Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

reached number   (đạt số)

The album reached number 8 in the UK Albums Chart.

The album reached number 24 on the UK Album Chart.

It reached number 44 on the "Billboard" 200 chart.

reached the top   (đạt đến đỉnh)

It reached the top five on the "Pepsi Chart Show".

The song reached the top of the charts in Israel.

The single "Midnight Blue" reached the top five.

reached the final   (lọt vào trận chung kết)

Henderson reached the final of the 2007 British Open.

He reached the final, winning the silver medal.

Chad reached the final after beating hosts Gabon 3-2.

song reached

The song reached #27 in the Mainstream Rock Chart.

The song reached #1 in the charts in 28 countries.

The song reached the top of the charts in Israel.

reached an agreement   (đã đạt được một thỏa thuận)

Anorthosis and Rubin reached an agreement on 26 August.

Eventually the sisters reached an agreement.

In February 2009, Madoff reached an agreement with the SEC.

album reached

The album reached number 8 in the UK Albums Chart.

The album reached number 24 on the UK Album Chart.

The album reached #118 on the Japan Oricon charts.

reached its peak   (đạt đến đỉnh cao)

Two weeks later, it reached its peak at number two.

Militia activities of MCC reached its peak by 1990.

The magazine reached its peak in popularity in 1918.

song reached number   (bài hát đạt số)

In Europe, the song reached number 19 in Germany.

The song reached number 7 on the New Zealand charts.

The song reached number 4 on the New Zealand charts.

reached a peak   (đạt đến một đỉnh cao)

It later reached a peak population of about 6,500.

It reached a peak of #11 on the Oricon weekly chart.

The album's title cut reached a peak of No.

agreement was reached   (đã đạt được thỏa thuận)

An agreement was reached and the march stopped at Agra.

The negotiations lasted 50 days, but no agreement was reached.

However, the rebel delegation denied that an agreement was reached.

single reached

The single reached number two in the UK pop charts.

The single reached number three in the UK charts.

The single reached number 38 on the country charts.

never reached

They never reached further than the Group Stage.

They never reached any further than the Group Stage.

He never reached the "sanyaku" ranks again.

team reached   (nhóm đạt)

The team reached the NFC Championship game in 1984.

Oliphant's team reached a strikingly different conclusion.

The Under-14 team reached the Roinn B County final in 2013.

eventually reached

The group's membership eventually reached 91 officers.

He eventually reached Adinapur fort in Nangarhar district.

Hutton eventually reached 81 as the opening pair put on 168.

reached the semifinals

Añorga KKE and SD Lagunak also reached the semifinals.

That season, Barnsley reached the semifinals of the FA Cup.

She reached the semifinals where she lost to Hwang Kyung-Seon.

reached the quarterfinals   (lọt vào tứ kết)

He also reached the quarterfinals of Queens in 1913.

He reached the quarterfinals in 1972 (Munich).

In October, she reached the quarterfinals of San Francisco.

reached the rank

He reached the rank of brigadier general in 1704.

He reached the rank of "Oberführer" in the SS.

By 1944 he had reached the rank of lieutenant colonel.

reached the second

Palestine reached the second round to face Thailand.

Most notably he reached the second round of the 1987 French Open.

Team Fancy reached the second round before falling to Boeheim's Army.

album reached number   (album đạt số)

The album reached number 8 in the UK Albums Chart.

The album reached number 24 on the UK Album Chart.

The album reached number 41 on the UK Albums Chart.

reached the age

King Theobald II reached the age of majority in 1256.

Taylor remained fostered to Smith until he reached the age of 20.

He died in 1106, when he was reputed to have reached the age of 100.

finally reached   (cuối cùng cũng đến)

Nugent finally reached the end of his rope in 1942.

The 2005 population has finally reached over 60,000.

On July 10, he finally reached Nikolayevsk-na-Amure.

not reached

The maximum tolerated dose was not reached in this study.

He has not reached out to me at all in any type of collegial fashion."

In February 2012, Magri had a trial at Liverpool, but a deal was not reached.

only reached   (chỉ đạt)

The single only reached #74 in the United Kingdom.

22 on the UK Singles Chart, but only reached No.

The album's first single, "Perfect Fool", only reached No.

having reached

denotes having reached the ARIA Singles Chart.

In 1969, having reached the mandatory age limit, he retired.

Rosellini was the longest-lived U.S. state governor ever, having reached the age of .

club reached

The club reached the quarter-finals on its first attempt.

In 2011 the club reached the final of the intermediate championship.

The club reached the final of the League Cup, but lost 3–2 to Chelsea.

reached the finals

They also reached the finals of the Movistar Open.

Vos reached the finals and ultimately ranked 8th.

Castillo reached the finals with Margarita Henríquez.

reached between

However, an agreement was reached between Kantipur and the Federation.

Hence arose the quartet, whose program reached between 50 and 60 points IBOPE.

An agreement was reached between Wadsworth Atheneum regarding property ownership.

reached the third

In 1958, Morrison reached the third round of Wimbledon.

She also reached the third round in doubles with Likhovtseva.

In result of the participation, the band reached the third place.

then reached

The Shah left for Prussia and then reached Berlin.

It then reached the United States on January 8, 2019.

She then reached St Helena on 3 January 1812.

reached via

Sannati can also be reached via Shahapur by car.

Platform 2 can only be reached via Platform 1.

It can also be reached via Shamattawa Airport.

single reached number   (số duy nhất đạt được)

The single reached number two in the UK pop charts.

The single reached number three in the UK charts.

The single reached number 38 on the country charts.

again reached

The same year he again reached the WDF Europe Team Cup Final.

Manchester United again reached the , where they faced Leeds United.

Air is again reached at Sheppard's Crook, which is followed by Sump 3.

first reached

It first reached the "Billboard" chart on January 5, 1957.

It first reached the "Billboard" chart on January 26, 1957.

Europeans first reached the area in 1884.

when he reached   (khi anh ấy đạt được)

Barrington's mother had been ill and his father-in-law died when he reached Australia.

he set the record for the fastest double-century when he reached the landmark in 153 balls.

Arthur Schopenhauer was entitled to control of his part when he reached the age of majority.

when they reached   (khi họ đạt được)

Success with Whiteman was followed by disaster when they reached New York.

Captain Greaves and some of his crew were murdered when they reached land.

The boys learned a trade and had to leave when they reached the age of fifteen.

reached the summit   (Đạt đến đỉnh)

In 1871 they reached the summit of the Cima Brenta.

It is unknown whether either of them reached the summit.

Even as far back as 1950 a small number of people doubted the expedition had reached the summit.

reached a deal

On May 17, 2019, the U.S. reached a deal to lift the steel and aluminum tariffs on Mexico and Canada.

On August 24, 2012, Townsquare reached a deal to acquire the MOG Music Network, an advertising network for music blogs.

The network was part of MOG, a streaming music service that had previously reached a deal to be acquired by Beats Electronics.

reached a settlement

They later reached a settlement.

The two reached a settlement.

Ohio Edison reached a settlement with the EPA to implement pollution controls.

population reached

At its peak the town's population reached 5000.

By 1870 the non-Māori population reached over 250,000.

In 1911 Debaltseve population reached 20 thousand people.

until it reached

The Egyptian artillery pursued the withdrawing Israeli force until it reached Hill 69.

Δ"T" continued to decrease until it reached a plateau of +11 ± 6 s between 1680 and 1866.

Calvi designed a wall that ran west–east in a straight line from the coast for about until it reached a precipice.

already reached

By 1939, Arvizu had already reached the zenith of his fame.

By week 2 after birth, the young have already reached adult weight.

Muslims had already reached Eritrea in 613/615, during the First Hijra.

reached a new

reached a new peak of number one in the Netherlands.

On 2 December 2009, gold reached a new high closing at $1,217.23.

The speed of news flow to individuals has also reached a new plateau.

version reached

The US version reached #19 on the Billboard charts.

Their version reached number 2 in New Zealand.

Neither version reached the UK Singles Chart.

reached no

The album was successful in the UK and reached no.

The first single, "To the Other Woman", reached no.

The song reached no 1 on the New Zealand charts.

yet reached

In spite of seventy years of production, the accumulated figure had not yet reached 10,000 in 2006.

These measures were not implemented immediately, as the plague had not yet reached the Baltic coast.

The velocity of the craft steadily decreased, as it had not yet reached the lunar sphere of gravitational influence.

until they reached

They went on until they reached the river.

They played the flute until they reached the Temple Mount.

BIGs were worn until they reached isolation facilities on board "Hornet".

when it reached   (khi nó đạt)

The corps was 215 strong when it reached the battle.

It became their biggest hit, when it reached No.

It peaked in 1851 when it reached 103.

not be reached

Line 7 for example cannot be reached again.

The park is bisected (but can not be reached by) the A9 motorway.

Its location changes at times and it cannot be reached by ordinary means.

reached as far

In many places, the waves reached as far as inland.

They even went overseas, and reached as far as the Jerusalem Artists House Museum.

In their nomadic travel they reached as far as the Melwiya river in the north and Tuat in the south.

reached the last   (đạt đến cuối cùng)

Turkey reached the last 16 before elimination by France.

He reached the last 32 of the 1992 Snooker World championship.

Together they reached the last 16.

compromise was reached   (thỏa hiệp đã đạt được)

A compromise was reached, and Huang decided to support Sun fully.

A week later the compromise was reached as a change of Chief Minister.

The compromise was reached after 8 years of negotiations on November 12, 1878.

reached the first

Wrench was a good comedian, but never reached the first rank.

It also reached the first place on the "Billboard Japan" Hot 100.

Two years later he reached the first place at the Indonesia International.

reached the number   (đạt số)

This is the first time a 19+ song has reached the number 1 spot.

"Temptation" reached the number 6 spot on the "Billboard" Hot 100 Chart.

The single reached the number nine on the UK singles charts for three weeks.

not yet reached

In spite of seventy years of production, the accumulated figure had not yet reached 10,000 in 2006.

These measures were not implemented immediately, as the plague had not yet reached the Baltic coast.

The velocity of the craft steadily decreased, as it had not yet reached the lunar sphere of gravitational influence.

reached the fourth

He also reached the fourth round of the singles.

At Wimbledon, Morrison reached the fourth round, beating Billy Woodgate, J.L.

At the French Open, she reached the fourth round but once again lost to Halep.

news reached

The news reached Calcutta around 24 January 1813.

In a turn of fate, Yoshitaka committed seppuku before the news reached him.

When the news reached the fief of Akō Asano his retainers discussed what action to take.

reached through

Group meetings are held weekly and decisions are reached through consensus.

Lumarzo can be reached through the Strada Provinciale (Provincial Road) 225 Orero-Bargagli.

The Chapel is situated outside the Fort São Sebastião from which it can be reached through a gate.

song also reached

The song also reached #77 in that year's Hottest 100.

Beyond this European success, the song also reached No.

In Ireland, where the song also reached No.

settlement was reached

In September 2017, a settlement was reached.

A settlement was reached in 2010.

A final settlement was reached with the Tullamore soccer club in 1970.

reached the end

Nugent finally reached the end of his rope in 1942.

I had reached the end of my resources.

When the machine reached the end of the shop, it would be completed.

reached adulthood   (đến tuổi trưởng thành)

They had six children of which two reached adulthood:

He was the 5th of 14 children of whom 9 reached adulthood.

They had five children together, only two of whom reached adulthood.

reached only   (chỉ đạt)

At Nürnberg, Buhtz reached only a fifth place in 2.

The Mexico team reached only the Round of 16, they lost to Bulgaria.

In the UK, the song reached only #54 upon its first release in 1981.

team that reached   (đội đã đạt)

In 1950 he played on the Cougar team that reached the College World Series.

He averaged 12.3 points and 5.3 rebounds per game on a team that reached the NIT.

He was a key part of the Rovers youth team that reached the FA Youth Cup semi-finals in 2003.

later reached

It later reached a peak population of about 6,500.

The unit later reached a peak strength of 350 in February 1923.

They later reached a settlement.

reached more

The company has reached more than 3 million spectators.

Global production reached more than 1.6 million tonnes in 2003, worth about US$9 billion.

It has reached more than 250 editions and was made into an opera by Viktor Nessler in 1884.

only be reached   (chỉ đạt được)

This airport can only be reached by car or bus.

Platform 2 can only be reached via Platform 1.

The more remote beaches can only be reached via dirt roads.

until he reached

He played running back until he reached college.

Taylor remained fostered to Smith until he reached the age of 20.

He was the administrator of the archdiocese until he reached the canonical age of 27.

reached peak   (đạt đến đỉnh điểm)

Cyclone Ofa reached peak intensity on February 4.

Jelawat reached peak intensity late on September 24 and maintained it for nearly two days.

The depression intensified into a tropical storm on July 12 and reached peak winds of 45 mph (75 km/h).

reached his first

He reached his first success with At Vance, in which he sang from 1999 to 2002.

He reached his first final at Sittingbourne in 1885 losing to Ernest Wool Lewis.

He also reached his first Masters final at the Rogers Cup losing to Andy Murray.

agreement reached

The issue of the ongoing Claiborne grievance was finally settled by an agreement reached in 1657.

The plan's proposals generated much controversy, and the deadline arrived with no agreement reached.

The arrangement follows a global distribution agreement reached last year between Brightstar Corp and NQ Mobile.

line reached

By 24 January a telegraph line reached Prahsue.

The line reached Chicago by 1852.

Her pay per call phone line reached 2,000 calls per day at its peak.

track reached   (theo dõi đạt)

The track reached number 68 in the UK Singles Chart in April 1994.

After the title track reached No.

The track reached number 68 in the UK Singles Chart in December 1984.

reached the quarter   (đạt đến quý)

In 2012 Olympics, two boxers reached the quarter finals.

Greebe reached the quarter finals of the 2007 Dutch Open.

They reached the quarter final of the Scottish League Cup.

reached the peak   (đạt đến đỉnh cao)

In 2006, 42 albums reached the peak of the charts.

37 but with their ARIA wins it reached the peak of No.

Thirty-seven albums reached the peak of the chart in 2008.

both reached

By 1950 the weekly circulation of both reached two million.

One" and "Pantera Home Video Part 3", which both reached No.

In addition, "Honey" and "Harper Valley PTA" both reached number one on the Hot Country Singles chart.

reached her best

In August 2014, she reached her best singles ranking of No.

In May 2019, she reached her best singles ranking of world No.

On 14 July 2014, she reached her best singles ranking of world No.

reached the same

Later in Phuket they reached the same position.

Rolf Krauss independently reached the same conclusion.

reached agreement

In December 1946 the directors of the two companies finally reached agreement.

In March 2008, TfL announced that it had reached agreement to buy TC for £98 million.

On 24 July 2001 the parents reached agreement that the infant would not be circumcised.

reached a high

Assyrian sculpture reached a high level of refinement in the Neo-Assyrian period.

had reached a high of 665 undergraduates in 2014 but had fallen to 105 students by 2017.

The criticism reached a high point during "The Long Night", the third episode of season 8.

easily reached

Böblingen is easily reached by multiple forms of transport.

Klungkung town is easily reached from Gianyar via the highway.

Home, however, was not easily reached.

reached its zenith

English astrology had reached its zenith by the 17th century.

The empire had reached its zenith under Krishnadevaraya (1509–29).

Under Amasis, Egypt's agricultural based economy reached its zenith.

reached its highest

Between 1770 and 1771 the immigration reached its highest peak.

The Peace Corps reached its highest levels in more than 30 years.

The track reached its highest peak in South Korea, reaching number 2.

reached the area

Portuguese explorer Diogo Cão reached the area in 1484.

Europeans first reached the area in 1884.

Railroad) had reached the area in 1872.

reached the town   (đến thị trấn)

The Burlington Railroad reached the town in 1881, creating a booming trade center.

When the railways reached the town in 1849 the remaining trade rapidly disappeared.

They reached the town of Willenberg late at night, but found it was held by the Germans.

reached its height   (đạt đến độ cao của nó)

The "Enchiridion" reached its height of popularity in the period 1550–1750.

The influence of the Grandmontines reached its height in the twelfth century.

Roman agriculture reached its height in productivity and efficiency during the late Republic and early Empire.

reached the city

The executioner of this young woman reached the city last night.

He pursued Shuja up to Dhaka and reached the city on 9 May 1660.

It reached the city at Porta Capuana before splitting into a network of underground channels leading to private wells.

soon reached

The record soon reached number one on the U.S. "Billboard" R&B chart.

Indian products soon reached trading networks and foreign crops were introduced.

Garner was soon joined by oyster boat captain John Tawes Tyler; together, the two men soon reached the lighthouse.

reached a point   (đạt đến một điểm)

The expanding gasses would drive the piston up the tube until the reached a point near the top.

Mills' daring charge, and when he reached a point within 10 feet of their position, all 6 surrendered.

By the fall of 1918, they reached a point of overwhelming superiority over those of the Central Powers.

quickly reached

The plume from the fireball quickly reached a height of over .

Word quickly reached New York City.

Soon after Ottoman Empire invaded the republic and quickly reached Borjomi.

ship reached

During sea trials , the refitted ship reached a speed of .

On 18 February 2018, the ship reached its homeport Chattogram.

There were no casualties, and the ship reached the Thames safely.

reached the playoffs

It also reached the playoffs in the 2013 IPL.

The Mystics reached the playoffs for the first time in three years.

Under Bower, the Pistons reached the playoffs in his second season as the general manager.

reached his highest

Srugo reached his highest ATP singles ranking, No.

Peng reached his highest ATP singles ranking, No.

Linzer reached his highest ATP singles ranking, No.

reached her first

She reached her first WTA quarterfinal at the 2005 Challenge Bell in Quebec City.

Next month, Kim reached her first individual sabre final at the Antalya World Cup in Turkey.

There at the 1995 Moscow Ladies Open Kournikova already reached her first WTA Tour doubles final.

army reached

The army reached Dofas, but was attacked by AQAP.

Around noon on 24 August, Ross's army reached Bladensburg.

On September 16, Bragg's army reached Munfordville, Kentucky.

reached a record   (đạt kỷ lục)

In 2018 it reached a record roll of over 1130 students.

Worldwide debt and equity underwriting reached a record $5.69 trillion.

In 2013, the audience for the Ken Bruce Show reached a record 8.17 million.

deal was reached

In 2008, a deal was reached to tear down the ballpark and move it to Redding, California.

Finally a deal was reached in 1881 and the Ainu decided to settle in the village of Yavin.

Direct negotiations between the EU and Canada eventually restarted, and a deal was reached on April 5.

before they reached

It wouldn't be long before they reached Big Elk Creek, and needed to cross it.

Jesuit priests were made prisoners in 1630 or attacked before they reached Tsaparang.

They reached the first German line but had lost cohesion before they reached the second.

even reached

Kipkoech died before Kiprotich had even reached his teenage years.

The smaller fragments were probably destroyed before they even reached the cloud layer.

It fulfilled the requirements placed on it for a engine and, with good coal it even reached 400 PS.

sales reached

Together, their sales reached double figures.

In 1947, annual sales reached $1 million.

Total sales reached 2,000,000 by 1950.

reached the point   (đạt đến điểm)

This reached the point of convergence culture when fan speculation began to impact on the film's production.

I've reached the point where I really can't care what anyone thinks," Brewster continued, "Of course, I do [care].

If damping is increased just to the point where the system no longer oscillates, the system has reached the point of critical damping.