İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

front and rear   (ön ve arka)

Side rods coupled the front and rear drive wheels.

Semi elliptic leaf springs were fitted front and rear.

It also had chrome bars below the front and rear bumpers.

rear admiral   (Tuğamiral)

He was promoted to rear admiral on 6 December 1899.

He was promoted to rear admiral on 1 December 1919.

He was promoted to the rank of rear admiral in 1953.

rear wing   (arka kanat)

In 1952 a large rear wing was added to the house.

The rear wing of this group was a five-storey atelier.

Mailleux spun at Lisboa corner and broke his rear wing.

rear axle   (Arka aks)

A bevel-geared live rear axle was also available.

The Corvette-derived rear axle had a ratio of 3.55:1.

Others had a Dana built "Spicer 44" rear axle.

rear wheel   (Arka tekerlek)

Brakes were by rear wheel drum and transmission brakes.

The new 2018 Street Bob 107 ci makes and at the rear wheel.

The single rear wheel allows the vehicle to taper at the back.

rear wheels   (arka tekerlekler)

Two electric motors drive the rear wheels.

This also permits regenerative braking on the rear wheels.

Band brakes were used on the rear wheels.

rear suspension   (arka süspansiyon)

The rear suspension is a more refined Multi-link design.

It is one of the first BMWs to use a multi-link rear suspension.

The fourth series introduced the new de Dion tube rear suspension.

rear end   (arka uç)

On the rear end, the tail lights from a Triumph TR6 were used.

At the rear end, the line of the trunk was also designed more angular.

The 2-4-0 rear end was later used in hillclimbing by various drivers including Roy Lane.

rear guard   (arka koruma)

Hidalgo arrived with a rear guard on March 4 or 5.

Fateh Khan and Mullah Yahya were on the rear guard.

Mahadik and Wagh on the rear guard.

rear seat   (arka koltuk)

There was four inches more leg-space for rear seat passengers.

There is 41 cubic feet of storage and 78 with the rear seat folded.

The rear seat backrests can be folded remotely via a release in the boot.

towards the rear   (arkaya doğru)

The kitchen block was towards the rear of the site.

Pairs have a fin towards the rear, to help prevent roll and yaw.

Their spine also curves high towards the rear when fleeing from predators.

rear window

In October 2011, the rear window became an option.

The fuselage of the trainer featured a rear window.

Double cab models received a sliding rear window.

rear fuselage   (arka gövde)

IFF transponder equipment was fitted in the rear fuselage.

By October 2018, Dassault had started construction of the lower wing and rear fuselage parts.

There were three positions for machine guns, one in the nose and two staggered in the rear fuselage.

rear seats

(60 kWh batteries are located under the rear seats.

Sigma SE offered equipment including five-position, reclining rear seats.

The rear seats face aft.

rear wall

The west facade and part of the rear wall survive.

It is approximately from the stage to the rear wall.

The fresco on the rear wall of the church dates from the 17th century.

rear spoiler   (arka spoyler)

The C3 received a rear spoiler and a different hood with a large scoop.

A large rear spoiler could be substituted for a standard size as a no cost option.

It also has a rear spoiler, air intakes and rear lights taken from the 760 series cars.

rear bumper   (arka tampon)

Chilton collected the rear bumper of Monteiro and dropped back down the field.

The rear bumper featured a triple exhaust placed in an inverted triangle formation.

A facelift was conducted in 2013 with revised front bumper, rear bumper, and light units.

rear areas

After seeing a few battles, they were used to protect Napoleon's rear areas.

Data may be forwarded in real-time to any major command and control center in rear areas or aboard ships.

In June 1922 he was named CO of the Smyrna Superior General Military Command, covering the Army of Asia Minor's rear areas.

rear sight

His firing eye looks through or just over the rear sight aperture.

The rear sight was available in 'standard' or with the 'Williams' adjustable ramp.

They usually also have a peep sight (rear sight) built into the string, which aids in a consistent anchor point.

rear side

The rear side is built of rubble fieldstone.

It has two playgrounds-one foreground and second on the rear side.

The resulting system has the basic size and shape of a large pizza box with the rear side rounded.

promoted to rear

He was promoted to rear admiral on 6 December 1899.

He was promoted to rear admiral on 1 December 1919.

He was promoted to rear admiral on 15 November 1935.

rear section

The rear section is called the elevator, and is usually hinged to the horizontal stabiliser.

Until 1958, a ballet school used a remaining rear section, but the site was entirely cleared in 1961.

Similar windows alternate on the addition's main block, and rise near the east corner of the rear section.

rear ell

It has a central chimney and a rear ell.

The house is a six-bay one-story hipped roof dry stone house with a rear ell.

The interior of the main block is a large hall, with the kitchen located in the rear ell.

rear door   (arka kapı)

Many bodies were found facing the only exit, the rear door.

New for safety was fully padded armrests and rear door locks that were child proof.

Some vehicles had a slim "B" pillar between the front and rear door while others didn't.

rear naked   (arka çıplak)

Maverick won the fight via rear naked choke in round one.

Tonon won the fight via rear naked choke in the third round.

Guillard tapped from a rear naked choke.

rear naked choke   (arka çıplak boğucu)

Maverick won the fight via rear naked choke in round one.

Tonon won the fight via rear naked choke in the third round.

Guillard tapped from a rear naked choke.

rear wheel drive   (Arka tekerlek Sürücü)

The transmission was 5-speed manual with rear wheel drive only.

The powertrain comes as a rear wheel drive or four wheel drive.

It has been a huge success for the company, along with the rear wheel drive Nissan FM platform.

rear part

The rear part of the shallow lower jaw was also preserved.

The two acorns were attached to the rear part of the crown.

The fish is orange in color, with the bottom rear part of the fish being dark blue in color.

rear doors   (arka kapılar)

The rear doors are surrounded by simple architrave trim.

The rear doors had sliding rather than wind-down windows.

The front and rear doors of the original section are centered.

right rear

It is a two-story Italianate cream brick building, with a one-and-one-half-story wing to the right rear.

Labonte passed Dale Earnhardt with 10 laps to go when Earnhardt suffered a slow leak of air from his right rear tire.

This mechanism consisted of an Allen key screw that passed through the locking lug bearing against the right rear receiver wall.

rank of rear

He was promoted to the rank of rear admiral in 1953.

He was posthumously promoted to the rank of rear admiral.

Boarman retired at the rank of rear admiral nine years later.

rear area

Hampton now learned of the threat in his rear area and sent in three brigades.

Added to this, more British paratroopers landed in the rear area of the regiment, causing some of Luck's forces to fall back.

By now, rear area troops were being evacuated back to the UK and German forces were advancing on the Channel ports from the south.

rear axles

For real heavy duty work Scania-Vabis offered a version with tandem drive rear axles.

The ladderframe construction with leaf sprung live front and rear axles was also typical.

The wheelbase between the rear axles used to be the longest in market to enable use of snow chains.

rear addition

It has a two-story, stuccoed stone rear addition.

A three-story rear addition was built in 1951-1953.

The rear addition contains a kitchen and smokehouse.

left rear

The first caution came out when Chase driver Matt Kenseth had a left rear tire go down, resulting in him spinning in turn 4 on lap 11.

The primary turbo (located at the left rear of the engine) delivers boost in the low rpm and load range, while the secondary turbo comes in to aid mid-to-high range breathing.

In the left rear of the main line, and separated from it by more than a thousand yards, lay Prince Maurice's corps at Speen, and advanced troops on the high ground, west of that village.

rear camera   (arka kamera)

It has an 8-megapixel rear camera with LED flash, and is capable of 720p video capture.

The high-end Double Cab version now came with a DVD player, rear camera and Bluetooth functionality.

The phone has a 3800 mAh Li-Ion battery, 13 MP rear camera with LED flash and 16 MP front-facing camera with auto-focus.

rear view   (dikiz)

A single rear view mirror was mounted in front of the driver.

Only the taxi version had electrically adjustable rear view mirrors.

With the absence of a driver's position, the fully glazed car ends provide a forward and rear view for passengers.

new rear

The distinctive new rear bodywork was styled by Marcello Gandini at Bertone.

An entire new rear end meant a slightly longer wheelbase (up to 2,050 mm) and a somewhat longer and taller body.

This version had a new bolt head, an improved firing mechanism, modifications to the chambering, and a new rear sight.

rear wings

The discal spots on the front and rear wings can be large, small or completely absent.

The First National Bank Building stands at ten floors in height, with rear wings of two and five stories.

At the 1968 Belgian Grand Prix, Brabham were the first, alongside Ferrari, to introduce full width rear wings to this effect.

front to rear   (önden arkaya)

The guns were numbered '1' to '5' from front to rear.

It was larger, being oval in vertical section, nine feet in diameter side to side and nine feet ten inches in diameter front to rear.

It was based on the same platform chassis as the Citroën 2CV, sharing its advanced independent front to rear interconnected suspension.

rear portion

Both were a fastback shape, the rear portion not unlike the body.

The rear portion of the University of Adelaide's agriculturally dominated Waite Campus.

Italian salvage crews raised the boat's rear portion on 22 July and her front section on 21 November.

rear bumpers

It also had chrome bars below the front and rear bumpers.

It received new front and rear bumpers, along with new grill and lights.

It included dark red body color, extended wheel arches, 20-inch alloy wheels and matte painted front and rear bumpers.

rear edge

The postorbital bone does not contribute to the rear edge of the eye socket.

The tail club is hexagonal in top view, with the widest point located near the rear edge.

It possesses vomerine teeth with two slightly oblique oval groups just behind the level of the rear edge of the choanae.

rear quarter   (arka çeyrek)

A "Half Panel" (RPO code AA5) rear quarter window delete option was available from 2008 - 2010 model years.

The word "POLICE" is printed in large text on the side of the car, and "MPDC", with the MPD shield splitting MP and DC, on the rear quarter panels of the vehicle.

The wheelbase was shortened from 168 inches to 140 inches (nine inches longer than the Suburban), and the Bronco rear quarter panels, hardtop, and tailgate were mated to the pickup bodywork.

behind the rear   (arkadan)

A fuel tank was located under the right seat and a tank behind the rear axle.

A 72-cell 1.3 kWh 66 pound lithium-ion battery pack is placed behind the rear seat.

Twin rear radiators were installed behind the rear wheels, and visible behind large screens.

rear deck   (arka güverte)

There is a recessed rear deck level with side benches and a recessed foredeck.

The rear deck lid featured an integrated spoiler effect similar to the flagship LS 400, improving the ES model's aerodynamics, now rated .

Kick-Out S.S. Manx) version is much more modern, with headlights flared into the hood, curved windshield, sculpted rear deck cover and twin roll hoops.

rear cockpit

Its span wing has an area of and a cut-out in the centre trailing edge for rear cockpit access.

The rear cockpit is upgraded to include four multipurpose cathode ray tube displays for aircraft systems and weapons management.

It was armed with twin 7.92 mm (.312 in) machine guns in fixed forward-firing positions and a third on a ring mounting in the rear cockpit.

rear engine

A new tadpole configuration has been proposed with a rear engine driving the front wheels.

The rear engine cover, however, was a hand-formed panel, not a converted front bonnet as was the Radclyffe version.

Some vehicles have a front engine driving the single rear wheel, similar to the rear engine driving the rear wheel.