rather than just   (ただではなく)

when asking a question rather than just "Vous parlez français ?"

He began to pick his combinations rather than just throw a flurry.

It also taught her that art was a true vocation rather than just a hobby.

rather than simply   (単にではなく)

when producing new sentences rather than simply reading a prepared text.

At that time, the Japanese beheaded them rather than simply refusing them.

B1G1 focuses on the impact of giving on people's lives rather than simply amounts donated.

rather large   (かなり大きい)

It has a high sound and is rather large to hold.

A rather large man by the name of Don Quixote.

"It was a rather large, irregular wound," Woodard said.

rather than having   (持つよりも)

Why is development so externally driven rather than having an internal basis?

This means that rather than having a grid of straight lines, the grid instead has curvature.

Existing printing presses can be used to create the prints rather than having to create a new one.

rather than through   (よりもむしろ)

The bug was publicly disclosed on Twitter, rather than through proper bug bounty programs.

The Debian project handles security through public disclosure rather than through obscurity.

One can see that entropy was discovered through mathematics rather than through laboratory results.

rather than using

This schedules processes internally rather than using the Linux facilities.

It allows a user to navigate a menu hierarchy of commands, rather than using the command line.

When lecturing, he would write proofs in chalk on a blackboard rather than using overhead foils.

rather small

Dolphins have rather small, unidentifiable spouts.

Surilis are rather small, slimly built primates.

The shell is rather small, ovate, thick and globular.

rather more

In all others, the scene is rather more conceptual.

The eyes consist of twelve stemmata, which are rather more rounded in early instars.

The 25-year-old Browning, giving evidence on 2 July 1862, gave a rather more radical viewpoint.

rather dark

The color of pure CuOH is yellow or orange-yellow, but it usually appears rather dark red because of impurities.

Like David Thomson’s "Biographical Dictionary of Film" or, indeed, Philip Rees’s non-fictional "Biographical Dictionary of the Extreme Right", "Nazi Literature" is not a book to read straight through, but rather to dip into whenever the mood (in this case a rather dark, antisocial mood) takes you."

rather different

Other researchers have produced rather different analyses.

Hicks's own account of the origins of the paper is rather different.

It is rather different from that spoken in the northern part of Ningxia.

rather than merely   (単にではなく)

And most of the time, it's his inner turmoil that beckons you in, rather than merely pushing you out."

Authors were trying to find a distinctly Canadian voice, rather than merely emulating British or American writers.

This suggests that the programme of images was newly devised for this volume, rather than merely copying an earlier work.

rather unusual   (かなり珍しい)

Bellgrove and Irma thus begin a rather unusual romance.

Tẹẹ includes a rather unusual series of voiceless sonorants.

Additionally, Leonarda uses refrains in a rather unusual way.

rather short

The five pairs of gill slits are rather short.

The climate is known to change drastically in rather short distances.

The nasal bones are rather short and widely spaced from the premaxillae.

rather long   (かなり長い)

Each flower is carried by a rather long pedicel.

The maxilla was tall and bore at least eleven rather long teeth.

The fur is rather long and lax.

rather similar

They are rather similar to those of wild strawberries.

This species is rather similar to "Grapholita caecana".

The basic idea of the story is rather similar to "The Gods Themselves".

rather than relying   (頼るのではなく)

The song is about finding God rather than relying on his own strength.

The program is demand-responsive rather than relying on supply-side targeting of the poor.

It is funded from subscription fees paid by telemarketers, rather than relying on fees by end citizens.

rather than only   (ただではなく)

This Giro was also the first to feature two intermediate sprints per road stage, rather than only one.

Because Khalatse is about 400 metres lower than Leh, two crops can be grown each year rather than only one.

Unemployment continued falling, powered by growing industrial production and rising GDP, rather than only seasonal changes from tourism.

rather low   (かなり低い)

Among them was one of rather low position with a bandaged eye.

Solubilities are generally rather low, like 8 g/L for C in carbon disulfide.

The metallicity of Sextans B is rather low, with a value of approximately Z = 0.001.

rather than individual

Mainly concerned with geometry and symmetry rather than individual expression.

Galen proposed organs within the body to be responsible for specific functions, rather than individual parts.

Even the Ruhlmann firm resorted to producing pieces of furniture in series, rather than individual hand-made items.

rather than risk

Investigators believed that he would inform on suppliers rather than risk ruining a successful music career.

After consultations with his doctors the decision was made for McAllister to retire rather than risk long-term damage to his body.

This convinced Brueys that rather than risk an evening battle in confined waters, the British were planning to wait for the following day.

rather than all

Bangladeshi food is served by course rather than all at once.

The exams are given at the end of the course, rather than all in the spring of the student's 11th grade year.

rather than face   (顔ではなく)

Lundy left town rather than face trial; Greer was acquitted.

Barley resigned rather than face Armstrong in a primary election.

On April 6, Al-Jarallah resigned rather than face the no-confidence vote.

rather than trying

The defenders fled to mountains rather than trying to defend the town.

He failed to make the club the following Spring, and retired rather than trying to latch on with a new team.

Jujutsu expresses the philosophy of yielding to an opponent's force rather than trying to oppose force with force.

rather quickly

Generally, pups are born rather quickly in the breeding season.

The changes rather quickly resulted in a noticeable increase in prosperity.

After attaining winds of hurricane-force, Beni strengthened rather quickly.


However, all games will now be nationally – rather than regionally – televised.

Multiple BGP routers can peer with a central point, the RR – acting as a route reflector server – rather than peer with every other router in a full mesh.

Theatres Trust has said that the internal conversions for its past usage in various guises appear to have obscured – rather than destroyed  – the interior.

rather than directly

It has pulled off this feat by partnering with galleries and auction houses, rather than directly competing with them."

Shark teeth are embedded in the gums rather than directly affixed to the jaw, and are constantly replaced throughout life.

A web browser is set to send requests for web content to the proxy server rather than directly to the web server intended.

rather high

The number of boarders was rather high.

He had a rather high earned run average of 4.67 but an average run support.

Nearly all the students were women and middle-class, even though the school's cost was rather high.

rather limited

Because written works were still rather limited during this time, spoken communication of knowledge was very important.

The current (1969) regulations are rather limited with a focus on reporting of three main diseases: cholera, yellow fever and plague.

The bandwidth of these devices is rather limited; at one octave above the design frequency, diffusor efficiency drops to that of a flat surface.

rather than focusing

The lyrics closely follow the plot of the film rather than focusing on romanticism.

He thinks that Americans are more focused on the images and symbols of religion rather than focusing on the message.

This time, rather than focusing only on more obscure material, the compilation included several of their most successful singles.

rather simple

Typical dishes offered are rather simple and rich.

This provides also a rather simple proof of Bézout's theorem.

Most displays are rather simple and involve some type of song.

rather than walking

Gunners rode into action while sitting on the limbers rather than walking beside the guns.

The feet are adapted to perching rather than walking, and the front toes are partially joined at the base.

people rather

As a member of the Taller de Gráfica Popular, he believed that artists should work for the people rather than for themselves.

In particular, the president from then on was to be elected directly by the people rather than by the members of the legislature.

Locke believed that individuals had given consent to government and therefore authority derived from the people rather than from above.

rather narrow

Pterostigma of fore wing rather narrow.

system rather

However they rendered the forcing of the bullet against the grooves of the rifle bore in the Delvigne system rather difficult.

The Valjoux 7750 is different from most other chronograph movements, using the three-plane cam system rather than the column wheel.

British Columbians voted in favour of maintaining the first-past-the-post voting system rather than switching to a proportional representation voting system.

rather than what

"To teach people how to think rather than what to think."

In other words, "Son of man" was used to say what Jesus did rather than what he was.

Then it is less costly for the seller to accept money in exchange, rather than what the buyer produces.

used rather

Vowel letters are used rather than diacritics, and they occur after consonants in their spoken order.

rather difficult

This made the production of local programs rather difficult.

A very tenacious plant, it is rather difficult to destroy it.

The technique of inclusion of uncooked eggs to hot broth is rather difficult.

rather than taking

Adams retired outright from the bench (rather than taking senior status) on January 2, 1987.

Simultaneously the studio believes that architecture should remain a backdrop to life rather than taking centre stage.

Annual commemorations, rather than taking place on 24–29 April, are typically based on the date of Easter, which is a moveable feast.

rather poor

The engraved impressions are generally rather poor.

He had four sons and two daughters, but was rather poor.

Violet's father has recently died and left his wife and daughter rather poor.

rather than political

It was a title of religious authority rather than political authority.

This march had fewer than five hundred participants, with religious rather than political overtones.

Thus, young Francisco was a member of a huge and powerful northern Mexican clan with a focus on commercial rather than political interests.

rather die

Griselda absolutely refuses and declares she would rather die.

She states that she would rather die than live a mediocre existence.

", suggesting that he would rather die than stay on the battlefield.

rather less   (むしろ少ない)

With the bat he was rather less successful, making 8 and 4.

Factors of adhesion below 4 are often considered undesirable for steam locomotives, and the K5 design did prove to be rather less sure-footed because of it.

However, the next year, a rather less exotic location – a brick-pit near Ockley, in Surrey, England – provided Charig with the most exciting research project of his career.

perching rather   (かなり止まった)

The feet are adapted to perching rather than walking, and the front toes are partially joined at the base.

rather broad   (かなり広い)

It appears somewhat episodically [...] Between the very specific and the very general, there remains a rather broad territory.

The brown macular band rather broad, the cell distally brown; in the female the whole central area as far as the band with a brown tint.

As in the wings of modern birds, the flight feathers of "Archaeopteryx" were somewhat asymmetrical and the tail feathers were rather broad.