İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

through the ranks   (saflar boyunca)

He rose up through the ranks of the Leeds youth academy.

Mạc Đăng Dung was a military man who rose through the ranks.

Vuleta came through the ranks in Basel.

other ranks   (diğer rütbeler)

consisted of 1,831 officers and 24,172 other ranks.

The ship had a crew of 50 officers and other ranks.

Six of ten other ranks have been killed.

youth ranks   (gençlik dereceleri)

Gentile began in the youth ranks of Newell's Old Boys.

Estupiñán began his career in the youth ranks of LDU Quito.

He arrived in Spain in 2009, joining the youth ranks of RCD Mallorca.

ranks among   (rütbeler arasında)

He ranks among the most prominent economists of Egypt.

He ranks among the foremost labour economists in Italy.

He ranks among the world's leading education economists.

all ranks

In all 1083 peacekeepers from all ranks participated.

Some 149 personnel of all ranks were deployed to the gulf.

Three days’ rations were carried on the person by all ranks.

up the ranks   (rütbeleri yükseltmek)

He was a late entrant, but rose up the ranks quickly.

People had to go up the ranks in order to get promoted.

However his progress up the ranks was slow.

ranks second

India ranks second worldwide in farm outputs.

He ranks second in school history for career receptions.

Harbaugh also ranks second with 1,759 attempts and third in yards with 11,567.

joined the ranks   (saflara katıldı)

In 2001, the first enlisted women joined the ranks of the brigade.

On 1 March 1924, he finally joined the ranks of the French Foreign Legion.

The band joined the ranks of the 2nd Canadian Division Support Group in 2006.

professional ranks

Boitano returned to the professional ranks afterwards.

It is the final stop for amateurs before they join the professional ranks.

Klisura started to play in the professional ranks when she was 18 years old.

ranks to become   (olmak için rütbe)

Within a year, he progressed through its ranks to become a Master Mason.

Stockman rose in the UVF ranks to become commander of the 1st Battalion Shankill Road.

He remained a commissioned officer and later rose through the ranks to become a vice-admiral.

military ranks

It was the first time the CPC issued military ranks.

The positions were not military ranks, but rather offices of the crown.

Weber was against the student fraternities which idolised military ranks.

ranks third

Mahar ranks third all-time in wins at Johnson State.

His 24 career sacks ranks third in Virginia history.

The northern state of Nuevo León ranks third.

officer ranks

The Finnish military ranks follow the Western usage in the officer ranks.

In 1920, the pay grade system was modified so the enlisted ranks were separated from the officer ranks.

Comparisons between the centurion grades and modern officer ranks can lead to many incorrect assumptions.

senior ranks   (kıdemli rütbeler)

This ended their two year stay in the senior ranks.

This ended their one year stay in the senior ranks.

In 2003, Kozich moved into the senior ranks.

lower ranks

Over the next 10 years, the Tigers sank to the middle and lower ranks of the American League.

Until the end of the 1970s, FK Budva played their seasons only in Republic League and lower ranks.

The lower ranks prisoners at this camp fared much better than those in many other camps further south.

junior ranks

Leccardi began her season in the junior ranks, placing 10th at both of her JGP assignments.

Coming out of the junior ranks with the Edmonton Oil Kings, he won a Memorial Cup with the club in 1963.

Fanney came up through the junior ranks of Hamar, playing her first senior match during the 2007–2008 season.

within the ranks

Lines are drawn and loyalties are tested as dissent grows within the ranks of the crew.

Some 800,000 Azerbaijanis fought within the ranks of the Soviet Army of which 400,000 died.

In early 2006, the chapter began discussing the idea of creating a young men's chorus within the ranks.

currently ranks

Alabama currently ranks 4th in the nation for vehicle exports.

The mark currently ranks fourth in NFL history among linebackers.

It currently ranks fifth in the nation for the diversity of its flora.

ranks first   (ilk sırada)

As a senior golfer, Irwin ranks first all-time in PGA Tour Champions victories.

Andalusia ranks first by population among the 17 autonomous communities of Spain.

India ranks first in the world with highest net cropped area followed by US and China.

higher ranks

To the higher ranks of the nobility, he was a tyrant, forcing the royal will on hitherto free men.

In the school, the scholarship student must fight against other scholarship students to win higher ranks.

Based on their performance during service in the reserve, reserve officers may be promoted to higher ranks.

chart that ranks

She debuted at number 12 on the Digital Album Sales chart that same week, a chart that ranks the top 50 of pure albums sales that week.

Japan's Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles of 2017 The Japan's "Billboard" Hot 100 is a chart that ranks the best-performing singles in Japan.

List of Billboard Hot 100 number-one singles of 2005 The "Billboard" Hot 100 is a chart that ranks the best-performing singles of the United States.

still ranks   (hala rütbe)

That total still ranks sixth in the Pitt annals.

That mark still ranks him #2 time on the USC all-time list.

This performance still ranks him in the UK all-time top ten.

ranks fourth

In Rhineland-Palatinate as a whole, it ranks fourth.

As of 2011, its business college ranks fourth.

He ranks fourth on the Italian all-time lists for the event.

consistently ranks

Slovakia consistently ranks among the top alcohol consuming countries in the world.

U.S. News and World Report consistently ranks Stivers among America's best high schools.

Nottingham also consistently ranks among the top ten UK cities as an excellent shopping and nightlife destination.

coaching ranks

Sylvester Croom eventually broke the color barrier in the SEC coaching ranks in 2004.

Mukahanana is quickly rising through the coaching ranks and attained his UEFA ‘A’ License in 2011.

Bluitt joined the college coaching ranks in 1970 as an assistant coach at the University of Detroit.