Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

very rare   (muy raro)

Post-discard survival is likely very rare, though.

This lineup produced the very rare "Smile" album.

1.00 mm leads also exist, but they are very rare.

extremely rare   (extremadamente raro)

NOS examples in good condition are extremely rare.

In reality, this is an extremely rare occurrence.

Heavy snowfall is extremely rare in Pine Springs.

rare species   (especies raras)

The insect fauna is rich and diverse, including rare species.

Both are rare species, formerly candidates for federal listing.

Some rare species are viviparous.

rare cases   (casos raros)

In some rare cases, radiography is done with neutrons.

In some rare cases the crystals occur doubly terminated.

In rare cases, formula_58 can be negative.

rare example   (ejemplo raro)

It is a rare example in Oregon of a "burying church".

It is a rare example in NSW of Moorwood & Rogers roofing.

It is a rare example of this type of architecture on Corsica.

relatively rare   (relativamente raro)

Push-button tuning was relatively rare at this time.

Private person-to-person Netmail was relatively rare.

Personal Chapter 11 bankruptcies are relatively rare.

rare occasions   (raras ocasiones)

On rare occasions adverse events were serious (e.g.

Angiography is used on rare occasions for TBIs i.e.

However, in some rare occasions, a vocalist was used.

rare books   (Libros raros)

HMML also receives donated rare books and other gifts.

He collected fine and rare books during the 1930s and 1940s.

Matveyev was also a collector of rare books and had a huge library.

rare or endangered   (raro o en peligro de extinción)

Many of these are known to be rare or endangered.

Several of the sites provide habitat for rare or endangered plant and animal species.

quite rare   (Bastante raro)

Fossils are quite rare, except in the lowest beds.

However, this accent is quite rare in the region today.

There were about 8,000 built but it is now becoming quite rare.

many rare   (muchos raros)

It is a RSPB site, and holds many rare species of animals and birds.

Branca is an ardent baseball card collector, and has many rare cards.

It also has many rare plants.

demonstrates rare   (demuestra raro)

The place demonstrates rare, uncommon or endangered aspects of Queensland's cultural heritage.

rare occurrence   (rara ocurrencia)

In reality, this is an extremely rare occurrence.

Snow also fell in Barcelona, a rare occurrence for the region.

Courtship and mating behavior of "D. chrysonota" is a rare occurrence.

place demonstrates rare   (lugar demuestra raro)

The place demonstrates rare, uncommon or endangered aspects of Queensland's cultural heritage.

rare surviving   (rara supervivencia)

Veisiejai has a rare surviving wooden synagogue.

Notable exhibits include a rare surviving helmet crest.

It is an extremely rare surviving example of a Childs Truss bridge.

rare earth   (tierra extraña)

It is a rare earth element with a metallic silver luster.

As rare earth prices fell, the project become largely inactive.

Europium is one of the rarest of the rare earth elements on Earth.

rare plants   (plantas raras)

There are several rare plants and invertebrates.

Some rare plants are found on the island, e.g.

A wide variety of rare plants and animals are found here.

rare form   (forma rara)

He died from a rare form of liver cancer in 1999 at the age of 45.

Long Low is a Neolithic and Bronze Age burial site of a rare form, unique to Britain.

Intradural disc herniation is a rare form of disc herniation with an incidence of 0.2–2.2%.

now rare   (ahora raro)

Such grassland is now rare in the United Kingdom.

While once common, it is now rare.

Home deaths, once commonplace, are now rare in the developed world.

rare and endangered   (raro y en peligro de extinción)

The animals feed on some rare and endangered plants.

White beech is rare and endangered in the Illawarra region.

The Macal watershed is habitat to over a dozen rare and endangered species.

rare plant   (planta rara)

A nearby site (Wotton Hill SSSI) supports this rare plant also.

"titi, is a rare plant treated as an endangered species on the federal level.

This protected area is known to support at least eight rare plant and animal species.

rare disease   (enfermedad rara)

In 1869, Ferry was attacked by a rare disease of his spine.

Hyper-IgM syndrome type 2 Hyper IgM Syndrome Type 2 is a rare disease.

An extremely rare disease of which only a few isolated cases are known.

increasingly rare   (cada vez más raro)

It is also home to the increasingly rare Skylark.

Film showings became increasingly rare.

It cannot be found in Austria and is increasingly rare in Germany.

more rare   (más raro)

Other forms of color blindness are much more rare.

Professional submissives, although far more rare, do exist.

However it is much more rare to find a male in this profession.

collection of rare   (colección de raro)

She also briefly owned The Sherwood Gallery, which featured a collection of rare artwork.

The microclimate in this part of Norfolk enables the owners to grow a collection of rare and exotic plants.

On 31 January 2010 he announced the release of a collection of rare tracks, "From Farmhouses to Tour Vans."

rare genetic   (genética rara)

He is best known for his work in caring for children with rare genetic diseases.

Her research focusses on the rare genetic disorder biallelic mismatch repair deficiency.

Enolase deficiency Enolase Deficiency is a rare genetic disorder of glucose metabolism.

other rare   (otro raro)

Otherwise it looks much like the other rare earths.

Some copies have even been known to include various other rare tracks and live recordings.

Palas also supports population of 7 other rare species of birds including Tytler's leaf warbler.

rare instances   (instancias raras)

In rare instances, this opacity is congenital.

In rare instances, a B unit will run at the front of a train.

In rare instances, nerve damage may lead to loss of feeling in the toes and a tingling sensation.

rare among   (raro entre)

However, slavery is rare among hunter-gatherer populations.

Polygamy continued to be rare among Moors but was gaining in popularity.

Non-24 is rare among visually impaired patients who retain at least some light perception.

not rare   (no raro)

They occur in August and are apparently not rare.

In western China, widely distributed, and not rare, from June till August.

Using numerical simulations he determined that Earth-Moon planetary systems are not rare.

rare feat   (hazaña rara)

Hooks Wiltse and Max Scherzer hold this rare feat.

On the last stage, Greipel soloed to the finish line, a rare feat for such a pure sprinter.

In a rare feat, Pappas actually led the ToC wire-to-wire, from opening match through to the finals.

rare book   (libro raro)

These books are out-of-print and, consequently, command very high prices in the rare book markets.

He wrote extensively about jewelry, rare book designs, architecture, furniture, and interior design.

The "Manchester Guardian" had carried a humorous story about an auctioneer trying to sell a rare book.

considered rare   (considerado raro)

In Australia, only 1000 copies were made and the single is considered rare.

The original 1918 overhead booking office is now considered rare (despite recladding).

rare event   (evento raro)

Moral conversion is a relatively rare event in a person's normal development.

In 2005, Cho performed a concert in Pyongyang, North Korea, an extremely rare event for a South Korean singer.

In a rare event on March 28, 1999, the Orioles staged an exhibition series against the Cuban national team in Havana.

so rare   (tan raro)

So are "F" and "Z", but these two are not so rare.

He said, "Incest is so rare, I mean, it's so rare ...

number of rare   (número de raros)

A large number of rare, endangered species, and endemic species occur in vernal pool areas.

Champagne gene The champagne gene is a simple dominant allele responsible for a number of rare horse coat colors.

A number of rare local plant species are named for this mountain, including "Astelia waialealae", "Melicope waialealae", and the endemic "Dubautia waialealae".

rare opportunity   (rara oportunidad)

In a rare opportunity, the show was simultaneously aired by ABS-CBN, TV5 and GMA Network.

Due to his continuing role as athletic director, Alvarez had the rare opportunity to choose his successor.

Seizing a rare opportunity, the state purchased the railroad's entire right of way and remaining infrastructure for a price of $640,000.

rare type   (tipo raro)

The opposite reconstruction would represent a rare type.

A rare type of sapphire, padparadscha sapphire, is pink-orange.

On November 25, 2015, Jake revealed that he has sarcoma, a rare type of cancer.

become rare   (volverse raro)

Block use has become rare since the mid-1990s.

Gasholders, though once common, have become rare in Australia.

By that time such trains had become rare on Britain's railways.

several rare   (varios raros)

There are several rare plants and invertebrates.

There are around 400 plant species, including several rare and endemic forms.

The low-lying island has widespread rainforest and several rare species of marine turtle.

rare exceptions   (raras excepciones)

With rare exceptions a new volume has been published annually.

With very rare exceptions, summers are dry throughout the state.

The ruling military elite of the sultanate was exclusive to those of mamluk background, with rare exceptions.

rare surviving example   (raro ejemplo de supervivencia)

It is an extremely rare surviving example of a Childs Truss bridge.

It is a rare surviving example of open-wire copper -weld technology.

The grounds include the Japanese Garden, a rare surviving example of a rock garden.

exceedingly rare   (extremadamente raro)

Here, both Spigelian and exceedingly rare arcuate line hernias may occur.

The development of donor-derived tumors from organ transplants is exceedingly rare.

Small, weak, isolated tornadoes can occur during these events, but are exceedingly rare.

rare case   (caso raro)

It is a rare case found in certain dialects of Finnic languages.

In a rare case published in 2003, a patient presented with bilateral necrosis of both upper and lower eyelids.

Furigana may also be necessary in the rare case where names are transliterated into kanji from other languages (e.g.

nationally rare   (nacionalmente raro)

The meadow supports fritillary which is nationally rare.

The site is special because of its nationally rare plants.

The site is botanically important for the nationally rare dragon's teeth.

rare to find   (extraño de encontrar)

However it is much more rare to find a male in this profession.

Moreover, it is also rare to find the carving or idol of Dattatreya.

It is very rare to find Nataraja and Dattatreya in the form of carvings as the Koshta idols.

rare condition   (Condición extraña)

It is a very rare condition and has not much specific features to arouse clinical suspicion.

A rare condition that can develop from higher than average androgen exposure is clitoromegaly.

Florida Pearl was euthanised on 5 May 2012 due to a rare condition linked to a malignant cancer.

rare breed   (raza extraña)

She has a farm with Cotswold sheep and rare breed pigs.

It has become a rare breed, numbering only a few thousand head.

"Forbes" described Rai as being among that rare breed of civil servants who knows how to get work done in the government.

rare examples   (ejemplos raros)

In the Medieval period, there are rare examples of its use as early as the 12th century, but by the 16th century, it was in common use.

Hals mostly portrayed local people, barring a few rare examples of smaller portraits that were possibly painted for visitors to the town.

One of the rare examples of Islamic fresco painting can be seen in Qasr Amra, the desert palace of the Umayyads in the 8th century Magotez.

rare due   (raro debido)

Several species have become rare due to logging and other forms of habitat destruction.

Mussuranas are increasingly rare due to the disappearance of their prey and have disappeared in many habitats.

In contrast to the 1920s, however, the use of live orchestras in night clubs was extremely rare due to its expense.

rare diseases   (enfermedades raras)

Diagnoses range from relatively common to very rare diseases.

Avicenna considered whether events like rare diseases or disorders have natural causes.

There are more than 6,000 known rare diseases, and it is estimated that about 25 million Americans are affected by them (as of 2002).

rare occasion   (rara ocasión)

On a rare occasion the endoscopic placement of a balloon can lead to death.

And on a rare occasion, he still rides one, especially if egged on by the children.

On rare occasion, temperatures can reach into the range during Santa Ana Winds even in December or January.

rare distinction   (distinción rara)

He was awarded the OBE in 1968, described by one writer as a "rare distinction" for someone still playing.

Dewey had the rare distinction of being one of only four Americans entitled to wear a medal with their own image on it.

It is a London borough council and is entitled to be known as a city council, which is a rare distinction in the United Kingdom.

including rare   (incluyendo raro)

The insect fauna is rich and diverse, including rare species.

It includes 18 songs by Elvis Presley, including rare alternative versions.

An insect survey found a wide variety of unusual insects, including rare solitary wasps.