soon realizes   (すぐに実現)

However, she soon realizes the truth about Sugunakar Rao.

Harker soon realizes that Dracula himself is also a vampire.

2) is initially unaware of Elmer but soon realizes the danger.

realizes what   (何を実現する)

Banton realizes what has happened and flees the scene.

Elmer realizes what Bugs has in mind, pleading, "No, no!

When Judas realizes what he has done to Jesus he repents.

then realizes   (次に実現する)

Hart then realizes that they need to get down to work.

She then realizes Jodie is dancing with Amy.

Homer then realizes Marge has been resenting him behind his back.

when he realizes   (彼が気付いたとき)

Things get weird when he realizes that the ring is being charged by unknown means.

Frank begins to question his sexuality when he realizes that he has a crush on Jamie.

Since the room is dark, he mistakes Brandy for someone else and when he realizes who she is, he rejects her.

realizes how   (どのように気づく)

Having learned of this, she realizes how prevalent dreamcatchers are in her community.

King Randolph apologizes for not seeing through Rowena, and realizes how truly special his daughters are.

The rag doll keeps trying, when suddenly he captures his own reflection and realizes how foolish he appears.

finally realizes   (ついに実現する)

Charlotte finally realizes who he is and what he plans to do.

Taking Juboraj's help, Paro bears the entire expenses of Abhi's treatment; and Abhi finally realizes his mistake.

One year later, Abbi finally realizes her dream as a cabaret singer and is performing in an undisclosed nightclub.

when she realizes   (彼女が気づいたとき)

She is also embarrassed when she realizes that he is her client at the spa.

She gives him a blow job and, when she realizes he's not her client, breaks down crying.

Martine visits Xavier and returns disappointed when she realizes things are not the same.

quickly realizes

She quickly realizes that the Great Tree means Alexei, the Dowager Governess' son.

While Obrecht claims she only wants a confession, Peter quickly realizes she wants him dead.

Although initially outraged, Bob quickly realizes that the encounter was purely physical, like his own affair.