Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

most recently   (gần đây nhất)

It was held most recently September 24–30, 2017.

He was most recently the head coach of HK Riga 2000.

FIDE's rules were most recently revised in 2018.

more recently   (gần đây hơn)

Giordano Bruno was more recently added to the list.

The term has been used more recently in other contexts.

This was used more recently also in monochrome portable TVs.

until recently   (cho đến gần đây)

Khandwa was known as East Nimar until recently.

Many of the cars were until recently used by the army.

Women were banned from all combat roles until recently.

only recently   (chỉ gần đây)

The volcano is remote and monitoring began only recently.

The term MiMo has only recently been associated with the style.

His people were nomads who had only recently arrived in Europe.

recently played   (chơi gần đây)

He most recently played for Prva HNL club HNK Gorica.

Dave recently played the lead role in the film "Bumboo".

He recently played for Colo-Colo in the .

most recently played   (chơi gần đây nhất)

He most recently played for Prva HNL club HNK Gorica.

He most recently played for the Cardiff Devils in the EIHL.

He most recently played for F.C.

recently completed

The museum recently completed an addition in 2011.

He recently completed a solo CD with producer Dito Godwin.

Stadiums are current as of the most recently completed 2019 season.

recently discovered

From this period also is ' and the recently discovered '.

There are three recently discovered memorial plaques in the church.

"Elymus texensis" is a recently discovered and poorly known species.

recently deceased   (gần đây đã qua đời)

Huck puts the money in the coffin of a recently deceased family member.

Buffy buries Chloe's body next to that of the recently deceased Annabelle.

Later, Primus testified that the orders came from the recently deceased Marcellus.

recently released

Marston Records has recently released a number of these recordings on CD.

The band recently released their third album, "Losing All", on the Razor & Tie label.

She has recently released a music video on 2018's International Women's Day to inspire women.

recently published   (xuất bản gần đây)

These findings were recently published (Zhang et al., J. Neurosci.

A new book on the history of Emerson College has also been recently published.

The group recently published an anthology entitled: "Cleaveland House Poets, 50 Years".

recently returned

has just recently returned from Desert Storm missing a leg.

He has recently returned to his job after the death of his son.

Her first customer is Charlie, recently returned from Africa where he has made his fortune.

recently established

The Mahavira Hall was recently established in 2015.

In 1924, Takehiko and Iwaya Sazanami became consultants to the recently established .

He was officially made headman or leader of the recently established Nyamwezi colony.

recently become   (gần đây trở thành)

A related language, Mlahsô, has recently become extinct.

Suppressed in 1805, the Complex has recently become a school.

How or whether Montgomery had recently become pregnant is unclear.

recently opened

A business centre and nursing home have recently opened.

A new primary school has recently opened in nearby Lychpit.

MSTC has recently opened two new site office at Patna and Dehradun.

recently acquired

", with lyrics and vocals by a recently acquired Pye artist, Jackie Trent.

Among the measures proposed, several relate to the retail power recently acquired.

Bilbo sets about freeing them with the help of his recently acquired invisibility ring.

recently formed

The club also fields teams in squash and recently formed a hockey club.

"Worlds Apart" was released under King's recently formed label MFO Records.

Two European Centres of Excellence were recently formed within the Institute.

recently moved   (mới chuyển)

He most recently moved to Flamingo Las Vegas.

She recently moved to Netherlands to advance her swimming career.

He then meets a girl named Sistine Bailey who has recently moved nearby.

recently built

A memorial in honor of Wu Zixu was recently built in Suzhou.

The monastery was recently built.

The town has two shops, a hotel and a church, which was recently built.

recently arrived

His people were nomads who had only recently arrived in Europe.

The family has recently arrived in Paris from their native Russia.

The church was built to serve recently arrived Irish, German and Italian immigrants.

recently died

Mrs. Maberley is an elderly woman whose son has recently died in Rome.

In another story Newburgh tells of a woman whose husband recently died.

Marrs, a state superintendent of public instruction who had recently died.

recently developed

Titermax is a recently developed immune adjuvant.

They recently developed a hydrogen fueled Bus and Truck.

The recently developed Snovik Spa is located near Snovik.

recently created

Banfield registered to recently created Segunda División.

Kut Nok Plao and Takut are two recently created townships.

Another more recently created show, "Chess World", is aired after the First News.

recently introduced

It was also recently introduced to Europe in 2009.

Sheep and goats are also raised here, with zebu being recently introduced.

Advertising of petrol on the recently introduced ITV was banned for a period.

recently retired   (gần đây đã nghỉ hưu)

He is recently retired following over 30 years of distinguished service.

Lucille is left to care for her recently retired father, Warren Odom (Finney).

Tuck Langland, who recently retired, is a well known sculptor in the United States.

having recently

Monica arrived in Port Charles in 1976, having recently married Jeff Webber.

BD+48 740 BD+48 740 is a giant star suspected of having recently engulfed one of its planets.

Longtime member Yuma Asami participated in the final concert despite having recently had major surgery.

relatively recently   (tương đối gần đây)

It has been an open area until relatively recently.

The river did not gain its current name until relatively recently.

Farmers and herders appeared in the vicinity of Hadzaland relatively recently.

recently won

The UAE also recently won the Arabian Gulf Cup held in Abu Dhabi in January 2007.

The Ashes are regarded as being held by the team that most recently won the Test series.

Split Costs most recently won Best Short Film at the Twin Falls Film Festival (October 2017).

recently served

He recently served as the offensive coordinator for the University of Utah.

He most recently served as the head coach for the Hartford Wolf Pack in the AHL.

He most recently served as running backs coach under head coach Robb Akey at Idaho.

recently founded

In addition, he recently founded a literary/talent agency.

In 1920 he moved to the recently founded University of Poznań.

The recently founded Libyan Football Federation organised the competition.

recently started

A tea plantation was recently started on the grounds.

His father had recently started a restaurant known as the Dwarf House.

Tourism has only recently started to develop with the building of the Snovik Spa.

recently launched

PC games coverage was transferred to the recently launched "PC Leisure".

They were both activist members of the recently launched Communist Party.

Twinkle Khanna recently launched her production house Mrs. Funnybones Movies.

just recently   (mới gần đây)

Heart had just recently signed with Capitol Records.

has just recently returned from Desert Storm missing a leg.

Other parties were formed just recently and did not enjoy widespread popularity.

recently renovated

The castle has been recently renovated and is under new ownership.

The recently renovated Jablje Castle is southwest of the settlement.

The cottages have been recently renovated and are in good condition.

recently begun

OASN has recently begun production of their seventh album.

He has recently begun experimenting with incorporating computer graphics into his work.

Although it is close to major resorts, Muğla has only recently begun to attract visitors.

recently restored

On the counterfacade is a recently restored organ.

The church building has been recently restored.

The church has a naves and two aisles and it was recently restored.

recently made

He has also recently made geckos and painted sculptures.

Rocky and Mugsy recently made cameos in "The Looney Tunes Show".

Upgrades were recently made to basketball, baseball and softball.

recently constructed

Several shrines were recently constructed and several are underway.

A recently constructed or reconstructed Chinese gateway atop mountain.

The stone bridge is part of the new trail that has been recently constructed in the park.

recently signed

Heart had just recently signed with Capitol Records.

He was recently signed by Sony.

Most recently signed to Virgin Records, Over It is currently unsigned and inactive.

recently added

Giordano Bruno was more recently added to the list.

The facility recently added a new $30-million .

A field house was recently added to the sports complex.

recently appeared

Poston recently appeared in the 2010 film "Knucklehead".

She also recently appeared in Cary Fukunaga's "Jane Eyre" (2011).

He has more recently appeared as Al in "EastEnders" during August 2006.

recently announced

The company recently announced its Series C funding, bringing the total funding amount to $185.7M.

The government of India recently announced five cities of Maharashtra state for smart city project.

The National Science Foundation has recently announced the award of a three-year $145,445 grant to him.

recently received

This diet has recently received some press coverage in the United States as well.

Jordan Education Initiative recently received the UNESCO prize for ICT use in Education.

The role of women has recently received attention, especially regarding their religiosity.

very recently

Organa crater is rich in frozen ammonia, which suggests it was created very recently.

Until very recently the icon was formally the abbot of Hilandar, with monks elected to serve as its deputy.

Poz is a very recently district, close to the municipal aqueduct north of Predazzo and at the foot of Mount Mulat.

recently purchased

The station had also recently purchased eight lorries.

Each sale is taken to be of the most recently purchased shares.

had recently purchased the mill from A. H. Booth (likely c.1884–1947).

recently appointed

He had it in his home, ignoring that he had been recently appointed there.

She was recently appointed principal guest director of the Irish Chamber Orchestra.

He was most recently appointed Herchel Smith Professor of Medicinal Chemistry in 2008.

recently joined

She recently joined the supervisory board of Groninger Museum in Groningen.

He had only recently joined the training team at the UDR's Ballykinlar Training Camp.

Bryssling states "Two very talented and competent musicians has recently joined Spawn of Possession.

recently lost

The author had also recently lost someone close to him.

Sham is an uninvited family friend who recently lost his job, and feels suicidal.

The boy is discovered by Kala, who has recently lost her child to Tublat's regime.

recently promoted

Meanwhile, recently promoted Guarani had a promising start.

On 24 July 2009, Valverde joined recently promoted club US Boulogne.

Walt pays a visit to the recently promoted Hank at his new DEA office.

recently described

This shark was described in 2005, making it one of the most recently described of its genus.

Cyrtodactylus buchardi Cyrtodactylus buchardi is a species of gecko recently described from Champasak Province, Laos.

A recently described example of this concept in action can be seen in the development of a lung cancer called NCI-H460.

then recently

This song was then recently featured on the Netflix television show "The Haunting of Hill House".

Jackson compared Bhabra's behaviour to the then recently publicized behaviour of Jian Ghomeshi: co

Most notably, the changes placed the (then recently developed) Broadgate estate entirely in the City.

recently taken

However, the league has recently taken steps forward.

Thomas Reid the great Common Sense philosopher had recently taken over from Adam Smith.

This woman, formerly very quiet, has recently taken to cursing in the night, shouting "Murder, murder!"

recently found

One such work was recently found in the estate of Theo Meier.

A unique copy of a grammar by Averroes was recently found there.

Dog tags have recently found their way into youth fashion by way of military chic.

recently come

Renovation of the fifteen-story tower has recently come to a deadlock.

Priscus' version, however, has recently come under renewed scrutiny by Michael A. Babcock.

There, she met her future husband, Ian Smith, who had recently come home from World War II.

most recently served   (phục vụ gần đây nhất)

He most recently served as the head coach for the Hartford Wolf Pack in the AHL.

He most recently served as running backs coach under head coach Robb Akey at Idaho.

She most recently served as the UBC TV Manager Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC).

recently left

Cox recently left Dykema Gosset to start The Mike Cox Law Firm.

Tony Levin played bass guitar, since Cheap Trick bassist Tom Petersson had recently left the group.

Each civilisation is deserted or almost deserted, with the people having recently left in mass exoduses.

recently worked

Keifer has recently worked with country artist Andy Griggs.

"Blood of Bahamut" was produced by Eisuke Yokoyama, who recently worked on "".

Many of the major stars of mainstream Bollywood cinema, including Amitabh Bachchan, have recently worked in Bhojpuri films.

recently used

Many of the cars were until recently used by the army.

The premises was most recently used by Wright’s Upholstery Ltd as a three-piece suite showroom.

The handheld translator was recently used by U.S. troops while providing relief to tsunami victims in early 2005.

recently finished

Dio had just recently finished serving his five-year sentence for bankruptcy fraud.

They recently finished 3rd in the 2009/10 RFUW Premiership after promotion earlier that year.

Brochu has recently finished portraying Aurora Luft in CBC Television's spy thriller "X Company".

recently married

He recently married his childhood sweetheart Gemma Smith.

Monica arrived in Port Charles in 1976, having recently married Jeff Webber.

Nuckolls was recently married to Laura Hopkins Jones, a union opposed by her family.

recently undergone

It has recently undergone some archaeological excavations.

It has recently undergone rehabilitation to prepare it for ongoing CAF Champions League matches.

A spider with a small abdomen may be undernourished but more probably has recently undergone ecdysis.

recently named

The City of Moncton recently named a street after its former mayor.

Kent was recently named Ernst & Young's 2012 Entrepreneur of the Year.

Both also go through the vast blue agave fields that were recently named a World Heritage Site.

recently seen

It has grown modestly since then, but has recently seen some decrease.

She was recently seen in an advertisement with Salman Khan for Thums-Up.

She was most recently seen playing the role of Sapt-roopa on &TV's show "Daayan".

recently expanded

The wet processing laboratory has recently expanded.

This has more recently expanded to form the research area of spontelectrics.

Her husband had recently expanded his business by dyeing the fibre, which he sourced in India.

recently widowed   (gần đây góa chồng)

His recently widowed mother Hilda has decided to move to Ireland.

The recently widowed Mary Todd Lincoln even stayed there with her sons.

By the time of Shakespeare's death in 1616 it was occupied by Joan Hart, his recently widowed sister.

recently graduated

He received the most votes, beating out recently graduated Ricky Williams.

As a senior, he started 12 games at middle linebacker, replacing the recently graduated Oliver.

<br> All professors are PhDs and virtually all recently graduated students are already employed.

recently elected

Basil W. Duke to Montgomery, Alabama, (then capital of the Confederacy) to ask the recently elected Confederate President Jefferson Davis for artillery.

The council is made up of 32 honorary members, who were most recently elected at the municipal election held on 25 May 2014, and the full-time mayor as chairman.

He has also served in numerous leadership roles nationally and was recently elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the American Association of Neurosurgeons.

recently passed

The group was inspired by Britain's recently passed Cruelty to Animals Act 1876.

The ordinance that had recently passed in Eugene was met with a different strategy of opposition.

Gillett fired her, despite her protest that this violated the recently passed National Labor Relations Act.

recently serving

The most recently serving representative to die was Wint Smith (served 1947–1961) on April 27, 1976.

The most recently serving representative to die was John R. Dellenback (served 1967–1975) on December 7, 2002.

The most recently serving representative to die was James Colgate Cleveland (served 1963–1981) on December 5, 1995.

most recently serving   (phục vụ gần đây nhất)

The most recently serving representative to die was Wint Smith (served 1947–1961) on April 27, 1976.

The most recently serving representative to die was John R. Dellenback (served 1967–1975) on December 7, 2002.

The most recently serving representative to die was James Colgate Cleveland (served 1963–1981) on December 5, 1995.

recently captured

August also saw a trial in Admiralty court over the recently captured sloop.

On 10 February, "Winooski" moved from Lingayen Gulf to recently captured Subic Bay.

On the following day, the SAA advanced from the recently captured village of Salim to the nearby Hamrat.

recently divorced

However, Ah Bee and the recently divorced Mabel are often at loggerheads with each other.

What did a recently divorced, single woman of forty-one, who'd been off the market for eighteen years do?

So what did a recently divorced, single woman of forty-one, who'd been off the market for eighteen years do?

recently closed

"The Wisden Cricketer: South African edition" recently closed down, too.

A third paper machine was recently closed in an attempt to remain competitive in the overseas market.

One hundred and fifty "airline-style" seats were salvaged from the recently closed "Capitol Square" multiplex on Queen Street.

recently changed

Elementary recently changed to the Scott Foresman language arts textbooks.

The premises recently changed hands when its founder, Bruce Zaccaqnino, decided to retire.

These natural patterns have recently changed somewhat with the construction of dams and barrages on the Indus River.

recently gained

Video design has only recently gained recognition as a separate creative field.

"C. macellaria" has recently gained recognition in forensic entomology because of its occurrence on decomposing remains.

Around 1923, Sam and Kirk met Uncle Dave Macon, who had recently gained regional fame as a banjoist and vaudeville performer.