soon realized   (すぐに実現した)

The Symphony soon realized that it had no accommodations for its female musicians.

It was soon realized that without the city of Tangier, possession of Ceuta was worthless.

But he soon realized that singing was his passion and started working on his first album.

fully realized   (完全に実現)

He contended the works by Wilson and Brown were more fully realized.

First-season reviewers said the series had high production values, a fully realized world and compelling characters.

Each figure is fully realized, each scene is complete, and altogether, they contribute to an overall sense of festive joy.

never realized   (気づかなかった)

The deal was however never realized.

Originally, it was written as a script for a film that was never realized.

Future plans included expanding into China, but those plans were never realized.

not realized   (気づかない)

Harry regrets that he had not realized this before.

A fifth division, the Faculty of Medicine, was not realized.

The company was already in financial turmoil and mass production was not realized.

when he realized   (彼が気付いたとき)

It was only later when he realized that it was the Blessed Virgin.

However, when he realized that no such war was planned he decided to disband his unit.

He committed suicide, when he realized that he would not be able to return to his hometown.

quickly realized

They quickly realized there was nothing they could do for Holt-Singh.

She "quickly realized there was a far cooler and broader Miraculous movement underway".

The musicians quickly realized that Dylan was taking a "spontaneous" approach to recording.

realized how

Mouyokolo says his injury made him realized how lucky he is a footballer.

He latter realized how difficult it is to win a Brazilian National title.

With B&M business gone, the B&L realized how much they had been relying upon their renters.

realized what

Anderson realized what was happening.

He realized what would happen when Minucius was defeated in battle by Hannibal.

The clerk realized what was happening and fled to a room in the rear of the store.

finally realized   (ついに実現した)

However, in 1954, the plan was finally realized.

The enormity of the election and the assassination are finally realized.

After the Japanese finally realized what was taking place, they threw up quite a fusillade.

later realized

It was later realized the air conditioning had been too high.

He also claimed that he formulated most of his ideas independently, and only later realized the similarities with Buddhism.

Akai and Yamaga later realized the omission of Tezuka's characters; they were subsequently used in the "Daicon IV" animation.