officially recognised   (公認)

Catalan Sign Language is also officially recognised.

There are 11 officially recognised metropolitan regions.

Atheism and irreligion are not officially recognised in India.

not recognised   (認識されていません)

Same-sex unions are not recognised in Sark.

This was not recognised internationally until 1 December 1913.

Consecrations derived from Mathew were not recognised by the .

internationally recognised   (国際的に認められた)

An internationally recognised symbol for the acre is ac.

Some internationally recognised films have come from Ghana.

Some female players have become internationally recognised.

widely recognised   (広く認識されている)

However it was not widely recognised at that time.

He recently opined his frustration of not being more widely recognised.

His work on the possible chemistry of early life has been widely recognised.

subspecies are recognised   (亜種が認識されている)

, seven subspecies are recognised by MSW3.

The following subspecies are recognised:

formally recognised

An employment tribunal formally recognised in 2010 that François in fact had been poisoned.

Perbatasari is recorded as working on three films after Indonesia was formally recognised in 1949.

A declaration was attached to the treaty, in which sixteen member states formally recognised the proposed symbols.

now recognised

Twenty-six serotypes are now recognised for this virus.

"tenuifolius" in 1870, now recognised as "I. prostratus".

Edzard was now recognised by the Groninger Ommelanden as its ruler.

currently recognised

Six species are currently recognised in this genus.

Three orders and 31 families are currently recognised.

Eleven families are currently recognised.

first recognised

The first recognised HyMoRS was discovered in 2002 and since then 30 more.

Often the work of these auteurs was first recognised abroad rather than in Germany itself.

In 1952 Breton wrote "It was in the black mirror of anarchism that surrealism first recognised itself."

most recognised   (最も認識されている)

Roper's most recognised works relate to the aspects of social and environmental communication.

The Batra mine, Bulqizë mine, and Thekna mine are among the most recognised Albanian mines that are still in operation.

Yu Hui Tseng Yu Hui Tseng is a Gongfu tea ceremony master, the only female master and among the ten most recognised today.

recognised subspecies

There are two recognised subspecies:

There are no recognised subspecies.

easily recognised

The species of "Enoploteuthis"are most easily recognised by having a larger tail when compared to the other genera in the Enoploteuthidae.

The name used is typically the trading name of the business rather than the legal name so that it can be easily recognised by the customer.

Cognates may often be less easily recognised than the above examples, and authorities sometimes differ in their interpretations of the evidence.

generally recognised

He was generally recognised as one of the best judges of sheep in the State.

After that, Lobanovskyi's side defeated Barcelona, the generally recognised favourite, 3–0 in Kyiv in front of 100,000 fans.

It is generally recognised that the first examination is much more difficult than the CAPA and is dreaded by most law students.

became recognised

The title "šar kiššati" became recognised as meaning "lord of the universe".

It became recognised that dwellings scheduled for clearance could be refurbished to provide decent homes.

His performance became recognised that there were calls for him to be called up by the national team squad.