İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

grew rapidly   (Hızla büyüdü)

Under Jakob's guidance the department grew rapidly.

The fort grew rapidly into an important trail stop.

The school grew rapidly over the next decade.

rapidly growing   (hızla büyüyor)

Organized drag racing is rapidly growing in India.

This is one the rapidly growing areas in Bangalore.

Padavarad is a small but rapidly growing settlement.

more rapidly   (daha hızlı)

This causes the hydrogen shell to fuse more rapidly.

Soon after, his health began to deteriorate more rapidly.

However, a solid object should be able to rotate much more rapidly.

rapidly expanding   (hızla genişleyen)

These efforts paid off in a rapidly expanding movement.

The Ethiopian railway network has been rapidly expanding.

Mobile phone coverage is rapidly expanding in rural areas.

expanded rapidly   (hızla genişledi)

Their subsequent plantations expanded rapidly.

The division also expanded rapidly in Canada.

From then on, the festival expanded rapidly.

spread rapidly   (hızla yayıldı)

CEF's Home Bible Class Movement spread rapidly.

These conflicts spread rapidly, triggering World War II.

Both branches of evidence-based medicine spread rapidly.

rapidly became

It rapidly became a major freight route for the PRR.

At first selling slowly, it rapidly became a lasting success.

He rapidly became a sea captain.

rapidly changing   (hızla değişen)

Attila grew up in a rapidly changing world.

(The effect of rapidly changing pitch is properly called "vibrato".

The Accra Forum took place against a rapidly changing international aid landscape.

very rapidly   (hızlı bir şekilde)

This number grows very rapidly as "n" increases.

Latvian P2P lending market is developing very rapidly.

In the second half of the 19th century, Berlin grew very rapidly.

growing rapidly   (hızla büyüyen)

The population of Grand Yoff is growing rapidly.

It is a young field, but one that is growing rapidly.

Public support for same-sex marriage is growing rapidly.

rapidly increasing   (hızla artan)

The whorls are very convex and rapidly increasing.

The breadth of applications is rapidly increasing.

The spire contains 3 flattened whorls that are rapidly increasing.

increased rapidly   (hızla arttı)

Outlets for the new network increased rapidly.

The murder rate increased rapidly in the late-1980s and early-1990s.

Internet penetration from 2013 to 2016 has increased rapidly in Lebanon.

grow rapidly   (hızlı gelişen)

Shoots grow rapidly in warmer months.

Those that do survive grow rapidly, feeding on insects, fish and frogs.

Named Sacred Heart Institute, the high school continued to grow rapidly.

rapidly expanded

The population grew, and trade rapidly expanded.

Since then, the restaurant business rapidly expanded.

After Fauchard, the study of dentistry rapidly expanded.

developed rapidly

Jinqiao has developed rapidly over the last few years.

During his years in Florence, Barsalou's ideas developed rapidly.

The devotion around Catherine of Siena developed rapidly after her death.

rapidly developing

Surunga is one of the rapidly developing towns of Jhapa district.

Conservation biology is an important and rapidly developing field.

The course is often acute onset, with sudden and rapidly developing attacks or flares.

rapidly during

Richmond grew rapidly during the 18th and early 19th centuries.

Fighter technology advanced rapidly during the Second World War.

It grew rapidly during the 20th century to about 5,000 by the middle of the century.

rapidly through

He rose rapidly through the ranks, and helped quell the Satsuma Rebellion.

His work and popularity saw him rise rapidly through the ranks of students politics.

UK Stock car racing started in the 1950s and grew rapidly through the 1960s and 1970s.

rose rapidly

He rose rapidly through the ranks, and helped quell the Satsuma Rebellion.

Maloji rose rapidly in the service of Malik Ambar, fighting against the rival Deccan Sultanates and the Mughals.

Wages rose rapidly, by between four or five times between 1560 and the end of the century, but failed to keep pace with inflation.

grown rapidly   (hızla büyüdü)

Shipbuilding has grown rapidly, with exports to Europe.

The town had grown rapidly and had a population of more than 123,000.

However, the population of the prisons has grown rapidly in recent years.

so rapidly   (çok hızlı)

A machine gun builds up heat so rapidly that steps must be taken to prevent overheating.

The rate of change is increasing so rapidly that we’ve got to get a handle on what’s going on."

Although the fashion changes so rapidly, the size and patterns of the kelaghayi are remaining the same.

declined rapidly

After Ashoka's death, the Maurya empire declined rapidly.

The Joseon dynasty declined rapidly in the late 19th century.

After this performance, Silber's poll numbers declined rapidly.

rapidly increased

In the early twentieth century, use of oil rapidly increased.

The number of such strongholds rapidly increased at about 700 BC for unknown reasons.

Originally finished with a clear coat, the NameTrains rapidly increased in popularity.

rapidly weakened   (hızla zayıfladı)

It made landfall and rapidly weakened.

Shortly after, the hurricane rapidly weakened to Category 1 intensity.

Catarina rapidly weakened upon landfall and dissipated later that day.

rapidly developed

Three main areas of interest rapidly developed.

Since 1995, Xigongda High School has rapidly developed.

Widespread fires rapidly developed across northeastern Tokyo.

rapidly becoming

But it was rapidly becoming so.

However, the Boardwalk and Baseball theme park was very rapidly becoming a financial disaster.

These were rapidly becoming the future of rail traction with ever-increasing power to weight ratios.

rapidly intensified   (hızla yoğunlaştı)

It rapidly intensified to a peak of .

On August 20, by Tembin rapidly intensified, and its peak nearly on peak.

Florence rapidly intensified and was upgraded to a hurricane on November 4.

rapidly spread   (hızla yayıldı)

However, they rapidly spread and became invasive.

Word of his finding new lands rapidly spread throughout Europe.

However, rumors of the devastation rapidly spread across the country.

rapidly grew   (hızla büyüdü)

The crowd at the Community Center rapidly grew to nearly 700 strong as unrest broke out across the city.

Neilson rapidly grew disenchanted with Dubs who “turned out to be an excellent draughtsman, but was a poor engineer”.

Population rapidly grew in the period following the American Civil War, with the expansion of the mining and railroad industries.

then rapidly   (sonra hızla)

The storm then rapidly weakened into a remnant low over southern Assam that evening.

Like the other bowlers, Allen then rapidly conceded runs to Donald Bradman, who scored 254 runs.

If the acoustic intensity is sufficiently high, the bubbles will first grow in size and then rapidly collapse.

rapidly declined

From this point in 1974, the club rapidly declined.

Direct dialing into local BBS systems rapidly declined.

As a result, al-Jundi's power and influence rapidly declined.

rapidly gained

MoReq rapidly gained acceptance across Europe and beyond.

The church rapidly gained a following, who viewed Smith as their prophet.

rapidly rising   (hızla yükseliyor)

Flashing flooding and rapidly rising streams forced hundreds of people to evacuate.

Germany was rapidly rising as a military and industrial power and was now seen as the most likely opponent in any future war.

At the end of glacials with sea level rapidly rising, corals tend to grow slower due to increased ocean temperature as seen on the Showtime series "Years of Living Dangerously".

rapidly due

Dr. Sloan's business grew rapidly due to his advertising efforts.

It grew rapidly due to its harbor.

Despite its close proximity to land, Neville intensified rapidly due to its small size.

rapidly declining

Even by the standards of the rapidly declining Western Empire, Honorius's reign was precarious and chaotic.

These included faster and less expensive modems and rapidly declining costs of hard drives and computer systems in general.

While its population trend is unknown because it is rarely encountered, it is not thought that their numbers are rapidly declining.

rapidly evolving   (hızla gelişen)

This rapidly evolving market was mirrored by "Billboard" magazine's Rhythm and Blues chart.

The change in amino acids over time of FAM208b indicates that it is a rapidly evolving gene.

was a test of confidence and the ability to prioritise and keep calm in a tense and rapidly evolving situation.

advanced rapidly

Since then, the technology has advanced rapidly.

Fighter technology advanced rapidly during the Second World War.

After a pause at the canal, it advanced rapidly towards Bremen against delaying actions.

began to rapidly

Once in the Atlantic Ocean, Omar began to rapidly weaken, with winds decreasing by 50 mph (85 km/h) in 12 hours.

I was not able to go after the damaged aircraft, as I suddenly felt a sharp blow and the aircraft around me began to rapidly spin.

By the morning of November 7, the eye began to reappear and the storm turned towards the northwest and the forward motion began to rapidly increase.