Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

wide range   (amplia gama)

Birds occupy a wide range of ecological positions.

A wide range is available of flying disc variants.

Thế Giới publications cover a wide range of topics:

mountain range   (cordillera)

The Higashiyama mountain range lies to the east.

The mountain range was also divided into three regions.

The mountain range runs roughly northwest to southeast.

broad range   (amplia gama)

Silicone resins represent a broad range of products.

There are many available that cover a broad range of topics.

Accordingly, criticism in the "Voice" spanned a broad range.

long range   (de largo alcance)

These were the first long range, strategic bombers.

AMRAAM uses two-stage guidance when fired at long range.

This obscures the target at long range and the foreground.

full range   (Rango completo)

The press publishes a full range of K–12 textbooks.

It has regular contacts with the full range of policy actors.

The club runs three senior sides and a full range of junior sides.

close range

Both had been shot to death at close range.

Both were shot at close range with a 9 mm caliber handgun.

Anchoring to port, Miller's ship opened fire at close range.

wider range   (gama más amplia)

At the mixed sales there are a wider range of horses available.

Vijayan was discussed in Kerala Cultural-Political scenario in a wider range.

It could help customers buy wider range of products and save customers’ time.

diverse range   (rangos diversos)

The theatre produces a diverse range of drama.

Canard-Duchêne produces a diverse range of champagnes.

There is a diverse range of bog and marshland plants recorded.

range between

Daily maximum temperatures usually range between .

The range between transmit pulses is 5 km to 50 km.

Average yearly temperatures at Malha range between .

vocal range   (Rango vocal)

They have a rich vocal range, and good hearing.

Hoppus and DeLonge's vocal range spans from F# to F#.

Scherzinger possesses a wide vocal range.

range of topics   (gama de temas)

Thế Giới publications cover a wide range of topics:

There are many available that cover a broad range of topics.

The range of topics in filk songs stems from its cultural roots in fandom.

age range

There were 669 persons in the age range of 0 to 6 years.

There were 322 persons in the age range of 0 to 6 years.

Crews will be taken from the appropriate age range (e.g.

native range

The adult bald eagle is unmistakable in its native range.

It is of commercial importance as a food fish in its native range.

Mudmat is considered an invasive species outside of its native range.

range extends

The range extends as far north as the Avon River.

The eastern range extends to the southern Ural.

Its range extends over the border into Sonora, Mexico.

large range

The game offers a large range of enemies and different stages.

Britain grows a large range of apples specifically for cooking.

The Townsend avalanche can have a large range of current densities.

maximum range

Her maximum range is at , or alternatively, at .

The maximum range of the 12-pounder was .

The maximum range of the 8-pounder was .

range of other   (gama de otros)

In the meantime a range of other schools had appeared.

Union Group has since expanded into a range of other sectors.

During this period, he involved himself in a range of other activities.

temperature range

The optimal temperature range is 400 °C to 700 °C.

The reported temperature range where they are found is .

It prefers a temperature range of 22-26 °C.

range of subjects

The Triads of Ireland cover a vast range of subjects.

Nine NZQA scholarships were achieved in a range of subjects.

Currently JES offers over 13 programs on a range of subjects.

limited range

There is a limited range of motion of the hip joint.

Helicopters also tend to have limited range and endurance.

A limited range of word choices is strongly regional in nature.

dynamic range   (gama dinámica)

The 4K model also has support for high dynamic range.

A Duhulla is known for its wide dynamic range.

The human ear has a large dynamic range in sound reception.

short range

Each short range DF platoon contained five sections, each of two DF cars.

Artificial illumination is effective to improve illumination at short range.

Agni missiles consist of one (short range) or two stages (intermediate range).

range of products

The range of products of the factory was ambitious.

Silicone resins represent a broad range of products.

There is one main shop in Nukunonu which sells a limited range of products.

frequency range   (rango de frecuencia)

The Rayleigh waves used for this purpose are in the ultrasonic frequency range.

The sensitivity varies with frequency as each noise has its own frequency range.

Television's channel 1 frequency range was moved to 50–56 MHz (see table below).

product range

In Germany, the product range is 85,000 product lines.

Weltron's early product range is known for its Space Age design.

More cider apples are being planted to expand the product range.

range in size

Rastacaps range in size and shape, as well as uses.

Beads range in size from under to over in diameter.

The cobbles that it contains range in size from to .

range includes

Today, the range includes more than 700 products.

In North America its range includes southern Mexico.

Its range includes Israel, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon.

range of services

A range of services are available for members including a bookshop.

Brazil's diversified economy includes agriculture, industry, and a wide range of services.

NECA represents electrical contractors from firms of all sizes, performing a range of services.

range of different

Amber occurs in a range of different colors.

Fish exhibit a wide range of different reproductive strategies.

Monroe's young boy was unsettled with a range of different carers.

within range

Eight targets within range of the RAF were identified.

As soon as they came within range, the Indians opened with heavy fire.

HMS "Torbay" and "Pocahontas" were lagging and within range of the enemy guns.

offers a range

The Andalusian terrain offers a range of altitudes and slopes.

The College offers a range of vocational programmes and A levels.

The George Museum offers a range of educational programs for school groups.

range of activities

The school offers a wide range of activities.

The range of activities offered has become much more extensive over the years.

Development principles include conserving and reusing historical buildings for a range of activities.

within the range

DCI's used in global barcodes fall within the range of 1–9.

DCI's used in service barcodes fall within the range of M–U.

DCI's used in internal barcodes fall within the range of V–Z.

range of issues

Also, exclusive stories are presented daily that cover large range of issues concerning Tamil Nadu.

The purpose of the convention is to discuss and vote on a wide range of issues affecting the fraternity.

The APF had fairly detailed positions on a wide range of issues, and was self-described as 'anti-capitalist.'

effective range   (alcance efectivo)

The effective range was for shot and for canister.

The effective range proved to be only at that speed.

whole range

This station is also noted for a whole range of amenities available within the premises.

From here we can have a glimpse of the whole range of Naneghat and the forts near Murbad.

This is essentially a File and Print Server suite that runs on a whole range of different platforms.

shooting range   (rango de disparo)

Aghdam visited a shooting range the day before the shooting.

A shooting range is also available.

His parents had an indoor shooting range installed at their home in Patiala, Punjab.

greater range

The result was slightly faster ships with greater range.

Another attribute was their greater range.

The main competitor Radio 538, had a much greater range than Veronica FM.

range of motion

There is a limited range of motion of the hip joint.

Some will also describe decreased range of motion of the affected hip.

With progression more intense range of motion exercises are incorporated.

temperatures range

Working temperatures range from - 35°C to 85°C.

Average temperatures range from in January to in July.

Winter average temperatures range between .

broader range   (gama más amplia)

The focus was expanded to encompass a broader range of international films.

The model was updated for 2018, with engine mods giving a broader range of power.

"Active Directory" became the umbrella title of a broader range of directory-based services.

range of habitats

The range of habitats are home to many species of invertebrate.

There are thousands of species adapted to a wide range of habitats.

The genus inhabits a wide range of habitats, and many taxa are migratory.

depth range

Marine; pelagic-neritic; depth range 0 – 300 m (Ref.

The depth range of this sea urchin is .

They are found at a depth range of .

firing range   (campo de tiro)

In World War II the Army used the fort as a firing range.

On August 29, 1917, the widow went with Means to a firing range.

The company also constructed a 100-yard firing range for ammunition testing.

longer range

In 1985, development of the longer range 747-400 began.

For longer range targets, the S-300 is used.

It was slower than its competitors but it had longer range.

home range   (rango de hogar)

It has a low tolerance for other shrews in its home range.

They are nocturnal, occupying a home range of as little as .

American badger use of home range varies with season and sex.

across a range   (a través de un rango)

Rydges accommodates one million guests annually, across a range of market segments.

Simulations are carried out across a range of spatial scales, from global to landscape.

He holds a number of British and European records across a range of different strokes and lengths.

entire range   (toda la gama)

Its entire range is less than 40 square miles.

However, hunting for food and sale in the black market continues to occur throughout its entire range.

Neotel is licensed to provide the entire range of telecoms services with the exception of full mobility.

geographic range

The exact geographic range of the cursor grass mouse is disputed.

"Uroderma bilobatum" is a very common bat within its geographic range.

This species exhibits variable shell characteristics across its geographic range.

range of applications

Tributylamine has a wide range of applications.

They have been extensively explored for wide range of applications.

MPEG-2 video supports a wide range of applications from mobile to high quality HD editing.

small range

They are a small range of the Peninsular Ranges System.

The small range is located in northern San Bernardino County.

"E. d. picinum" occupies a small range in northeastern Quebec and Labrador.

extensive range

Similarly, Finland has a diverse and extensive range of fauna.

Creodonts had an extensive range, both geographically and temporally.

She died in 1849 and in the following year her extensive range of furniture was sold.

driving range

The B4 has a combined cycle driving range of .

A golf driving range was built on it (1997).

The driving range is over 350 yards for the long hitters.

range of styles

His music shows an exceptionally wide range of styles.

He designed houses in a range of styles, including the Californian bungalow Gibson residence in Manly (1919).

Erlewine also feels that the album has a wide range of styles and has not lost any of its influence years later.

new range

In 1994, DEC launched a new range of AlphaStation and AlphaServer systems.

He designed a new range of die-cast model cars which were released in 1968 as Hot Wheels.

In September 2015, Amazon released a new range of Fire tablets with 7, 8, and 10.1 inch sizes.

normal range

The normal range is 70-75 degrees.

In 18–46% of cases, the CSF pressure is measured within the normal range.

According to MedlinePlus, the normal range of calcifediol is 30.0 to 74.0 ng/mL.

throughout its range

and is widespread and common throughout its range.

The species is widely distributed throughout its range.

The species faces extinction due to habitat loss throughout its range.

natural range

In its natural range, fish are its primary prey.

There are only about 40 mature trees known in their natural range.

range of musical

"We really do have an enormously wide range of musical tastes among us."

The music has a range of musical influences from the classical to the modern.

They belong to different families of instruments and can cover a wide range of musical roles.

provides a range

It also provides a range of financial advisory services.

Graduate Prospects provides a range of graduate career and postgraduate study recruitment options:

Eco Israel Tours is a branch of the ICSD which provides a range of eco-tourism programs in Israel.

model range   (gama de modelos)

Further model range updates have been in parallel with the Minica.

There was realignment of the Chrysler Group model range with those of GM and Ford (i.e.

Now under Harley Davidson ownership, the Brutale was redesigned for the 2010 model range.

narrow range   (rango estrecho)

They can count the pulse in a narrow range only.

Males can only be born if the temperature is within that narrow range.

Contra tunes are played at a narrow range of tempos, between 108 and 132 bpm.

range of hills

Churiya hill is a range of hills across the whole of Nepal.

Cuchilla de Caraguatá The Cuchilla de Caraguatá is a range of hills in Uruguay.

Topographic feature is a low elevation range of hills sloping gently toward the sea.

very wide range

Analog computers can have a very wide range of complexity.

The species has a very wide range and is described as common.

Presently the Group is involved in a very wide range of projects.

breeding range

They are also extending their breeding range possibly reducing/supplanting steppe buzzards.

Plovers usually select a breeding range that they share with bison and black tailed prairie dogs.

When the monarch's breeding range overlaps with the viceroy, the viceroy will adopt the lighter shades of orange.

range of social   (gama de social)

The SDGs cover a broad range of social and economic development issues.

Their research was rooted, in Nuffield style, in a range of social survey empirical data.

The term maladjustment can be refer to a wide range of social, biological and psychological conditions.

range of music

Through his elder siblings, Brooks was exposed to a wide range of music.

The 100 are a range of music experts and performers from across Australia.

The show airs a range of music, including reggae, ska, rock-steady and dub.

rifle range

Inside of Cook Stadium grandstand is the RHIT rifle range.

Not far from the fort was a rifle range.

The park site was a former rifle range.

same range

To the south of Dryden along the same range is the crater Chaffee.

Food trucks are subject to the same range of concerns as other foodservice businesses.

They had the same range of tasks as the T 9.1, and its main dimensions were largely the same.

range of genres

Guridi produced copiously in a huge range of genres.

Endeavour publishes a range of genres under several imprints.

Their music covers a wide range of genres, drawing from folk, dance, electronic, and pop influences.

vast range   (rango amplio)

The Triads of Ireland cover a vast range of subjects.

"Campbell’s art explores the vast range of the human condition.

It was from these beginnings that the vast range of Doulton figures can be found today.

size range

Their size range for extra-small to small, 3mm to 10mm

Cheilocystidia size range: 26–40 × 8–17 μm.

Development activity has been particularly high in the 1–50 kg size range.

restricted range

It is a rare species, with a restricted range and narrow suitable habitat.

It has a restricted range but has a total area of occupancy of more than .

It has a very restricted range in Britain, where it is regarded as endangered.

range of disciplines

Each jury is made up of experts from a range of disciplines.

The university chose the first masters to reflect a diverse range of disciplines.

His original paper has provoked and inspired many responses across a wide range of disciplines.

price range   (rango de precios)

There are just better games on the subject and in this price range."

The original Beijing Auto E-Series has a price range of 58,800 yuan to 74,800 yuan.

Its 2005 the subdivision had a median price range of $77,000-$124,000 U.S. dollars.

range up

The wingspan can range up to 90 mm for females.

The Goliath beetle's wingspan can range up to .

They range up to in height and in length.

range of courses

A full range of courses did not become available until 1936 when a chemistry lab was installed.

The university offers a diverse range of courses and has a number of institutes affiliated to it.

It offered a similar range of courses to that of the University of Lincoln's current site in Holbeach.

host range

SPI-1 influences the host range and SPI-3 stops infected cells from fusing together.

Chimpanzees live mainly in central and western Africa and this would determine the host range for P. reichenowi.

With advances in genetic engineering, these bacteria have been manipulated for increased efficiency and expanded host range.

extended range   (rango extendido)

Rockets with extended range are 4.88 m long and weigh 404 kg.

To play with an extended range one should use a pivot, tongue arch and lip to lip compression.

This creates lightweight, low-inductance voice coils, ideally suited to use in small, extended range speakers.

range of artists

DiFranco has collaborated with a wide range of artists.

Depeche Mode drew its artistic influences from a wide range of artists and scenes.

The event featured a diverse range of artists from the literary and music worlds including J.G.

range spans

Its range spans from Central Texas to Sonora, Mexico.

Hoppus and DeLonge's vocal range spans from F# to F#.

Its range spans from Arizona to Texas and south to Mexico.

range of sports

Typically a range of sports will be available for middle school students.

Brooks, founded in 1914, originally manufactured shoes for a broad range of sports.

Ninette has many small businesses, and is known locally for its wide range of sports facilities.

range of possible

Beyond this, the full range of possible interpretations is available.

Since that time, the range of possible dates has narrowed significantly.

With such a large range of possible options for the composition/structure of a ceramic (e.g.

range of new

In the northern areas, a linear range of new curry recipes could be seen.

The dormitories comprised a range of new buildings designed to blend in with the old.

Gordon Baxter's daughter Audrey Baxter became Managing Director in 1992 who along with her brother Andrew Baxter developed a range of new products.

within its range

The species is generally common to abundant within its range.

It inhabits many kinds of freshwater habitats within its range.

These two characteristics are diagnostic for "C. validus" within its range.

distribution range

Their distribution range extends into semi-arid regions along rivers.

Selecting the middle date, April 7, would fix Easter at its median position within its distribution range.

The distribution range of "Gymnoganascus stephani" includes the Caribbean, Central America, and North America.

range of media

Image3D and its nostalgic products have been profiled by a wide range of media.

The institute’s small library offers an extensive range of media for readers of all ages.

Oppenheimer worked in a range of media, including drawing, watercolor, oil painting, and sculpture.

range of mountains

You have plains on one side and a very high range of mountains on the other.

The western part is a range of mountains and forests, occupies about 70 percent of the city.

A range of mountains extends along the northwest border and into Togo; these are the Atacora.

range extending

It is the only concept of the three to have range extending capability.

"Cassidulina", itself, is cosmopolitan, with a stratigraphic range extending from the Upper Eocene to recent.

Ewing Mountain, a range extending across the area, includes Devil's Den on the west and Chestnut Knob on the east.

range of human

In the sculpture, the father's tenderness, Sarah's rage, and Hagar's resigned acceptance portray a range of human emotions.

A surplus of food results in a division of labour and a more diverse range of human activity, a defining trait of civilizations.

Lerner has a longstanding affinity for the figure as a universal metaphor capable of expressing the full range of human experience.

goal range

Cincinnati quickly managed to get into field goal range, but Graham's 39-yard field goal went wide right.

Upon crossing midfield, Dyson later said he considered going out of bounds in field goal range, as all the Titans needed was a field goal to win the game.

Driscoll's 55 yard drop kick in 1924 stood as the unofficial record for field goal range until Bert Rechichar kicked a 56-yard field goal (by placekick) in 1953.

field goal range

Cincinnati quickly managed to get into field goal range, but Graham's 39-yard field goal went wide right.

Upon crossing midfield, Dyson later said he considered going out of bounds in field goal range, as all the Titans needed was a field goal to win the game.

Driscoll's 55 yard drop kick in 1924 stood as the unofficial record for field goal range until Bert Rechichar kicked a 56-yard field goal (by placekick) in 1953.

range of industries

PFAS chemicals are used in a wide range of industries.

Onley also offers training places in a range of industries and activities.

By the end of the scheme in March 1927, almost £75 million had been guaranteed to a range of industries.

range of up

It has a range of up to and is speed-limited to .

The rockets are fin-stabilized, with a warhead and have a range of up to .

Examples: These are subsonic missiles which weigh around and have a range of up to .

range of frequencies

An FM radio receiver's tuner spans a limited range of frequencies.

The frequencies an ear can hear are limited to a specific range of frequencies.

It can detect an extremely broad range of frequencies ranging from 55 Hz to 79,000 Hz.

range of materials

Graham used a range of materials and scales in his work.

Modern costume jewelry incorporates a wide range of materials.

These interactive works incorporate a broad range of materials.

estimates range

The possible estimates range from 80,000 men to 200,000 men.

Some casualty estimates range lower.

For US adults, exponent estimates range from 1.92 to 1.96 for males and from 1.45 to 1.95 for females.

tidal range   (rango de marea)

The mean tidal range at the mouth is .

The tidal range is influenced by the size and shape of the coastline.

This allows ships of up to 10 metres draft to load due to the tidal range in the port.

across the range   (en todo el rango)

Still at , it produced more power across the range.

and a seat belt warning light across the range.

September 1967 saw a slight facelift and general upgrade across the range.

hill range

The average width of the hill range is just under seven kilometres.

There are two main hill ranges in Baglan area, the Selbari range is south of the Dolbari hill range.

Sudangphaa ordered Nangchukham Borgohain to chase the vanquished enemy, who chased them as far as Patkai hill range.