before reaching   (到達する前に)

Dora before reaching Tavares, 25.8 miles in 1887.

Sahar Road) before reaching the airport's forecourt.

He died in 1874 a few months before reaching age 85.

reaching number   (到達数)

The single was big in the UK, reaching number 2.

The song was re-released in 1992, reaching number 40.

It did better in Canada, reaching number four.

reaching the final   (決勝に到達)

After reaching the final, he finished third place.

1 singles ranking by reaching the final.

He competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics without reaching the final.

reaching the top

By reaching the top 3, she became the sixth Russian to do so.

He was successful in reaching the top.

Elsewhere, the song had minor chart success, reaching the top ten in Spain.

without reaching

He competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics without reaching the final.

She also competed at the 2014 World Relays without reaching the final.

He competed at the 2003 World Championships without reaching the final.

until reaching

Repeat this procedure until reaching the end of the vertical line.

He served until reaching the mandatory retirement age of 64 in 1886.

Scott was held in indentured servitude until reaching the age of majority.

eventually reaching

Federer saved a break point in the next game, eventually reaching a tie break.

This epoch featured a general warming trend, with jungles eventually reaching the poles.

Sidna Allen and Wesley Edwards then left Virginia, eventually reaching Des Moines, Iowa.

upon reaching

He retired in 2003 upon reaching the age of 75.

Some missions failed upon reaching orbit including WIRE and TERRIERS.

She retired from the Senate upon reaching her 75th birthday on July 4, 2015.

not reaching

The "gas in" port has a short tube, not reaching the fluid.

July and August are the warmest months with mean daily maxima not reaching .

He competed at the 2008 Summer Olympics in the men's 5000 m, not reaching the final.

reaching the rank

Morson served in the local militia, reaching the rank of major.

He completed his career there, reaching the rank of Group Captain.

Jost served in the militia, reaching the rank of lieutenant-colonel.

reaching up

Barako trees are very tall, reaching up to high.

It is the largest dottyback, reaching up to in length.

In 1993, 27 acres were added on the north side reaching up to La.

reaching a peak   (ピークに達する)

It turned northward, reaching a peak intensity of on August 30.

44 on 25 September, and climbed steadily, reaching a peak position of No.

6, reaching a peak of No.

reaching the semifinals

Federer retained the top ranking by reaching the semifinals.

She competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics reaching the semifinals.

As well as reaching the semifinals of the French Open losing to Robin Söderling.

far reaching

The dog's movement should be graceful and far reaching.

The impact of the charismatic movement was far reaching in the AOG.

The hill has views far reaching views both east and west, including over Salisbury.

reaching its confluence   (その合流に達する)

The river flows generally north, joined by four minor tributaries, before reaching its confluence with the Gudgenby River, south of Tharwa; descending over its course.

Coxs Creek rises northeast of Punchbowl railway station and flows generally north northeast, before reaching its confluence with the Cooks River, at Strathfield South.

The Mooney Mooney Creek rises southeast of Central Mangrove below Peats Ridge, and flows generally south before reaching its confluence with the Hawkesbury River at the locality of Mooney Mooney.

reaching as far

For many years, Višnjić travelled as a vagrant throughout the Balkans, reaching as far as Shkodër.

In the final minutes of the half, the Bearcats went on a 15-play drive reaching as far as the UCF 12 yard line.

Within ten years, Harmony expanded to thirty-three campuses across the state, reaching as far as El Paso and Dallas.

reaching the age

He retired in 2003 upon reaching the age of 75.

The former died after his father before reaching the age of 21.

Scott was held in indentured servitude until reaching the age of majority.

reaching its peak   (そのピークに達する)

A movement developed in favour of independence, reaching its peak in the 1970s.

This state of affairs persisted throughout the territorial years, reaching its peak in 1885.

Cancuén was a major city during the Classic Period, reaching its peak during the 7th century.

reaching a maximum

They are a mid-sized angelfish reaching a maximum of 7in/18 cm at adulthood.

Copper Rockfish are a modest fish reaching a maximum size of TL and a weight of .

After 1970, the increase in population slowed, reaching a maximum of 18,023 in 1998.

reaching a height

It is a low growing shrub reaching a height of around 2 metres.

There she gained 19 cm within four years, reaching a height of .

"Baccharis neglecta" is a shrub occasionally reaching a height of .

reaching the finals

It was a success for the band, being eliminated only after reaching the finals.

It is considered as the Tamil Nadu football teams best ever performance in the Santosh Trophy by reaching the finals.

In 1997 Enrique "Ojitos" Meza became the coach of the team, after reaching the finals of the Mexican league with Toros Neza.

finally reaching   (ついに届く)

They began marching west along the trail in July, finally reaching Fort Bridger in November.

The ascent is steep for the next , finally reaching a lookout to the north on the mountain's east slope.

This was successful, and sinking recommenced finally reaching the coal measures in December 1911 at below the surface.

capable of reaching

All were capable of reaching Chungking at high water, and all year-round.

Locomotive power capable of reaching has existed in Britain since 1938, when the LNER's "Mallard" broke the steam locomotive speed record.

On February 26, 2019, Ooni introduced the Ooni Koda, a gas-powered portable pizza oven capable of reaching and cooking pizzas in 60 seconds.

well as reaching   (届くだけでなく)

As well as reaching the semifinals of the French Open losing to Robin Söderling.

Steaua won two EHF Champions League titles as well as reaching two further finals.

As well as reaching the top of the UK chart, "Concrete and Clay" was popular worldwide.

chance of reaching

– Kaimiņš explained why he believes he has better chance of reaching his full potential in Latvia and Russia than in the USA.

They remained in the top eight of the Second Division table by the end of December, still in with a chance of reaching promotion.

The next two batters (Flynn and Jimmy Blake) are perceived to be weak hitters with little chance of reaching base to allow Casey a chance to bat.

only reaching   (届くだけ)

Its title-track, though only reaching No.

The album itself was released weeks later only reaching to No.

However, even in July, the temperature is cool, only reaching at noon.

reaching the quarterfinals

41 in April 2010 and reaching the quarterfinals of the 2013 Wimbledon Championships.

At the 2012 Summer Olympics, he competed in the Men's 68 kg competition, reaching the quarterfinals.

At the 2012 Summer Olympics, he competed in the Men's 68 kg competition, reaching the quarterfinals.

reaching the second

She competed for Croatia at the 2012 Summer Olympics reaching the second round.

Their best run in the competition was reaching the second round in the 2016–17 season.

He also competed in the 2005 World Athletics Championships in the same event, reaching the second round.

reaching more

The average number of families was four to seven, rarely reaching more than ten.

Daily Deals reaching more than 75 million Cuponica was purchased by Fnbox in 2009.

This palm grows up to 18 meters tall, the trunk rarely reaching more than 4 m. It has up to 30 feather-like leaves.

reaching the threshold   (限界に達した)

Parties not reaching the threshold are not taken into consideration for seat distribution.

reaching the end

However, she is reaching the end of what's left of her pride.

Repeat this procedure until reaching the end of the vertical line.

The antennae of "L. diletata" are longer, reaching the end of its thorax.

reaching an agreement

Danilo is back to the Maltese Premier League after reaching an agreement with St. Andrews.

There is no tribal or other governing hierarchy, and almost all decisions are made by reaching an agreement through discussion.

In March 2018, the Syrian Army split the enclave into three parts, reaching an agreement with the rebels to withdraw to the north, to Idlib.

reaching the summit

In this ranking, points were won by reaching the summit of a climb ahead of other cyclists.

Almost reaching the summit both succumbed to the reeking vapour of the Lycopodium contained in the smoke pots.

Back in Romania, she set up a regional standard for women's rock climbing, after reaching the summit of Omu Peak.

reaching the third

His best result in the singles event was reaching the third round in 1926.

After reaching the third round at Wimbledon, she made it to the quarterfinals at the US Open.

Kirby then returned to the UK Open the same year, reaching the third round where he lost to Colin Lloyd.

reaching only   (届くだけ)

It performed less well in the UK, reaching only #51.

It performed less well in the UK, reaching only #17.

The Sudell's frog is relatively small, reaching only 40 mm in length.

reaching its northern

11 traffic, and reaching its northern terminus.

SR 89 heads through downtown Galax before reaching its northern terminus at US 58 and US 221 (Stuart Drive).

The highway passes a few more small businesses, before reaching its northern terminus, an intersection with SH 183.

reaching as high

As a junior, Sweeting compiled a singles win/loss record of 94–51 (89–46 in doubles), reaching as high as no.

During initial attempts on 31 March, some of the oil spill caught on fire with the blaze reaching as high as .

Winds also increased as the pressure gradient of the system increased, with gusts reaching as high as in some areas.

reaching adulthood

The practice is to offer greetings or a gift to the person reaching adulthood.

Upon reaching adulthood Buivaroro and his brother removed themselves to Lakeba.

He buried three wives and three of his six children died before reaching adulthood.

reaching back   (後ろに手を伸ばす)

With an antecedence reaching back to 1688, the regiment was formed in 1992.

It has a long history reaching back into antiquity in Jewish biblical interpretation.

It was probably a way to get a few more sales dollars from what had now become a very dated design reaching back to the 1968 MY.

reaching peak   (ピークに達する)

The storm continued rapidly northeastward, reaching peak winds of 70 mph (110 km/h).

On February 7, it attained tropical cyclone status, reaching peak winds of 120 km/h (75 mph).

After reaching peak intensity, the hurricane began weakening due to increasing shear and cooler waters.