upper reaches

In its upper reaches, the Zanskar has two main branches.

The upper reaches of the valley are usually snow-covered.

In its upper reaches it is also known as the Thimphu Chhu.

lower reaches

It is navigable only in its lower reaches.

In its lower reaches it is a tidal creek.

until it reaches

It continues to descend until it reaches Midland station.

Anne and continues east until it reaches PR 210 at Giroux.

Beryllium does not form oxides until it reaches very high temperatures.

reaches a height   (高さに達する)

It reaches a height of 10–15 cm (less often 25 cm).

Mali i Gramës reaches a height of 2,345 metres high.

This perennial plant reaches a height between .

reaches a maximum

The reedfish reaches a maximum total length of .

"S. rostratus" reaches a maximum size of 140 cm.

Green Lake reaches a maximum depth of 195 feet.

before it reaches

The famous River Achankovil Aar pass by Pallipad before it reaches veeyapuram.

Cullen relents, making Doc promise to get off the train before it reaches Chicago.

Borjomi does not cool down before it reaches the surface and comes out at a temperature of .

reaches a length

Thereby the river reaches a length of approximately .

It reaches a length of at least 50 mm.

This species reaches a length of TL.

reaches up

It covers about 12 km² and reaches up to 49 m in depth.

The inflorescence reaches up to a meter tall on a thin stem.

It reaches up to in total length.

reaches its northern

The route then reaches its northern terminus, an intersection with PR 1A.

SR 78 reaches its northern terminus at an arbitrary spot south of the clusters of houses that form Stonega.

The highway reaches its northern terminus at VT 44 between the town center of Windsor and the town of West Windsor.

reaches its confluence   (その合流点に達する)

The creek then continues flowing northwest from the canyon through the Goshen Valley until it reaches its confluence with Kimball Creek and then enters the Goshen Reservoir.

then reaches

The route then reaches its northern terminus, an intersection with PR 1A.

From the railway station/airport a road connects Kunnamkulam and then reaches Pazhanji.

It then turns south-west, crossing the Minories so as to exclude the Tower of London, and then reaches the river.

northern reaches

It is located in Azcapotzalco borough, in the northern reaches of Mexico City.

Route 207 continues north out of Highgate into the extreme northern reaches of the state.

Their northern reaches were apparently just south of central Mount Wedge and Lake Bennett.

middle reaches

It is found in the middle reaches of the Yellow River in China.

Hankou is the main port of Hubei province and the single largest port in the middle reaches of Yangtze.

In its middle reaches, the river's valley is broad and wide, with the river becoming a braided river with shingle banks.

species reaches

This species reaches about 38 centimeters in length.

This species reaches at least 50 mm in length.

This species reaches a maximum length of (SL).

reaches its eastern   (その東に達する)

PA 926 reaches its eastern terminus at an intersection with PA 3.

Highways and reaches its eastern terminus at MD 179 (St. Margarets Road).

Passing to the north of Newcastle upon Tyne the route reaches its eastern trailhead at Percy Main, North Shields.

when it reaches   (それが達すると)

A tropical disturbance is named when it reaches moderate tropical storm strength.

(The rising power still has incentive to negotiate when it reaches its peak power because war is costly.)

The participant carrying the ball when it reaches the turret clock will receive a £10 reward from the mayor.

finally reaches   (ついに届く)

Kowalski finally reaches California by Saturday at 7:12 pm.

Rocky finally reaches Kashmir and meets Nandini, he instantly falls in love with her.

Swemmel finally reaches Worms and reports to Brünhild and the court, where the lamentations are very great.

eventually reaches

The butterfly eventually reaches her goal.

As the magma rises, it eventually reaches regions of lower density.

Each time that "n" reaches zero, "m" decreases, so "m" eventually reaches zero as well.

player reaches   (プレーヤーが届く)

In this case it is over with the hand in which a player reaches the target score.

When the player reaches a brain age of 20 in the "Brain Age Express" titles, it unlocks a challenge mode.

The game is called crisis because when a player reaches a certain score, the player has to go through crisis.

reaches zero

If the time limit reaches zero, Kirby loses a life.

When her health reaches zero, she becomes a Scurge host.

When the count reaches zero, the object's memory is reclaimed.

temperature reaches

Lower Sindh's maximum temperature reaches about .

Average weekly mean air temperature reaches in August.

In winter, during the week the temperature reaches the mark of minus 25-40 °C.