İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

not ready   (hazır değil)

However, the males were not ready for mating.

Lothos leaves, saying Buffy is not ready.

He was not ready to carry out his attack until 17 December.

getting ready   (hazır olmak)

The establishment is getting ready for the noon rush.

And then he walks away like he's getting ready to cry.

The Making Cities Resilient: 'My City is getting ready!'

ready to go   (gitmeye hazır)

She concedes to Homer that she is ready to go home now.

If you are ready to go, cool."

I'm ready to go always."

ready to take   (almaya hazır)

She answered immediately, she was ready to take on the lyrics.

In the event of computer failure, Borman was ready to take over.

During the occasion a guest book was ready to take contributions from all the guests.

get ready   (Hazırlanmak)

I don't know how you get ready for him."

Darrell Johnson told Carbo to get ready.

He also told him to suit up and get ready for a scramble call.

yet ready

Minh also stated that "Timor Leste is not yet ready to join ASEAN.

However, he was not yet ready to settle and embarked on a holiday across Europe.

The infantry was not yet ready to move, in spite of all Fairfax's and Skippon's efforts.

ready for use

ready for use within the telecommunications industry).

After loading, the widget is ready for use.

It got delayed but in 2018 it was officially ready for use.

not yet ready

Minh also stated that "Timor Leste is not yet ready to join ASEAN.

However, he was not yet ready to settle and embarked on a holiday across Europe.

The infantry was not yet ready to move, in spite of all Fairfax's and Skippon's efforts.

always ready

The prehensile tail was always ready as a help.

He is always ready to please his guests and tries to meet their often outrageous demands.

However, Father Bompart never swerved from his duty; he was always ready to face sacrifice.

ready to leave   (ayrılmaya hazır)

When Madhu is ready to leave, she promises Raj that she won't go back to prostitution.

The narrator shows us the husband getting ready to leave his wife, which turns into a yelling match.

The man is packing a suitcase, getting ready to leave, when he demands to take their child with him.

ready to move   (Harekete hazır)

It then retracts the span ready to move off again.

Subsequently, Dunn was ready to move on to another club in the summer of 2003.

The singer reveals that now she has got over him and is ready to move on with her life.

made ready   (hazır)

Lastly, each set is painted, dressed and made ready to shoot.

Malting is the process where barley grain is made ready for brewing.

Waller's attack was not unexpected, and Prince Maurice had made ready to meet him.

ready to fight   (dövüşmeye hazır)

I'm willing and ready to fight anyone."

As the cavalry attained a foothold on the Eastern bank, the Gauls approached, ready to fight.

By evening the division was the only French unit in the area which had arrived and was ready to fight.

ready to accept

But his employers are not ready to accept Iqbal's decision.

Here Amarasimha is not ready to accept the match, so, he is arrested.

Thus, intuitionists are ready to accept a statement of the form "P or Q" as true only if we can prove P or if we can prove Q.

combat ready   (savaşa hazır)

617 Squadron and its F-35s were declared combat ready on 10 January 2019.

In May the Army will test out automated Humvee's to certify them as combat ready vehicles.

An exhausted Savitsky became furious and ordered that the nuclear torpedo on board be made combat ready.

not be ready

He would not be ready before late July.

These aircraft, however, would not be ready until three years later.

In the summer it had become clear that the LM would not be ready in time.

ready to give   (vermeye hazır)

She is ready to give us a lot of laughs thanks to her fast talking and accent.

But Kim’s series option was up and she was ready to give Teddy Altman a much-needed vacation.

In a story published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Gwen is quoted as saying"At no period was I ready to give up.

ready in time

In the summer it had become clear that the LM would not be ready in time.

The tie had been set to be played at the MISC but the stadium will not be ready in time.

The French hoped to raise 9,000 troops, but the army was not ready in time to relieve Harfleur.

ready to make   (yapmaya hazır)

He is sick of the job, and is ready to make any conditions.

On 2 July, the Americans were ready to make a landing in the Munda area.

It was announced on 10 February 2008 that Charlotte was ready to make her return to TV.

ready access   (hazır erişim)

for a protected location with ready access to water.

They did have ready access to corn and rye, which they used to produce their whiskey.

The Taylors Creek Trail runs along Taylors Creek and provides ready access to Watergardens Town Centre and Watergardens Station.

ready to start   (başlamaya hazır)

Meanwhile, Ambrogio Spinola was ready to start the campaign.

Is he ready to start a new life?

Now confident and attractive, she is ready to start a new life with her daughter.

ready to begin   (başlamaya hazır)

Together, they look towards the future, ready to begin the game.

The pair were ready to begin operations in the midsummer of 1856.

In late 1878, the ship was ready to begin sea trials, which lasted until 30 January 1879.

ready to play   (oynamaya hazır)

But unknown to Balmain, South Sydney turned up ready to play.

For her, Secret Story is like a job and she is ready to play and win.

In 2013 released at as a digital download ready to play on modern PCs.

now ready

The wound is now ready to be stitched or for thorns to be applied.

At home, Mandi is now ready to help with her husband Rusty and her two sons.

The Citroën C3 R5 passed international homologation on January 1st, 2018, and was now ready for competition.

gets ready

As he gets ready to depart, Brody pledges that he will survive the mission and return for Dana and Carrie.

The bachelor party goes into full force as Paddy gets ready to be social again, finally removing his wedding ring.

In the beginning, Prithvi doesn’t agree but understanding the virtue of his country, he gets ready for the mission.

ready to return   (geri dönmeye hazır)

James thanks Cartwright, saying he is ready to return to the front.

When she was ready to return to school, her mother had expended her savings.

Eckart insists that Harry is not ready to return to the field, but that he is perfectly safe.

ready to attack

It was not until 15.30 that 137th Bde was ready to attack again.

The Japanese remained in their fortified positions, ready to attack the American landing troops.

Ragash is an Orc who relays to Azog that the army is ready to attack on the next day's morning in "".