Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

read and write   (Lee y escribe)

Sasipada taught her to read and write within a year.

It can read and write customized presets and themes.

definition: age 15 and over can read and write

widely read   (leidos)

Madero's book was well received, and widely read.

It was not widely read and had little influence.

His novels and short stories are still widely read today.

not read   (no leer)

Once it was passed on, it was not read until two hours later."

He understood English, but could not read or write the language.

Pierce accepted the role before realizing he had not read a script.

read law   (estudiar derecho)

John was educated in Savannah and read law there.

He read law and was admitted to the bar in South Carolina.

Thereafter he read law at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.

able to read   (capaz de leer)

Approximately 79% of Cambodians are able to read Khmer.

He maintained a large repertoire without being able to read music.

Some versions of the drive were also able to read Travan-type tapes.

read aloud   (leer en voz alta)

The cask is opened and the manuscript is read aloud.

Also, they may be read aloud using speech synthesis.

He read aloud extracts from the letter in English translation.

how to read   (cómo leer)

He did not know how to read or write growing up.

By age five, he had taught himself how to read.

"See also: Toyota engines and how to read their names."

ability to read   (capacidad de leer)

Haruka Kotoura is a 15-year-old girl who was born with the psychic ability to read minds.

Joseph is known for his technical ability, creativity, pace, and ability to read the game.

One’s ability to read in a language is further enhanced by a concurrent learning of writing.

read the book   (Leer el libro)

Clark had stated that he had never read the book.

Most people read the book, tried it out, then put it down.

It is anyone who may read the book in all the circumstances."

learned to read   (aprendí a leer)

Although he was blind, Fest learned to read music in Braille.

She learned to read early and spent all her free time reading books.

Since he had learned to read, books played an important place in his life.

most widely read   (más leído)

He has been called "probably the most widely read Islamic political analyst".

It was one of the most widely read texts of the High Middle Ages or even "the" most-read.

His dramas are among the most widely read and frequently performed stage pieces in Russia.

then read   (Entonces lee)

The king stood and received it, and then read sitting.

A crossword clue to that word was then read.

The message is then read off in rows.

citation read   (lectura leída)

The citation read: " .

The citation read: In June 1969, he was appointed Officer of the Order of St. John (OStJ).

The citation read "As teacher, rendered the most distinguished services in technical instruction.

read or write   (leer o escribir)

The rival asked "can you read or write English?"

He did not know how to read or write growing up.

He understood English, but could not read or write the language.

read books   (leer libros)

The fat kid who likes to read books and doesn't like to go up a lot of stairs."

Miranda can read books just by touching them, without even needing to open them.

"Dilbert Future" and "The Joy of Work" are among the most read books in the series.

having read   (habiendo leído)

Robertson admitted to not having read the 1994 report.

After having read work by D.T.

He learnt Esperanto in 1902, having read about it on the "Review of Reviews".

read the script   (lee el guión)

Leandersson and Hedebrant were never allowed to read the script.

Hamilton later recalled: Milius made me read the script to Evel.

And then I'd read the script and think, 'Damn - no smiling scenes again'."

ever read   (alguna vez leyó)

"The Verge" called it "the best crime book you'll ever read on your PS4".

Fox president Peter Chernin called "Return of the Apes" "one of the best scripts I ever read".

Eugene O'Neill remarked that "Zarathustra" influenced him more than any other book he ever read.

first read   (primera lectura)

The first read through took place on 17 December 2013.

Family history has it that in 1910 he first read about ancient games like Kalah.

Leo Tolstoy, 1906: "I remember the astonishment I felt when I first read Shakespeare.

learn to read   (aprender a leer)

Many learn to read and write and some are able to do paid work.

She has severe dyslexia, diagnosed at 12 and didn't learn to read until she was 14.

Theater director `Aziz `Id fell in love with her and enabled her to learn to read and write.

read music   (leer música)

Grohl doesn't read music and plays only by ear.

Learning to read music is a critical skill for most pianists.

Although he was blind, Fest learned to read music in Braille.

read as follows   (leer como sigue)

The marriage notice in the London Evening Post read as follows.

The proposal was to alter the text of the Constitution to read as follows: 87.

The proposal was to add section 51a to the Constitution to read as follows: 51a.

read all   (Lee todo)

So fools complain that they are unable to read all the law.

In Poland, one announcer read all text.

But wise people learn a chapter every day until they read all the law.

difficult to read   (dificultad para leer)

Harvard-Kyoto uses capital letters that can be difficult to read in the middle of words.

Although the second page is difficult to read, it contains journalistic news topic different countries.

It was part of his job to make Bucer's ideas and concepts readable, because Bucer's handwriting was difficult to read.

never read   (nunca lea)

Clark had stated that he had never read the book.

I had never read erotic literature in America...

You will never read the 'Pentateuch' the same again."

read through   (leer de parte a parte)

The first read through took place on 17 December 2013.

Students must read through passages which have blanks in them.

I used to read through my recesses.

read before   (leer antes)

In 1932, a Qur'an in the Turkish language was read before a live audience and broadcast over the radio.

On 4 July 1415 the Bull of Gregory XII which appointed Dominici and Malatesta as his proxies at the council was formally read before the assembled Bishops.

Returning to Ormskirk, he worked zealously at the local geology, especially on the Coal-measures and New Red Sandstone, his first paper (read before the Manchester Geol.

unable to read   (incapaz de leer)

So fools complain that they are unable to read all the law.

If students are unable to read then, they will be unable to read "Fahrenheit 451".

read more   (Lee mas)

You can read more about the home at the DesBarres Manor Inn website.

Well-educated European and North American middle-classes read more than ever before.

Content about Crime is read more often and has the highest authors' interest on average.

learning to read   (aprendiendo a leer)

Both adults and children started learning to read.

Phonetic analysis capacity and learning to read.

Aqeel did not have formal education, learning to read the Quran at mosque.

most read   (mas leido)

In 2012, it was one of the three most read dailies in the country.

"Dilbert Future" and "The Joy of Work" are among the most read books in the series.

The 2007 circulation of the paper was 432,170 copies, making it the most read paper in the country.

when he read   (cuando leyó)

The number 21 was mentioned when he read that the man had died on 21/2/07.

Paxton first encountered Rand's work in 1970 at the age of 13, when he read her novel "We the Living".

The husband did not find out what had happened to her until the following Thursday when he read it in "The Evening Post".

read a book   (Lee un libro)

But then he read a book about Christian heroism, which helped him.

Kumar got the idea of making a film based on the Bhopal disaster after he read a book based on it.

She had previously read a book of memoirs featuring the first Tarantula and she wanted him to sign her copy.

used to read   (solía leer)

He used to read the "Tattwabodhini Patrika" regularly.

In his younger days he was a hippie and used to read Kafka.

This capability was most frequently used to read MS-DOS disks.

began to read   (comenzó a leer)

He began to read theology in 1212 or 1213, and became a regent master in 1220 or 1221.

Tucker at age 16 began to read the law under a successful and prosperous lawyer, George Bascomb.

He then began to read a lot, and became familiar with several works of contemporary Georgian writers.

read widely   (leer ampliamente)

And he continued to read widely and deeply.

His surviving works are still read widely and continue to influence poetry and other forms of art.

He read widely, including such Russian greats as Gogol, Turgenev, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky and Pushkin.

often read   (leer a menudo)

The credits often read, simply, "by Bill Williams."

He often read Dante Aligheri as well as Plato and Saint Thomas More.

He often read Shakespeare's plays and attended the theatres in Covent Garden.

taught to read   (enseñado a leer)

It is suggested that the blind could be taught to read through their sense of touch.

His will provided that old and young freed people be taken care of indefinitely; younger ones were to be taught to read and write and placed in suitable occupations.

Although her native tongue was Poitevin, she was taught to read and speak Latin, was well versed in music and literature, and schooled in riding, hawking, and hunting.

easy to read   (fácil de leer)

It is well-written, easy to read, and thought-provoking."

In order for a label to be legible, it must have a type, size and color that are easy to read.

Due to its ASCII structure, a STEP-file is easy to read, with typically one instance per line.

well read   (bien leído)

Ahmed Shah Bokhari was well read in Greek philosophy.

According to Lonsdale, Losh was well read and well educated.

He was considered to be very well read.