international recognition   (国際的な認識)

His work has given him international recognition.

This painting has achieved international recognition.

The flag gained a degree of international recognition.

gained recognition   (認識を得た)

Thus, they quickly gained recognition in the Latvian music scene.

He first gained recognition from directing numerous music videos.

Mai Sukhan gained recognition in Punjab for her military leadership.

official recognition   (公認)

Neither of these designs gained official recognition.

Their work achieved official recognition only in 2009.

This was the first official recognition of his service.

national recognition   (国民的認知)

In the 1980s, Wilson began to gain national recognition.

We are advocates for a national recognition of religion – and we are not voluntaries.'

Hostak gained national recognition when he knocked out Risko in the 7th round in Seattle.

received recognition   (認められた)

City Barbeque's business has received recognition as well.

They received recognition from the British monarch in 1836.

"Battle Scars" has also received recognition internationally.

speech recognition

At Google, Microsoft and Baidu this approach has revolutionized speech recognition.

Applications include speech recognition, facial recognition, and object recognition.

It also includes a predictive text system, handwriting and speech recognition support.

federal recognition   (連邦承認)

Many have since regained their federal recognition.

In 1989 the tribe regained its federal recognition.

The 111th and 103d received federal recognition and were activated on 20 December 1948.

legal recognition

The efforts of the church for legal recognition were unsuccessful until 1939.

Riparian rights received legal recognition after California gained statehood.

There is no legal recognition for transgender or gender non-conforming people.

pattern recognition   (パターン認識)

They can also be seen as secreted forms of pattern recognition receptors (PRRs).

Ripley has made contributions to the fields of spatial statistics and pattern recognition.

Thus, Kraepelin's system is a method for pattern recognition, not grouping by common symptoms.

name recognition

Peterman attributed his loss to Welch's greater name recognition.

He released his first album in 1993; it gave him immediate name recognition.

Wexton, the only elected official in the field, has the highest name recognition.

public recognition   (公認)

Boris Smelov first received public recognition for his photography work in the 1970s.

Celebrities enjoy public recognition and often are perceived to possess some expertise.

Ilse's work extracting prisoners from the concentration camps has not received much public recognition.

facial recognition   (顔認識)

Viewdle Viewdle is a Ukrainian facial recognition company.

The system adopts artificial intelligence including facial recognition.

He is best known for his seminal work in facial recognition and machine learning.

formal recognition

But, the reclusive Chaliha publicly accepted formal recognition only once.

In the diplomatic field, the de facto autonomous region lacks any formal recognition.

The Mississippi State Legislature awarded her a formal recognition during the 1999 regular session.

gain recognition

The early 2000s saw PHUNK gain recognition regionally and globally.

During the Russian era, the Finnish language began to gain recognition.

They realized that the only way to gain recognition was to adopt a constitution.

diplomatic recognition

Throughout the Kuomintang years, no country gave Tibet diplomatic recognition.

In 1933, the Massachusetts State Council opposed diplomatic recognition of the Soviet Union.

Washington's interest began in 1824 with the diplomatic recognition of the five states of Central America.

recognition when   (認識時)

They gained recognition when they were asked to model on a motorcycle website.

She achieved recognition when she won the second season of "Zvezde Granda" in 2005.

Hostak gained national recognition when he knocked out Risko in the 7th round in Seattle.

widespread recognition   (広範な認識)

With this programme, he gained widespread recognition in Latvia.

Transviolet firstly began gaining widespread recognition with endorsements from Harry Styles and Katy Perry.

He first achieved widespread recognition in 1933, when at age 16, he composed the song ""O Que É Que a Baiana Tem?""

beyond recognition

Most of the bodies were burned beyond recognition.

Pinedo's body was burned beyond recognition in the fire.

The four dead at the scene were charred beyond recognition.

gained international recognition

Some of his tracks have gained international recognition.

He gained international recognition with "Loves of a Blonde".

Many Finnish metal bands have gained international recognition.

special recognition

This milestone earned Salmaggi special recognition from First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

The Songwriters Hall of Fame bestowed special recognition on the first single from that album "No Safe".

He played football, baseball and basketball his freshman year, giving him special recognition as a tri sport athlete.

worldwide recognition

Herrmann's contributions brought him worldwide recognition.

It has gained worldwide recognition for its curved lift hill, an anomaly amongst roller coasters.

His work in the areas of recognition and treatment of depression has gained worldwide recognition.

wide recognition

Many international schools choose to use the British system for their wide recognition.

Afterwards Carter received complimentary reviews and wide recognition from around the world.

She gained wide recognition with "Masoom" (1983), following which she appeared in few other films.

mutual recognition

Various other national bodies have mutual recognition agreements with most British RQBs.

Both nations extended mutual recognition as independent States and decided to start negotiations to establish diplomatic relations.

Full mutual recognition and the accreditation of ordinary ambassadors came after the Peace of Münster, during the reign of Philip IV of Spain.

wider recognition

He was also gaining wider recognition.

In particular, his role as Mark in the 2003 film "Love Actually" gained him wider recognition.

Brown's work in this area became the basis for a wider recognition of Price's role in and contribution to American music.

awards and recognition

He received many awards and recognition for his work including a gold medal from AIGA.

Over the years The Miller Group Advertising, Inc. has received many awards and recognition:

While at Ford, Mays has received several professional awards and recognition for his designs.

face recognition   (顔認識)

FRGC data is still available to face recognition researchers.

Experiment 3 measures the performance of 3D face recognition.

Previous face recognition data sets have been restricted to still images.

character recognition

Handwritten biometric recognition should not be confused with optical character recognition (OCR).

Tesseract (software) Tesseract is an optical character recognition engine for various operating systems.

Recognition Equipment Inc. of Dallas, Texas used 910s in the 1960s to control its optical character recognition machines.

gaining recognition

The firm proved successful, gaining recognition in the breeding of horses and cattle.

Baxter York, Emmett York, and Joe Chitto worked on gaining recognition for the Choctaw.

He subsequently wrote formal poetry, gaining recognition for his first collection in 1925.

recognition through

(Clay had won popularity and recognition through his supervision of the Berlin Airlift).

Hearsay was an early attempt at solving voice recognition through an expert systems approach.

During her PhD program she received honor and recognition through many different scholarships.

achieved recognition

He has achieved recognition in Europe and the United States.

She achieved recognition when she won the second season of "Zvezde Granda" in 2005.

Her first film was YVS Chowdary's "Devadasu", through which she first achieved recognition.

recognition of outstanding

The TCA Award is an annual accolade bestowed by the Television Critics Association in recognition of outstanding achievements in television.

This is awarded recognition of outstanding individual performances each round of the 2009 Claxton Shield by the Australian Baseball Federation.

Fellow status in both organizations is granted in recognition of outstanding and distinguished contributions to the science and profession of psychology.

more recognition

The album sold over 10 million albums worldwide, gaining more recognition for Ramazzotti.

MAKEOUT gained more recognition while opening for Blink 182 alongside The Naked and Famous.

Each organization promotes the advancement of the sport and that it gains more recognition.

object recognition

2006) for image matching and object recognition.

Applications include speech recognition, facial recognition, and object recognition.

Studies have been done with the use of Greebles to show the role of memory in object recognition.

voice recognition

This technology allows voice recognition even in noisy environments.

Other methods include handwriting recognition, OCR and voice recognition.

Hearsay was an early attempt at solving voice recognition through an expert systems approach.

recognition technology

Some of the handwriting recognition technology from the Newton later found its way into Windows CE.

ICE 2006 consisted of a large-scale, open, independent technology evaluation of iris recognition technology.

In 1998, Söhnlein co-founded Milo, a speech recognition technology company that was acquired by Voxeo in 2001.

gained national recognition   (全国的に認められた)

Hostak gained national recognition when he knocked out Risko in the 7th round in Seattle.

She gained national recognition when Riley, a horse she had bred, won the 1890 Kentucky Derby.

Since its founding it has gained national recognition for its excellent canoeing and backpacking programs.

further recognition

He gained further recognition for his starring role as Gunnar Scott in the ABC musical drama series "Nashville".

The film gave a fresh lease in their careers to the lead pair, while Vikraman's work won him further recognition.

He gained further recognition with his role as a young Emperor in the wuxia historical drama "Nirvana in Fire 2" (2017).

received international recognition

Avery received international recognition for his research on Walser.

Within three years he received international recognition as one of Africa's most promising photographers.

Bosnia and Herzegovina declared independence on 3 March 1992 and received international recognition the following month on 6 April 1992.

earned recognition

He earned recognition as Ahmad Shah Baba, or "Father" of Afghanistan.

The individuals in the sections below earned recognition for meritorious performances.

The Angels earned recognition at the international Festival Mondial du Théâtre in Nancy, France.

won recognition

Shot on a small budget, the film was successful and won recognition for its cast members.

Kundra won recognition for the project management system he implemented for the District government.

Mohamed toured in the United States, where he produced several plays and won recognition as an actor.

greater recognition

Only recently have these differences gained greater recognition.

This enabled the band to achieve greater recognition beyond their home state.

Kader is a prominent activist working in the fight for greater recognition of children’s rights.

state recognition   (状態認識)

The local Choctawhatchee Creek have organized and said to be seeking state recognition.

He hopes that as a result of such discussion the Mašíns will eventually receive official state recognition.

Bagnasco had compared the idea of recognizing same-sex unions directly with state recognition for incest and pedophilia.

recognition software

This is especially useful for the automatic number plate recognition software of speed cameras and CCTV.

The original Graffiti recognition software required only a single stylus stroke for each alphanumeric character.

The accuracy of the speech recognition software is over 70 percent according to software developer Jack Buchanan.