Фразы и примеры предложений

not reach   (небогатый)

All club teams who did not reach either the S.F.C.

This artist did not reach the success of 50 Cent.

The sporangia do not reach maturity simultaneously.

failed to reach   (не удалось достичь)

Years of wrangling failed to reach a compromise.

They failed to reach the final after losing to France.

Because of this, she failed to reach to the semifinals.

did not reach   (не достиг)

All club teams who did not reach either the S.F.C.

This artist did not reach the success of 50 Cent.

Fourth capture: "Invincible" did not reach Halifax.

reach the final   (дойти до финала)

It took Curtis 17 drafts to reach the final version.

They failed to reach the final after losing to France.

Eventually, Clijsters beat Sharapova to reach the final.

able to reach   (в состоянии достичь)

Would they be able to reach "Shyamol Chhaya"?

She was damaged, but not sunk, and was able to reach port.

Some 20 or 30 Jews were able to reach the forest that night.

reach the top   (достичь вершины)

This was the last album by Presley to reach the top 40.

A second single, "Chick Fit" failed to reach the top 200.

Their next single, "Unexpectedly", did not reach the top 40.

reach a length

Shells of "Gyrineum perca" can reach a length of .

This species can reach a length of in total length.

Stems reach a length of more than and in thickness.

managed to reach   (удалось достичь)

They managed to reach the only lifeboat to get away.

Australia managed to reach 221 and avoid the follow on.

Nevertheless, he managed to reach the city.

order to reach   (чтобы достичь)

In order to reach 200 mph well before half-track, the launch acceleration approaches 8G's.

By means of a jetpack, he must fly to the surface of the planet in order to reach the villain.

These broadcastings were both in Hebrew and Yiddish in order to reach the widest audience possible.

unable to reach   (не может достичь)

They were unable to reach Caligula's uncle, Claudius.

She was unable to reach the semifinals.

They drifted within sight of the island but were unable to reach it.

reach a maximum

The ship could reach a maximum speed of 15.5 knots.

The ship could reach a maximum speed of 15 knots.

The trains in Line 21 reach a maximum service speed of .

reach up

The takeoff speed of a jump can reach up to 15 mph.

"Lanong" can reach up to long and wide amidships.

They are small fish that reach up to in total length.

reach an agreement   (достичь соглашения)

The two could not reach an agreement.

The dispute came after the companies were unable to reach an agreement.

He further asked them for payment, after which they could reach an agreement.

reach number   (достичь числа)

"Boom Box" reach number 2 on the Billboard charts.

It reach number 48 on the "Cash Box" Top 60 R&B chart.

In 1977, the song would reach number 1 in New Zealand and Canada.

species can reach   (виды могут достигать)

This species can reach a length of in total length.

This species can reach a length of 31.5–33.8mm.

This species can reach a length of in standard length.

attempt to reach   (попытка достичь)

For safety reasons, there are no plans to attempt to reach any higher speeds.

He then leads the survivors into the sewers in an attempt to reach the big city.

They then embarked on a cross-country trek across the island in an attempt to reach Padang.

player to reach   (игрок, чтобы достичь)

On 7 June 2018, Tait became just the ninth player to reach 300 NBL games.

Rose became the 22nd player to reach number one, and the fourth Englishman.

This made Firouzja the first Iranian player to reach the third round of a Chess World Cup.

reach the finals

In his time at the Penrith, the club failed to reach the finals.

Mirnyi/Ram defeated Čermák/Mertiňák 6–4, 7–6 to reach the finals.

Sakurai defeated Jens Pulver and Joachim Hansen to reach the finals.

expected to reach   (ожидается достичь)

Replacement costs were expected to reach $2.5 million USD.

The number of commuters is expected to reach 32,000 by 2035.

Tembin was expected to reach peak intensity within 48 hours.

reach sexual

Males and females reach sexual maturity before age 2.

Females typically reach sexual maturity around 3–4 years.

Growth typically slows once the toads reach sexual maturity.

reach sexual maturity   (достичь половой зрелости)

Males and females reach sexual maturity before age 2.

Females typically reach sexual maturity around 3–4 years.

Growth typically slows once the toads reach sexual maturity.

until they reach

Dislocations glide along a slip plane until they reach an obstacle.

Every judge can run for reelection until they reach the mandatory retirement age of 75.

As they progress, the difficulties will increase until they reach an emotional outcome.

within reach

CMH and other Govt hospitals are within reach of the village.

Some tantalising opportunities seemed to be within reach but vanished unexpectedly.

At the 2013 Auto Guangzhou, the marque introduced a second slogan, "vibrant life, within reach" ().

trying to reach   (пытаясь достичь)

Dampier was trying to reach Cocos from New Holland.

We were trying to reach you to get your opinion.

It turns out to be Keetongu climbing up the Coliseum trying to reach them.

reach the summit   (достичь вершины)

They tried to reach the summit of the island but found the cliffs impassable.

It is normally not possible to reach the summit before dark after starting in daylight.

During summer month weekends, it is common for a dozen or more people to reach the summit.

team to reach   (команда, чтобы достичь)

The first team to reach five games wins each set.

The first team to reach sixteen rounds wins the game.

The first team to reach six goals was declared the winner.

failing to reach

The group released two singles in 2003 both failing to reach the top 30.

From 2009 to 2015, the team struggles, failing to reach the final phases.

Zambrano was fired after the 2002 season after failing to reach the playoffs.

history to reach

This marked the third time in the program's history to reach the Final Four.

In doing so, he became the youngest pitcher in MLB history to reach 100 saves.

In 2016, he became the first player in New Zealand NBL history to reach 400 games.

beyond the reach

Some events of zero probability are beyond the reach of conditioning.

The second proclamation freed all the slaves in states, most of them beyond the reach of the Union Army.

Extremely low income levels keep share ownership beyond the reach of most people in developing countries.

does not reach

Low BASE jumps are those where the jumper does not reach terminal velocity.

In the males the rostrum is short and does not reach the tip of the antenna's peduncle.

The road does not reach the lake, so it is necessary to walk about a kilometer over a rise.

first to reach

"Monster Hunt" (2015) was the first to reach .

The first to reach the victory chain wins.

Their 2018 album "A Real Labour of Love" was their first to reach the top 10.

did reach

The first single, "Help Me", did reach #9 on the Canadian Singles Chart.

The club did reach the final of the FA Cup against Sunderland, which they won 2–0.

However, the side did reach the second qualification stage for the 2006 World Cup.

team reach   (команда достичь)

He helped the team reach the 2008 UEFA Cup Final.

As a senior, Maura helped his team reach the state championship.

During his second season with Aguada, Maura helped the team reach the BSN finals.

eventually reach

The park will eventually reach Bridge Street Bridge.

It would eventually reach #34 on the "Billboard" Hot 100 in 1958.

Thus one must eventually reach the case "a" = "b", which is the only stopping case.

when they reach   (когда они достигнут)

Others whistle when they reach a certain velocity in flight.

Then when they reach the present they can stop the crossings.

On average, according to Cott (1961), female sexual maturity occurs when they reach in length.

reach a height

"Ozothamnus rosmarinifolius" can reach a height of about .

It was the first structure to reach a height of 300 metres.

A large male ostrich can reach a height of and weigh over .

reach maturity   (достичь зрелости)

The sporangia do not reach maturity simultaneously.

Abalones reach maturity at a relatively small size.

Many live short and productive lives and reach maturity quickly.

single to reach

"Used to It" was her second single to reach #1 on the Global Spotify Viral 50 chart.

It was the band's second single to reach the Top 40 in the UK Singles Chart, peaking at No.

It was also Jackson's first single to reach the Top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at #39.

album to reach

It is the first Foo Fighters album to reach No.

This was Sinatra's only album to reach triple platinum certification.

It later became Brooks' fourth album to reach sales of 10 million copies.

way to reach   (способ добраться)

Rocket launch is the only current way to reach space.

Before 2013, the only way to reach the island was to walk across at low tide.

Thinking that it's her only way to reach out to her sister, Riley goes in search of the old studio.

only reach   (только достичь)

She could only reach a small audience.

However, it could only reach No.

A trade could only reach as far as the credibility of that military.

reach the playoffs

The Canucks failed to reach the playoffs.

The Sparks attempted to reach the playoffs and were successful.

Despite their winning record, the team failed to reach the playoffs.

reach more

Males reach more than twice the size of females.

It was something that helped to sell newspapers and reach more people.

"The way to save your work and reach more readers is to advertise yourself."

tried to reach

They tried to reach the summit of the island but found the cliffs impassable.

He tried to reach Kandahar air base, taking the aircraft down from in 90 seconds.

The consortia tried to reach a read & publish agreement as full transition to Open Access.

reach the semifinals

She was unable to reach the semifinals.

Cañas became the first qualifier to reach the semifinals of the Miami Masters.

Danielle Collins became the first qualifier in Miami Open history to reach the semifinals.

years to reach

Nansen calculated that, at this rate, it might take the ship five years to reach the pole.

The rent started at 45,000 lira and increased every 5 years to reach a maximum of 70,000 lira.

The man replied that he had been walking for years to reach Devizes, so the devil abandoned his plan.

reach the end

The aim is to utilize the monkeys' abilities to reach the end of the level safely.

It may take several months for adults to mate, reproduce, and then reach the end of their life cycle.

When buildings reach the end of their useful life, they are typically demolished and hauled to landfills.

difficult to reach

However, large areas of the forest are difficult to reach.

And owing to the water being very cold, it's difficult to reach inside too.

It is quite difficult to reach the Shiva Linga because the water is ice-cold.

reach speeds

In 24 seconds, riders can reach speeds of up to .

The Sandeq can reach speeds of up to .

Large penjajap could reach speeds of under sail, and when rowed.

enough to reach

Many of these people were given enough to reach the United States.

She died of her wound the next day, the only person fatally wounded who lived long enough to reach a hospital.

He ran his semi final race in 20.69 seconds and placed eighth in his heat, which was not enough to reach the final.

club reach

Dunnamaggin's first year in the intermediate grade saw the club reach the final.

The 2014/2015 season saw the club reach the Extraliga play-offs for the first time.

He helped the club reach the 2017–18 Serbian Cup final, eventually losing 2–1 to Partizan.

reach the quarterfinals

She was also able to reach the quarterfinals of the China Open losing to Naomi Osaka.

King failed to reach the quarterfinals only once, in 1961 during her first Wimbledon.

Despite this, Paterson went on to reach the quarterfinals in Montechoro, another $10k.

reach agreement

If the two parties reach agreement, they approve the marriage.

Nevertheless, the conference failed to reach agreement with the Turks.

The Competitiveness Council met on 30 May and failed to reach agreement.

reach the second

She did however reach the second round of the mixed doubles with James Auckland.

However, the side did reach the second qualification stage for the 2006 World Cup.

If you reach the second stage, you have a choice between: Which of the following options do you prefer?

time to reach

The two sloops moved slowly, giving Brand's force time to reach Bath.

Therefore, each wave takes slightly less time to reach the observer than the previous wave.

In 1987, Compaq hit the $1 billion revenue mark, taking the least amount of time to reach that milestone.

easy reach

Perth, Dundee and Glenrothes are in easy reach by car.

Several other golf courses in easy reach.

The channel is an inclined plane within easy reach of someone using the stairs.

attempted to reach

The Sparks attempted to reach the playoffs and were successful.

Wave after wave of men were mown down as they attempted to reach shore.

They attempted to reach the SAF base at Yei, not knowing that it had already been overrun by the SPLA.

attempts to reach

After four unsuccessful attempts to reach the 2.

Since the start of war there were some attempts to reach a ceasefire.

Some analysts are critical of EMNR’s attitude toward the people it attempts to reach.

reach all

The disease spread to reach all of Zimbabwe's ten provinces.

I thank God for letting me reach all that I have accomplished.

Modern digital information and communication networks reach all areas.

song to reach

It was the band's first song to reach the top five in the US.

It was also the first progressive house song to reach number one in the UK.

This is also made it the last solo female rap song to reach the top 10, in the 2010's.

reach a total   (достичь общего)

This species can reach a total length of .

attempting to reach

Fulvia died after this at Sikyon in Greece while attempting to reach Antony.

Two helicopters attempting to reach the scene turned back due to bad weather.

While patrolling offshore, "Shannon" had intercepted and captured a number of American ships attempting to reach the harbour.

reach the same

Could he or she not still reach the same conclusion?

These new characters, named Tacañones (), would not reach the same success Don Cicuta had.

As the adjoined pieces reach the same temperature, the joint becomes strained and stronger.

before they reach

One child in four will die before they reach five years old."

Caries do not have to develop significantly before they reach the pulp chamber.

Hughes wrote that the goal was to reach alcoholics "before they reach rock bottom."

minutes to reach

It takes about 30 minutes to reach DDA from Dalian by car.

It takes 20 minutes to reach Nólsoy from Tórshavn by boat.

It takes 10–15 minutes to reach the school from Nawalgarh Bus stand.

possible to reach   (возможно достичь)

It is possible to reach Varde via Esbjerg or Skjern.

It was then possible to reach Kathmandu from Bhimphedi on foot.

The island was barely possible to reach even in good weather conditions.

reach a wider

intended for the video to depict something real "made not real" to reach a wider audience.

He also hoped to reach a wider audience to help Maltese folklore become more widely known.

This will ultimately reach a wider target audience and drive more traffic to the original post.

required to reach

The time required to reach Mandalika island is about 30 minutes.

A crossover is required to reach the Prospect Park-bound platform.

A bus connection from Dublin Port is required to reach Dublin's main train stations, Connolly or Heuston.

global reach

Another example is the Competition Commissioner, who holds a highly visible position with global reach.

CNU has also expanded its global reach by establishing partnerships with 499 Universities in 62 countries as of 2019.

GDS here is useful to facilitate global reach using existing network and low marginal costs when compared to online air travel bookings.

finally reach   (наконец достичь)

The couple finally reach Niagara Falls and take the boat tour together.

The crew is exhausted when they finally reach La Rochelle on Christmas Eve.

They finally reach the janitor in the rooftop, only to discover that is Amy herself.

within easy reach

The channel is an inclined plane within easy reach of someone using the stairs.

Although within easy reach of towns and cities Woodland is on the doorstep of some of England's most unspoilt countryside.

It does not, however, fit the requirements of meantone temperaments, which put good thirds within easy reach via the cycle of fifths.

hours to reach

NSG commandos based in Mehram Nagar, Palam Airport, Delhi took 10 hours to reach the sites.

Generally trains took roughly two hours to reach downtown and dinner was served in the dining car.

The NSG commandos based in Delhi also met criticism for taking ten hours to reach the three sites under attack.

needed to reach

In total, 1,037 firefighters from 33 units were needed to reach containment.

Consequently, more molecular collisions have the energy needed to reach the transition state.

Pregnancy increases the clearance of ampicillin by up to 50%, and a higher dose is thus needed to reach therapeutic levels.

used to reach

And it used to reach Sidi Ali Karray Street and Rahbet Rmed.

At these times, the estate owners used to reach here by horses.

All the buses going towards Gandhi Park and Ukkadam could be used to reach this area.

try to reach

A Baháʼí made a trip to Dominica specifically to try to reach the Carib Indians on May 7, 1959.

On March 23, 2003, his wife and 10-year-old son Ilyass left the city to try to reach an Ophthalmologist.

Over the next five days, rescuers began digging from the neighboring "H" shaft to try to reach the trapped miners.

reach full

Trees reach full bearing five to six years after planting.

The breasts reach full maturity only when a woman's first pregnancy occurs.

They require a warm-up period of several minutes to reach full light output.

reach a top

It could also reach a top speed of .

With the default five-speed gearbox, the bus can reach a top speed of 106 km/h.

The Z 9 could reach a top speed of and had a typical fuel consumption of between .

never reach

At the end, a few packets of each batch sent by the source may never reach the destination.

The speed of an electron can approach, but never reach, the speed of light in a vacuum, "c".

The lack of investment and the turmoit and caos in British Leyland, means the engine will never reach production.

reach the surface

When they reach the surface, the cops have left.

Over the top of the volcano hydrogen sulfide bubbles reach the surface.

The Juan Fernández Islands are the only seamounts that reach the surface.

reach high

A solar parabola is a parabolic mirror that concentrates the sunlight to reach high temperatures.

By the time they reach high school, all students are tracked into: advanced placement, honors, regular classes, or special education.

The KJRM decided to build three such flotilla leaders, ships that would have the ability to reach high speeds and with a long endurance.

reach the city

Nevertheless, he managed to reach the city.

A Splinterscat, Stresa, and a Tree Squeak, Faun, help her reach the city of Arborlon.

Traffic from St. Joseph must pass through Kansas and use K-238 to reach the city's airport.

days to reach

It took almost one hundred days to reach their destination.

It normally takes hikers multiple days to reach the wall which is located about 18 miles from the earlier trailhead.

The engine was reduced from eight to six cylinders, running at a maximum of 50 rpm; it took eleven days to reach Liverpool.

reach heights   (достичь высот)

In this storage space, the shelves reach heights over 25 feet.

The tree tops reach heights of .

However, poles can reach heights of or more to satisfy clearance requirements.

reach the last   (достичь последнего)

He did not come reach the last 128 once.

He beat Dennis Taylor to reach the last 32 of the 1989 Asian Open.

O’Boye defeated Danny Fowler and Barry West to reach the last 32 of the Snooker World Championship in 1989.

reach the third

This made Firouzja the first Iranian player to reach the third round of a Chess World Cup.

At her home slam of the Australian Open, she was able to reach the third round losing to Japan's Naomi Osaka.

He then competed at the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters and was able to reach the third round losing to Dominic Thiem.

reach new   (достичь нового)

It means that our music is still relevant and ultimately that our songs continue to reach new audiences.

The music world of U2 walked beside him throughout his life and helped him reach new heights in creativity.

This includes re-evangelism of Christian people as well as mission Ad gentes to reach new regions and cultures.

reach the age

Children are not considered full persons under the law until they reach the age of majority.

Thirty year or more employees who retire receive health insurance until they reach the age of 65 years.

Based on weight estimates, it has been suggested the male could reach the age of 21, and the female 17.