers internally use a random number generator.

Random number games are based upon the selection of random numbers, either from a computerized random number generator or from other gaming equipment.

Diceware Diceware is a method for creating passphrases, passwords, and other cryptographic variables using ordinary dice as a hardware random number generator.

independent random

One such approach begins with an infinite sequence of independent random variables , ..., drawn from the uniform distribution on [0, 1].

The condition that it has independent increments means that if formula_43 then formula_44 and formula_45 are independent random variables.

Job processing times are independent random variables with a general distribution with mean formula_4 with mean formula_5 for job formula_6.