İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

interest rates   (faiz oranları)

Second, increase interest rates dramatically.

He often financed the machines with high interest rates.

3) Lower interest rates – all the way down to 0 per cent.

tax rates   (vergi oranları)

The top income tax and corporate tax rates are 25%.

Property tax rates in 2010–2011 were set at 19.0200 mills.

Individual income tax rates, in particular, fell dramatically.

high rates   (Yüksek oranlar)

Belize has relatively high rates of violent crime.

In large cities the poor had high rates of tuberculosis.

Evolution favours high rates of fecundity in "r"-selected species.

higher rates   (Daha yüksek oranlar)

trauma have been proposed to explain the higher rates.

Over time, weapons have attained higher rates of fire.

In 51 countries, girls are enrolled at higher rates than boys.

mortality rates   (ölüm oranları)

Dry conditions tend to increase mortality rates.

Nonetheless, the mortality rates remain high.

Erdheim–Chester disease is associated with high mortality rates.

growth rates

The rankings are based on two-year revenue growth rates.

Sponge growth rates ranged from over 400% per year to only 2% per year.

Heat affects growth rates, activity, behaviour, and primary production.

exchange rates

Their exchange rates were locked at fixed rates against each other.

525, or approximately ₤52-10s-0d per month at prevailing exchange rates).

They do so by connecting to a database of current currency exchange rates.

crime rates

Linden Woods is a quieter neighborhood with low crime rates.

Newsom has made efforts to lower the homicide and crime rates.

Dayton consistently has had one of the highest crime rates among US cities.

survival rates   (Hayatta kalma oranları)

There are various types of survival rates (discussed below).

and ten-year survival rates around 75%.

Juvenile survival rates were lower, ranging from 0.26 to 0.50.

lower rates   (daha düşük oranlar)

Use that to lower rates across the board.

He campaigned for president in 1908 for tariff "reform", which everyone assumed meant lower rates.

Certain provinces and cities had won special privileges (such as lower rates in the gabelle or salt tax).

rates would not   (oranlar olmaz)

For the school budget year 2013-14, 311 Pennsylvania public school districts adopted a resolution certifying that tax rates would not be increased above their index.

For the school budget 2014-15, 316 Pennsylvania public school districts adopted a resolution certifying that tax rates would not be increased above its Act 1 Index limit.

Thus, the firm's expected cash inflows would exactly match its expected cash outflows, and a change in interest rates would not affect the firm's ability to pay its obligations.

different rates

The endometrium develops at different rates in different mammals.

Territories that have different rates to their respective nation are in italics.

However, the energy densities of radiation and matter dilute at different rates.

birth rates

The chewing of betel nut is contributing to preterm birth rates among this.

Europeans demography shifts towards an elder population with lower birth rates.

France experienced a baby boom after 1945; it reversed a long-term record of low birth rates.

highest rates   (en yüksek oranlar)

However, this is one of the highest rates of usage in Africa.

", one of the highest rates among any Muslim-majority country.

In 2001 Bangladeshis had the highest rates of illnesses in the UK of any ethnic group.

literacy rates

However, many women remain illiterate, although literacy rates are improving.

At 33 percent, Chad has one of the lowest literacy rates of Sub-Saharan Africa.

death rates   (ölüm oranları)

In the Bulgarian zone, death rates surpassed 90%.

Hospital death rates reduced, especially in stroke.

The novels also reflect the substantial death rates in war.

flow rates

Smaller particles are able to leave the chamber at lower flow rates.

Delivery of fluids in precise adjustable flow rates is sometimes called metering.

Such units are particularly suitable to processing high flow rates with low head difference.

rates among   (arasındaki oranlar)

", one of the highest rates among any Muslim-majority country.

The chewing of betel nut is contributing to preterm birth rates among this.

Dayton consistently has had one of the highest crime rates among US cities.

unemployment rates   (işsizlik oranları)

However, high unemployment rates trouble the Pueblo.

domestic inflation or unemployment rates.

Typically, Denmark has had relatively low unemployment rates.

rates between

Typical fuel economy for the Highlander Hybrid rates between 27 and 31 mpg (8.7–7.6 l/100 km).

Gao (2017) reports high intermarriage rates between the Minglang and other neighboring ethnic groups.

Bethlehem's average annual relative humidity is 60% and reaches its highest rates between January and February.

graduation rates

Freeport High School has often had high graduation rates for its students.

The gender gap in graduation rates is particularly large for minority students.

Students majoring in STEM fields traditionally have graduation rates below 70%.

low rates

They also typically undergo low rates of horizontal gene transfer (HGT).

By-products: CO2 and although organic acids may be present at low rates.

When symptomatic, it may cause fatigue, weakness, dizziness, sweating, and at very low rates, fainting.

data rates

JEDEC has set standards for data rates of DDR SDRAM, divided into two parts.

Lower data rates also reduce cost and improve performance when the data is transmitted.

For USB 3.0, additional data transmission encoding is used to handle the higher data rates required.

fertility rates   (doğurganlık oranı)

However, this drop in fertility rates is not immediate.

The age distribution is a reflection of the high fertility rates of French Guiana.

Thus, it is proven that the residence of women plays a major role in fertility rates.

success rates

Gender selection success rates for IVF/PGD are very high.

Various types of agents are used, with varying success rates and side effects.

The usual first-line therapy is oral tetracyclines with variable success rates.

suicide rates

Studies show that suicide rates increase after extreme weather events.

However, the role of economic insecurity as a leading factor in suicide rates remains a controversial issue in Guyana.

The study revealed that hotter days could increase suicide rates and could cause approximately 26,000 more suicides in the U.S. by 2050.

tuition rates   (öğrenim ücretleri)

The 2012 tuition rates are Elementary Schools - $8,364.48, High School - $9,207.21.

The 2012 tuition rates are Elementary School - $8,728.80, High School - $10,988.27.

Maryland residents are eligible for in-state public tuition rates regardless of immigration status under certain conditions.

poverty rates   (yoksulluk oranları)

The racial disparity in poverty rates has narrowed.

This has negatively impacted the economy and increased poverty rates.

In fact, high poverty rates among elderly women have been linked to lack of pension coverage.

increased rates

This provides a possible explanation for increased rates of the disease in men.

Diabetes mellitus and the use of antibiotics are also linked to increased rates of yeast infections.

There is evidence of an association between BV and increased rates of sexually transmitted infections such as HIV/AIDS.

frame rates

Only progressive scan frame rates are allowed.

To produce more realistic imagery, computer animation demands higher frame rates.

Analog broadcast television systems come in a variety of frame rates and resolutions.

regulates the rates   (oranları düzenler)

The Act 1 of 2006 Index regulates the rates at which each school district can raise property taxes in Pennsylvania.

high interest rates   (yüksek faiz oranları)

He often financed the machines with high interest rates.

They are frequently subject to relatively high interest rates.

If high interest rates are considered usurious, unsecured loans would otherwise not be made at all.

income tax rates

Individual income tax rates, in particular, fell dramatically.

Bulgaria has some of the lowest corporate income tax rates in the EU at a flat 10% rate.

Secretary of Treasury Andrew Mellon also successfully pushed for lower income tax rates to help the recovery.

failure rates

However, treatment with such antibiotics has been associated with high failure rates.

However, failure rates are much lower for franchise businesses than independent business startups.

Airborne zinc whiskers have been responsible for increased system failure rates in computer server rooms.

tariff rates   (tarife oranları)

It was designed to placate the nullifiers by lowering tariff rates.

Jackson supported a revision to tariff rates known as the Tariff of 1832.

Some claimed that this was equivalent to an additional 5 percent on tariff rates.

male literacy rates

Such arrangements produced a male literacy rates of over 50 percent, and remarkable levels of textual Buddhist knowledge on the village level.

infection rates   (enfeksiyon oranları)

They have been shown to be effective in reducing infection rates in both men and women.

There are potentially 23 genes that may have mechanistic roles of this skin infection, and 21 show significant differences in infection rates, especially among children.

Studies on raccoons in the Southeast yielded infection rates ranging from 15% in 1992. to 47% in 2009 In Armadillos from Louisiana prevalence ranged from 1% in 1991 to 28% in 1988.

production rates

The first customer delivery occurred in June 1992 and production rates averaged one car per day.

This is due for its ability to maintain high weld strength, hermetic sealing, and high production rates.

This is in accordance with known production rates of estradiol in women (e.g., 300 µg/day in the luteal phase).

reaction rates

Enzyme reaction rates can be decreased by various types of enzyme inhibitors.

Enzymes increase reaction rates by lowering the energy of the transition state.

Chemistry also uses calculus in determining reaction rates and radioactive decay.

wage rates   (ücret oranları)

But when wage rates rise above subsistence population increases.

Chapter 19 discusses the question of whether wage rates contribute to unemployment.

This has led to increase in wage rates and laborers from other adjoining villages viz.