Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

rebellion against   (rebelión contra)

1573 Mirzas rose in rebellion against Akbar.

He helps Heigar initiate the rebellion against Team Blue.

Soon, the Aztecs rose up in rebellion against Cortés and his men.

armed rebellion   (rebelión armada)

The first known armed rebellion of enslaved Africans occurred in 1521.

In 1776, there was also armed rebellion such as the Maugerville Rebellion (1776).

Low per capita income has been proposed as a cause for grievance, prompting armed rebellion.

open rebellion   (rebelión abierta)

Within months, most Basotho chiefs were in open rebellion.

Some had entered into open rebellion.

Even before that date, some pueblos were in open rebellion against the Spanish.

rebellion led   (rebelión dirigida)

This rebellion led to the establishment of the Province of Manitoba later that year.

Yaik Cossacks were the driving force in the rebellion led by Yemelyan Pugachev in 1773-1774.

The failure of the rebellion led to the abolishment of the Mughal Court and direct rule by the British Raj.

down the rebellion   (abajo la rebelión)

Up to 30,000 Bulgarians were killed as Ottoman authorities put down the rebellion.

Police and army units put down the rebellion, and hundreds were injured but no one was killed.

Keitai assigned Mononobe no Arakabi as Shōgun and sent him to Kyūshū to put down the rebellion.

during the rebellion

In 1745 he oversaw the trial of several captured during the rebellion and imprisoned at Carlisle.

On the contrary, the cooperation of the Hungarian and Vlach commoners during the rebellion is well-documented.

Loss of tax revenue from South China during the rebellion and expenses for its suppression had depleted the Qing treasury.

slave rebellion

It was the largest slave rebellion in U.S. history, but was soon suppressed.

However, Douglass disapproved of Brown's plan to start an armed slave rebellion in the South.

Such anti-literacy laws had been instituted in southern states following Nat Turner's slave rebellion in 1831.

rebellion broke

In January and February 1554, Wyatt's rebellion broke out; it was soon suppressed.

However rebellion broke out and the Protestant nobles defeated the Queen's forces in 1567.

Despite the suppression of the First Polygar War in 1799, rebellion broke out again in 1800.

led a rebellion

He had once been a monk and led a rebellion against the abbot of the Convent of Saint Anthony.

Due to this Mena led a rebellion with the liberals against Diaz declaring himself president of Nicaragua.

However, after a few months, Norbu betrayed him and led a rebellion against the Ganden Phodrang Government.

suppress the rebellion   (reprimir la rebelión)

The NDH lacked the forces to suppress the rebellion.

About 5,000 troops in the Dublin area were deployed to suppress the rebellion.

Tshombe decided to use foreign mercenaries as well as the ANC to suppress the rebellion.