sponsorship reasons   (スポンサーの理由)

The club was also known as RD Merkur due to sponsorship reasons.

The team was also known as Cimos Koper due to sponsorship reasons.

by sponsorship reasons.

personal reasons   (個人的な理由)

He decided to leave the club for personal reasons.

He refused both invitations for personal reasons.

In 2011, Cryan left UBS for personal reasons.

unknown reasons   (不明な理由)

However, for unknown reasons, it was not included.

The studio was shut down in 2005 for unknown reasons.

The engagement was broken for unknown reasons.

reasons why   (理由)

There were several reasons why Roosevelt chose Butt.

There were several reasons why Pages had to be little.

There were many reasons why the poll was unsuccessful.

political reasons

No restriction may be imposed for political reasons.

Ravindran was imprisoned many times for political reasons.

This move was undertaken largely for political reasons, i.e.

various reasons

A possession by a jinn can happen for various reasons.

In other animals, growling can occur for various reasons.

Many characters choose to stop speaking, for various reasons.

health reasons   (健康上の理由)

He resigned the post in 1957 for health reasons.

He resigned on October 23, 2012, citing health reasons.

For health reasons, she rarely ventures out.

other reasons   (他の理由)

The blunt points were also used for other reasons.

The year was far more significant for several other reasons, however.

CT scanning for other reasons sometimes identifies these "incidentalomas".

several reasons

The group was short lived due to several reasons.

There were several reasons why Roosevelt chose Butt.

There were several reasons for the bombardment.

financial reasons   (経済的理由)

He discontinued his studies for financial reasons.

In 1873 the factory closed due to financial reasons.

Benin withdrew from the tournament for financial reasons.

main reasons   (主な理由)

Famine and drought were the main reasons of bread shortage.

Depression is one of the main reasons for cessation of use.

Climate change is attributed to land use for two main reasons.

safety reasons   (安全上の理由)

For safety reasons, he sought exile in Ireland.

The windscreen was also strengthened for safety reasons.

The Meare was dug to a shallow depth for safety reasons.

number of reasons   (理由の数)

Celtic Wicca is criticized for a number of reasons.

The Hadza move camp for a number of reasons.

A number of reasons have been suggested for this decline.

variety of reasons

The priests left for a variety of reasons.

Gemination can occur in Japanese for a variety of reasons.

People flirt for a variety of reasons.

spiritual reasons   (精神的な理由)

The place has a strong or special association with a particular community or cultural group for social, cultural or spiritual reasons.

security reasons

for convenience, privacy, safety, and security reasons.

Baderkhan decided to leave Syria in 2013 due to security reasons.

For security reasons, they may also choose not to read the external DTD.

economic reasons

It is often unavailable for economic reasons.

Vouchers are typically instituted for two broad economic reasons.

However, "Assawt" was disestablished in January 2009 due to economic reasons.

many reasons

Cresswell was in a rare position for many reasons.

There are many reasons for those editorial changes.

Erroneous etymologies can exist for many reasons.

reasons behind   (背後にある理由)

The reasons behind Kaká's departure would be economic."

There has been much speculation as to the reasons behind it.

Not much is known concerning this plot and the reasons behind it.

different reasons

Resettlements could be done for different reasons.

More people come up to the roof for different reasons.

Classical sources give different reasons for this deed.

same reasons

We like them/us and hate them/us for the very same reasons".

For the same reasons, they are targets in asymmetric warfare.

It's the same reasons why Nick Drake's music works for people.

reasons unknown

However, for reasons unknown his solo debut album was shelved.

Two years later his membership was revoked for reasons unknown.

The competition stopped running in the mid-1990s for reasons unknown.

medical reasons   (医学的理由)

More than 36% were screened out for medical reasons.

He retired for medical reasons in June, 2009.

Eventually the army discharged him for medical reasons.

family reasons   (家族の理由)

The party merely announced that it was for "family reasons".

Gökdemir retired from football in December 2015 due family reasons.

On 30 April he quit the club for family reasons to return to France.

religious reasons

Most of the surgeries are for cultural or religious reasons.

Some people are conscientious objectors for religious reasons.

At first, Farmer was forced to run in a dress for religious reasons.

similar reasons

The other is Route 895 in Richmond for similar reasons.

A second Home Rule bill was also defeated for similar reasons.

A subsequent 1910 Act was disallowed for similar reasons in 1911.

historical reasons

Organisational differences may be motivated by historical reasons.

For historical reasons, two main definitions of calorie are in wide use.

For historical reasons, even to this day, the title of "dottore/dottoressa" (abbrev.

legal reasons

Councillors were told not to respond "for legal reasons".

Isuzu had to destroy the vehicles for legal reasons in 2017.

Some of the names in the series were changed for legal reasons.

undisclosed reasons   (未公開の理由)

The release was cancelled at the last minute, for undisclosed reasons.

Later, a new video was filmed due to undisclosed reasons, and that one was shot in London.

The case has since closed, with PUBG Corp. dropping the lawsuit in June 2018 under undisclosed reasons.

reasons given

The reasons given for closure were:

For the reasons given above, road switchers are generally hood units.

The reasons given were "making improvements" and "essential maintenance work".

reasons such

Those captured would be sold for various reasons such as food, debts, or servitude.

Additionally, it has been purchased and the buyer wishes to move it, for reasons such as the scenery from the building.

In the mid-1920s a wye was built at "Saline" that again was mainly for military reasons such as the rapid movement of guns.

practical reasons

A large modulation index is needed for practical reasons.

Malley's arguments rest on both humanitarian and practical reasons.

There are spiritual, symbolic, and even practical reasons for fasting.

technical reasons

This may be done for artistic or technical reasons.

The rider was ultimately removed for technical reasons.

For technical reasons the bells are currently unringable.

following reasons   (次の理由)

Companies are motivated to invest capital in abroad for the following reasons

The album really shines in Disciple’s discography for several of the following reasons.

He noted the following reasons why the minority opinions failed: Accordingly, the appeal was dismissed.

primary reasons   (主な理由)

The primary reasons for the Second Settlement were as follows.

Ultimately, Truitt was unhappy at LSU for three primary reasons.

The primary reasons behind rule changes have traditionally been to do with safety.

reasons including

Progress has been slow due to a range of reasons including cost and regulation.

It can also be performed for functional reasons including insulation, slip-or-grip friction, and low reflectivity.

The project was then delayed for several reasons including obtaining permissions from the local administrative bodies.

reasons not

On July 1, 2011, the Florida Knowledge Network ceased operations, for reasons not given.

For reasons not fully known, the best team in the nascent Ohio League, the Akron East Ends, were not invited.

One of the reasons not to hit unsubscribe links is to avoid confirming that the message had been received and opened.

citing personal reasons

Just 11 days later, he withdrew from the race citing personal reasons.

Vukčević left in April 2013 by mutual consent, citing personal reasons.

In 2009, he announced he would step down as CEO of Micro Focus, citing personal reasons.

possible reasons

Three possible reasons have been given for why the Native Americans attacked the Zimmers.

McCracken and Bradbury considered many possible reasons for group formation in "P. hastatus".

Other possible reasons are flooding, collapse of social order or a combination of these factors.

major reasons   (主な理由)

Scholarly work on Drexel 4257 was one of the major reasons for a change in attitude.

One of the major reasons for the proliferation of Chinese-made bicycles in foreign markets is the lower cost of labor in China.

President Carter became aware of these developments during 1977, and it appears to have been one of the major reasons the B-1 was canceled.

among other reasons   (他の理由の中で)

This led, among other reasons, to the withdrawal of Soledad Alvear from the "Concertación" nomination on May 24, 2005.

Valves' unreliability, musical taste, and players' distrust, among other reasons, slowed their adoption into mainstream.

The Supreme Court ruled Floor Clauses were null and void as abusive, among other reasons due to their lack of transparency.

good reasons

There are good reasons for this diverging terminology.

There are 100 good reasons why Mr. Dreier should be jailed.

"I've Been Expecting You" provides 12 good reasons why you should."

obvious reasons

In-home care is popular for obvious reasons.

For obvious reasons Turkey was of particular interest to Luftwaffe No.

For obvious reasons, vertical caving is more dangerous than "horizontal caving".

aesthetic reasons

Most patients choose lingual braces for aesthetic reasons, as they cannot be seen.

However, it is possible the prosthetics were prepared after death for aesthetic reasons.

Gold crowns (also known as "gold shell crowns") are generally indicated for posterior teeth due to aesthetic reasons.

commercial reasons   (商業的理由)

However, this date was changed to 14 February 2019, purely for "commercial reasons".

For commercial reasons, the cast album was cut from two LPs to one early in production.

Reasons for moving a building range from commercial reasons such as scenery to preserving an important or historic building.

business reasons   (ビジネス上の理由)

In 1914 he went to Melbourne for business reasons.

Sutor resigned his seat in the Saskatchewan assembly in 1985 citing personal business reasons.

The court held that it was within the right of the employer to make such a decision for business reasons.

strategic reasons

The targets have to be kept secret for strategic reasons.

The LNP contested every seat except Gladstone (held by an Independent), which they avoided for strategic reasons.

Prior to its removal for strategic reasons, the Australian feed was one in the Asia-Pacific region to have this block.

multiple reasons

The plan was dropped for multiple reasons.

It is sacred for multiple reasons.

In the United States there is an unequal distribution of income between social classes for multiple reasons.