Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

literacy rate   (tasa de alfabetización)

The sex ratio was 974 and the literacy rate, 76.8.

Sayla has lower literacy rate compared to Gujarat.

The sex ratio was 996 and the literacy rate, 74.64.

growth rate   (tasa de crecimiento)

This represents a population growth rate of -3.0%.

This represents a population growth rate of -2.2%.

This represents a population growth rate of -1.4%.

unemployment rate   (tasa de desempleo)

Oberengstringen has an unemployment rate of 3.01%.

Laufen-Uhwiesen has an unemployment rate of 1.22%.

In October 2011, unemployment rate stood at 17.4%.

average literacy rate   (tasa promedio de alfabetización)

Panamattom has an average literacy rate of 95.2%.

Dhawade has an average literacy rate of 58.99%.

The average literacy rate is more than 90%.

vacancy rate   (tasa de vacantes)

The vacancy rate for the municipality, , was 1.93%.

The vacancy rate for the municipality, , was 1.54%.

The vacancy rate for the municipality, , was 0.82%.

interest rate   (tasa de interés)

The interest rate on the loan reprices every six months.

According to the tablet, the interest rate was set at 2.5%.

The average interest rate for a private loan in 2017 was 9.66%.

tax rate   (tasa de impuesto)

For example tax rate for employment income is 18%.

The corporate income tax rate is currently 6.5%.

At the time he was elected, the tax rate was $40.90.

exchange rate   (tipo de cambio)

The currency was on a record exchange rate run in 2008.

Over time, the price level and exchange rate began to fall.

In 2016 the exchange rate was 110.2 CFP francs per US dollar.

mortality rate   (tasa de mortalidad)

In 1925, the mortality rate on the site was 61.7%.

The infant mortality rate was 5.0 per mille in 2014.

The mortality rate may be as high as 5%-10%.

heart rate   (ritmo cardiaco)

The heart rate decreases during the orienting response.

The polygraph measures the EDA, respiration and heart rate.

Most companies use their own proprietary heart rate algorithms.

high rate   (alta tasa)

You need to buy at the black market at high rate”, he added.

This results in a high rate of relapse.

Either way, such relationships have an unusually high rate of divorce.

graduation rate   (tasa de graduación)

In 2016, Nottingham had a graduation rate of 66%.

The Class of 2010 four year graduation rate was 90%.

In 2012, the district's graduation rate was 94%.

flow rate   (tasa de flujo)

A Fixture Unit is not a flow rate unit but a design factor.

The flow rate of the Arno is irregular.

The flow rate in such a mechanism is linear in the electric field.

rate of fire   (cadencia de fuego)

There are diverse measurements of rate of fire.

The M951R had a rate of fire of approximately 1000 rounds/min.

Rapid rate is a rate of fire between "cyclic" and "sustained".

success rate   (tasa de éxito)

Vijay is a public prosecutor with a high success rate.

37 well tests were completed with a success rate of 76%.

However, the success rate is not that high.

population growth rate   (tasa de crecimiento de la poblacion)

This represents a population growth rate of -3.0%.

This represents a population growth rate of -2.2%.

This represents a population growth rate of -1.4%.

crime rate   (tasa de criminalidad)

Sikkim is known for its very low crime rate.

In 2018, the overall crime rate fell to its lowest since 1992.

Ann Arbor's crime rate was below the national average in 2000.

higher rate   (puntuación alta)

Female students graduate high school at a higher rate than male students.

Centurions received a much higher rate of pay than the average legionary.

Also, higher rate of equipment failures were recorded using this technique.

birth rate   (tasa de natalidad)

The birth rate is 55% twins and 2% triplets.

There is an increase in the birth rate too.

The crude birth rate is 28,3‰ in 2016, down from 31,1‰ in 2011.

death rate   (índice de mortalidad)

The crude death rate is 3,4‰, down from 4,7‰ in 2011.

No access to treatment results in a higher death rate.

Since the 1970s, Germany's death rate has exceeded its birth rate.

rate of population   (tasa de población)

the literacy rate of population excluding children aged 6 and below) is 76%.

the literacy rate of population excluding children aged 6 and below) is 64%.

the literacy rate of population excluding children aged 6 and below) is 100%.

effective literacy rate   (tasa efectiva de alfabetización)

The effective literacy rate (i.e.

homeowner vacancy rate   (tasa de vacantes del propietario)

The homeowner vacancy rate was 1.4%; the rental vacancy rate was 0%.

The homeowner vacancy rate was 4.1%; the rental vacancy rate was 6.8%.

The homeowner vacancy rate was 2.5%; the rental vacancy rate was 9.9%.

rental vacancy rate   (tasa de vacantes de alquiler)

The homeowner vacancy rate was 1.4%; the rental vacancy rate was 0%.

The homeowner vacancy rate was 4.1%; the rental vacancy rate was 6.8%.

The homeowner vacancy rate was 2.5%; the rental vacancy rate was 9.9%.

frame rate   (cuadros por segundo)

The frame rate can be given explicitly after the letter.

The 6D has a maximum burst frame rate of 4.5 frames per second.

The game's short length and slow frame rate have been largely criticized.

survival rate   (tasa de supervivencia)

Thus, the survival rate of these trees is low.

Because of this, it is a primary driving force of survival rate.

The survival rate of seedlings planted one to two years is higher.

fertility rate   (tasa de fertilidad)

The total fertility rate was rated at 1.57 in 2018.

The fertility rate was 4.7 per adult woman in 2004.

The fertility rate in Grenada was 2.21 in 2013.

highest rate   (tasa más alta)

The highest rate ever recorded was 404 m/s in November 1990.

, Benin had the 26th highest rate of maternal mortality in the world.

The Austin metropolitan area had the third highest rate in the nation.

rate of new   (tasa de nuevo)

, the construction rate of new housing units was 5 new units per 1000 residents.

, the construction rate of new housing units was 6.5 new units per 1000 residents.

, the construction rate of new housing units was 6.2 new units per 1000 residents.

female literacy rate   (tasa de alfabetización femenina)

Male literacy rate is 96% and the female literacy rate is 90%.

Male literacy stood at 71.6% while female literacy rate was 57.8%.

Male literacy stands at 69.85% and female literacy rate was 68.19%.

construction rate   (tasa de construcción)

, the construction rate of new housing units was 5 new units per 1000 residents.

, the construction rate of new housing units was 6.5 new units per 1000 residents.

, the construction rate of new housing units was 6.2 new units per 1000 residents.

average rate   (tasa promedio)

This slump moves seaward at an average rate of .

Between 1962 and 1966, NCH sales grew at an average rate of 29 percent a year.

At the same time rate of unionization was dropping at average rate of 1% since 1993.

rate among   (calificar entre)

Also, Hampton has the second highest graduation rate among HBCUs.

The casualty rate among officers is particularly high at the front.

They attained the highest literacy rate among the local groups here.

same rate   (misma tasa)

However, they were not improving in speed at the same rate.

By 1997, the refinery reached the same rate of production as before the war.

The meter fares for street hailed trips are the same rate as in the yellow cabs.

data rate   (velocidad de datos)

Uncompressed video requires a very high data rate.

This effectively triples the gross data rate offered by GSM.

The data rate is 2047 kbit/s.

rate of return   (tasa de retorno)

The fund eventually had a 20% internal rate of return.

The return on equity (ROE) ratio is a measure of the rate of return to stockholders.

However, these results remain in contexts where money is not dominated as a rate of return.

rate of change   (tasa de cambio)

The rate of change is usually with respect to time.

A rate of change in momentum represents a force, whereby F "ma.

Where: Sales formula_6 is the rate of change of installed base (i.e.

annual rate   (tarifa anual)

The annual rate of inflation was 2000% in 1989.

An annual rate of 1,500 fully trained pilots was reached by January 1941.

Also during that period, exports grew by an average annual rate of 12.6%.

poverty rate   (Índice de pobreza)

The poverty rate had reached 49% in 2001.

11.0% of the residents have an income below the poverty rate.

Camden, the poorest city in the state, has a poverty rate of 35.5%.

inflation rate   (tasa de inflación)

The inflation rate was also kept low during his term.

In 2013 the annual inflation rate in Georgia equaled 2.4%.

In 2005, GDP increased by 9.9%; the inflation rate averaged 9.5%.

metabolic rate   (tasa metabólica)

Caffeine increases basal metabolic rate in adults.

Golden mice have a low basal metabolic rate and high conductance.

This response in organ size causes an increase in basal metabolic rate (BMR) by up to 30%.

faster rate   (tasa más rápida)

Warm bacteria grows at a faster rate and multiplies so that the milk is spoiled.

As the number of rounds increases, the expected loss increases at a much faster rate.

They are more commonly observed on faster rate spreading centers (50 mm/year or more).

lower rate   (tasa más baja)

If rates go down, many home owners will refinance at a lower rate.

A special, lower rate applied to letters mailed within a municipality.

These transitions are perfectly possible; they merely occur at a lower rate.

rate of growth   (tasa de crecimiento)

which represented a diminished rate of growth population.

It has ovoidal conidia and a fast rate of growth at 30 °C.

By 1991 it had grown to $225 million in revenue, a 40% annual rate of growth.

pass rate   (tasa de aprobación)

Typically, selection has a roughly 10% pass rate.

(The master sommelier exam has an approximately 3% pass rate.)

With 216 students sitting the examination, the pass rate was 62%.

low rate   (baja tasa)

Local calls were normally free or charged at a low rate.

• The low rate of successful disputes.

The low rate of captive births cannot balance out captive mortality.

rate increases   (aumentos de tasa)

Heart rate increases after the onset of startle stimuli.

The click rate increases when approaching an object of interest.

Heart rate increases during inhalation and decreases during exhalation.

infant mortality rate   (tasa de mortalidad infantil)

The infant mortality rate was 5.0 per mille in 2014.

The lowest infant mortality rate was recorded in 2011: 2.6.

The infant mortality rate is 23.21 deaths/1,000 live births.

bit rate   (tasa de bits)

HVXC is used at a low bit rate of 2 or 4 kbit/s.

The bit rate of the codec is 4.8 kbit/s.

G.729.1 is scalable in bit rate, acoustic bandwidth and complexity.

annual growth rate   (tasa de crecimiento anual)

From 2013 to 2017, their annual growth rate exceeded 20%.

The number shown is the average annual growth rate for the period.

This has promoted a steady increase of GDP and the annual growth rate.

failure rate   (tasa de fracaso)

Condoms have an actual use failure rate of 10–18%.

A test can be performed to estimate its failure rate.

This regime confers no added benefit and may increase failure rate.

acceptance rate   (nivel de aceptación)

In fall 2015, the university's acceptance rate was 45%.

The acceptance rate for admissions is around fifteen percent.

The acceptance rate for undergraduate applicants in fall 2013 was 65.5%.

participation rate   (tasa de participación)

The national SAT participation rate was 46%.

The participation rate of DoDEA students in 2009 was 67%.

The mean ACT score was a 24, with a 16% participation rate among seniors.

error rate   (Tasa de error)

It has a very low error rate.

The type II error rate is denoted by β and statistical power of the test is 1 − β.

This ensures that the familywise error rate in all m tests, is less than or equal to α*.

tuition rate   (tasa de matrícula)

The 2012 tuition rate was $7,927.55 for the middle school and high school.

Each year the PDE publishes the tuition rate for each individual public school district.

Parents pay any difference between the scholarship amount and the receiving school's tuition rate.

discounted rate   (tarifa con descuento)

The college credits are offered at a deeply discounted rate.

reaction rate   (velocidad de reacción)

ANFO can be a tertiary explosive if its reaction rate is slow.

One of the simplest models of reaction rate is the collision theory.

The total surface area of solid has an important effect on the reaction rate.

run rate   (tasa de correr)

Peshawar came on top because of the higher run rate.

Chile finished the tournament second due to net run rate.

Teams are ranked within their groups by total points, then net run rate.

rate compared   (tasa comparada)

Sayla has lower literacy rate compared to Gujarat.

Rudrur has lower literacy rate compared to Telangana.

Maloth village high literacy rate compared to Kerala.

rate per   (tasa por)

the addition rate per unit amount is constant.

The 2010 maternal mortality rate per 100,000 births for Guinea is 680.

In 2012, there was one homicide making the rate per 100,000 residents 28.1.

production rate   (tasa de producción)

As of "Seeds" the production rate also returned to one expansion a year instead of two.

The very slow production rate continued, causing cancellation of a number of existing orders.

As the production rate increased, shell resources were depleted, particularly in Langalanga lagoon.

first rate   (primer nivel)

"The New York Times" wrote,"This is a first rate, virile piece of story-telling.

US Computer magazine "Family Computing" called "American Challenge" a first rate program.

The "Los Angeles Times" said the film would "amuse and entertain audiences in first rate fashion."

murder rate   (tasa de asesinatos)

Ghana had a murder rate of 1.68 per 100,000 population in 2011.

In 2012, Armenia had a murder rate of 1.8 per 100,000 population.

Germany has a low murder rate with 0.9 murders per 100,000 in 2014.

strike rate   (porcentaje de acertamiento)

The roles Johnston fulfilled are borne out in his economy rate and strike rate.

He also holds the record for the lowest strike rate (balls bowled between each wicket taken) in all Test history.

In the first ODI of the four match series he scored 62 not out with a strike rate of 100 which helped Pakistan win the match.

discount rate   (tasa de descuento)

The discount rate was then derived by seeking the goal of a trend of 1, i.e.

The discount rate may be different for each of the cash flows for this reason.

The idea is to encourage banks to seek alternative funding before using the "discount rate" option.

third rate   (tercera tasa)

They commanded the fleet from the third rate .

Their escort was the 64-gun third rate .

attendance rate   (Tasa de asistencia)

The attendance rate was 95% in both 2009 and 2010.

In 2011, the school reported a 95% attendance rate.

In 2011, the school reported a 92% attendance rate.

flat rate   (tarifa plana)

It has been a flat rate and reached its peak of 49%.

Some carriers implement flat rate plans for unlimited data transfers.

Knievel received a flat rate of $25,000 for his rights and the consulting fee.

rapid rate   (tasa rápida)

Development of the device progressed at a rapid rate.

This rapid rate of ATP production is essential at the onset of exercise.

Thus the magnetic flux through the stator varies sinusoidally at a rapid rate.

rate stands   (tasa de soporte)

Mobile penetration rate stands at just over 100%.

The average literacy rate stands at 69.44 percent, with literates.

The multidimensional poverty rate stands at 17.0 percent of the population.

rate between   (tasa entre)

No difference is seen in growth rate between sexes.

Instead, there was no increase in Houston's homicide rate between 2015 and 2016.

Outcome studies on modern designs show a five-year implant survival rate between 67% and 94%.

slower rate   (tasa más lenta)

The standard cab versions are selling at a slower rate than expected.

However, between 2010 and 2013, the Mexican population grew at a slower rate.

As a result, CO2 emissions started growing at a slower rate than GDP per capita.

suicide rate   (tasa de suicidio)

During indenture, there was a high suicide rate amongst South Indians.

According to a 2010 census, Greenland holds the highest suicide rate in the world.

The annual average suicide rate is 0.4%, which is 10–20 times that of the general population.

transfer rate   (ratio de transferencia)

The transfer rate is 1 Ghana Cedi for every 10,000 Cedis.

An IPI-2 bus could provide a data transfer rate in the vicinity of 6 MB/s.

This allows for the error rate to slow down with the positive transfer rate to increase.

fatality rate   (tasa de fatalidad)

As a whole, the epidemic had a 17% fatality rate.

The accident and fatality rate is high.

The fatality rate for such infections is reported to be over 90%.

fixed rate   (tipo de interés fijo)

The bikes have a fixed rate of €1 every 20 minutes.

The floor of the band has been set at a fixed value, while the ceiling changes at a fixed rate.

After VAT was introduced in 1989, the dollar was switched from a fixed rate to a managed float regime on Easter Weekend, 1993.

increase the rate   (aumentar la tasa)

Sex usually increases genetic variation and may increase the rate of evolution.

Cu(I) is a co-catalyst in the reaction, and is used to increase the rate of the reaction.

Farmers also protest against the government to increase the rate of Minimum support price .

literacy rate stands   (se destaca la tasa de alfabetización)

The average literacy rate stands at 69.44 percent, with literates.

The average literacy rate stands at 85.18% with 8,683 literates, significantly higher than the state average of 67.41%.

According to the United Nations, Costa Rica's literacy rate stands at 95.8%, the fifth highest among American countries.

rate of interest   (tipo de interés)

The demand for money depends on the rate of interest!

It is a function of the rate of interest.

This allows local governments to secure credit a low rate of interest.

prevalence rate   (tasa de prevalencia)

HIV/AIDS - adult prevalence rate: 0% (2008 est.)

This does not correlate to the disease prevalence rate.

Adult prevalence rate: 1.5% (2017 est.)

economy rate   (tasa de economía)

The roles Johnston fulfilled are borne out in his economy rate and strike rate.

Over the tournament, Hogg had an economy rate of 6.19, the fifth best by a spinner in the tournament.

Jaydev Unadkat of the Rising Pune Supergiant took the worst five-wicket haul, 5/30 bowling with an economy rate of 7.50.

local rate   (tasa local)

This is so users’ contacts can always reach them with a local call at a local rate.

The two codes operated as a single group for charging purposes in which all calls were priced at local rate.

High breeding success was detected in Argyll, Scotland, due likely to hearty prey populations (rabbits) but also probably a lower local rate of persecution than elsewhere in the British isles.

rate ship   (tasa de envío)

From 1841 until 1843, he commanded the second rate ship of the line HMS "Thunderer".

HMS Swiftsure (1787) HMS "Swiftsure" was a 74-gun third rate ship of the line of the British Royal Navy.

Jervis ordered the fourth rate ship of the line HMS "Asia" (64 guns), and the sloop, HMS "Zebra" to take Fort Saint Louis.

slow rate   (ritmo lento)

B" or "Scud-B") began at a slow rate in 1985.

Because of its slow rate of marching, the 228th became known as the 'Too Too Late Brigade'.

Dolerite's slow rate of erosion results in shallow, low-nutrient soils with an abundance of rock fragments.

maximum rate   (tasa máxima)

This was a flat tax, a levy on production with a maximum rate of one percent.

Slew rate is the maximum rate of change of the output, usually quoted in volts per second (or microsecond).

Their maximum rate of fire was 14 rounds a minute, but their sustained rate of fire was around eight rounds per minute.

employment rate   (tasa de empleo)

The employment rate is (persons aged 15–64) 66.8%.

The female employment rate is high.

Having a high employment rate in the national universities in Japan.

deeply discounted rate   (tasa profundamente descontada)

The college credits are offered at a deeply discounted rate.

increased rate   (tasa aumentada)

Construction continued at an increased rate as new workers arrived.

Individuals will have an increased rate of anxiety and emotional stress.

[14] This temporary physiological change aids the increased rate of fetal development during the final trimester.

rate for each   (tasa para cada)

Each year the PDE publishes the tuition rate for each individual public school district.

For these cases, the Pennsylvania Department of Education sets an annual tuition rate for each school district.

constant rate   (tasa constante)

Uniform circular motion refers to the case of constant rate of rotation.

The pumps make up the difference, and can do that while running at a constant rate.

Most growth occurs in the first year of life and continues at a relatively low and constant rate afterwards.

casualty rate   (tasa de siniestralidad)

The casualty rate among officers is particularly high at the front.

Delta Force suffered an overall 20 percent casualty rate (killed, injured, sick).

61,508 were killed and another 155,000 were wounded (a total casualty rate of 65%).

market rate   (tasa de mercado)

But through fine print and other hidden trick, the item is ultimately sold at above market rate.

Senator Wiener said "increasing the supply of market rate housing, over time, will reduce costs."

Recently, the former home of New Jersey Bell at 540 Broad St has been converted into market rate apartments.

loss rate   (tasa de pérdida)

However, a loss rate of 58% was clearly unsustainable.

Only 5 aircraft returned from the raid, a 58% loss rate.

This represented a loss rate of about 20%.

penetration rate   (tasa de penetración)

Mobile penetration rate stands at just over 100%.

Texas had the lowest vanity plate penetration rate (0.5%).

In 2017, the Internet users in Bulgaria are 4.2 million people (59.8% penetration rate).

homicide rate   (tasa de homicidios)

It also has the fifth lowest homicide rate in the Americas.

The homicide rate for El Salvador was 41.2 and Guatemala's was 39.9.

In 2012 the city attained a lowered homicide rate not seen since 1961.

firing rate   (tasa de disparos)

As the orientation is moved away from the firing rate will drop.

The gun used six barrels that were fed by hoppers and was said to achieve a firing rate of about 180 rounds per minute.

Its firing rate could even reach close to 30 rounds per minute, albeit only for a very short time and with a highly experienced crew.

greater rate   (mayor tasa)

This was the second year of Governor Rendell's policy to fund some districts at a far greater rate than others.

mutation rate   (tasa de mutación)

The underlying mutation rate used by the geneticists is more questionable.

Although the mutation rate is high, there are no mutation “hot spot” regions.

The mutation rate per base pair per replication during phage T4 DNA synthesis is 1.7 per 10.

rate of approximately   (tasa de aproximadamente)

It has a reported rounds between failure rate of approximately 50,000 rounds.

It peaks between 5 and 6 May with a rate of approximately 35 meteors per hour.

Due to their tidal interaction, the Moon recedes from Earth at the rate of approximately .

response rate   (Tasa de respuesta)

A reported 32 percent accurate response rate, surpassing the chance rate of 25 percent.

Pruitt's office had the slowest response rate to FOIA requests of any section of the EPA.

It was also approved for the control of ventricular response rate for patients with atrial fibrillation.