İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

not recognize   (tanımamak)

The clerk on duty at the time did not recognize her.

The Druzes do not recognize any religious hierarchy.

He does not recognize Karen, who is devastated.

did not recognize   (tanımadı)

The clerk on duty at the time did not recognize her.

Namseonbi was blind, and thus he did not recognize his wife.

I did not recognize the man as he crossed the stage as being Booth.

does not recognize   (tanımıyor)

He does not recognize Karen, who is devastated.

Violet does not recognize him, but he has a black beard.

It's obviously Claire does not recognize her sons anymore.

refused to recognize   (tanımayı reddetti)

South Africa refused to recognize this resolution.

Erzhu refused to recognize Yuan Zhao as emperor.

Galerius refused to recognize him but failed to unseat him.

able to recognize   (tanıyabilme)

Social halictid bees also are able to recognize their relatives.

Ashoka was able to recognize those who were non-Buddhists and expelled all of them (60,000 monks).

They have tremendous memories and are able to recognize each other after long periods of separation.

recognize outstanding

A Premio Nuestra Tierra is an accolade that recognize outstanding achievement in the Colombian music industry.

Ovation Honors recognize outstanding achievement in areas that are not among the standard list of nomination categories.

The Martin Deutsch Student Award was created in 1987 to recognize outstanding experimental work by an MIT physics graduate student.

first to recognize

Susan Hopkins was the first to recognize it as a portion of the Gospel.

This festival was among the first to recognize the talents of Viktor & Rolf.

As a result, he was the first to recognize clubbing of the fingers as a sign of infective endocarditis.

ability to recognize

Readers have the ability to recognize and bind to specific sites on chromatin to alter epigenetic signatures.

For example, the ability to recognize individual groups members could solve the problem of cheating behavior.

Animals were tested on their ability to recognize objects, learn their valences and make object selections from memory.

officially recognize

The victory over Sandy Spring prompted the MAC faculty to officially recognize the team.

All major Christian denominations which officially recognize saints venerate Athanasius.

Nevertheless, the Russian Orthodox Church did not officially recognize its independence until 1943.

recognize each

Biterolf and Etzel then recognize each other as kings.

Biterolf and Dietleib do not recognize each other, however.

They recognize each other from the scene in the bar and are instantly attracted to each other.

failed to recognize

They failed to recognize the difficulty of some of the remaining tasks.

This failed to recognize the situation of those employed under a probationary status.

"Bud" Morin failed to recognize this and was killed when his plane contacted the ground.