make recommendations   (勧告する)

The Committee can request information from and make recommendations to a party.

The TAC takes direction from the Board to make recommendations on policy issues.

Guidelines may make recommendations that are stronger than the supporting evidence.

policy recommendations   (政策提言)

During the seminar the economists set out their ideas and policy recommendations.

However, neither observation led to formal policy recommendations to forestall such an attack.

Lastly, a Final Report was published in June, 2015 by DTPS providing its policy recommendations.

made recommendations   (勧告をした)

He also made recommendations for small changes to the questions.

The consultants made recommendations, but the clients decided what to do."

There he analyzed and made recommendations on matters of diplomacy and security.

recommendations made

The measures employed were based on recommendations made by Scotland Yard personnel.

In May 2007, the height restriction was raised to a minimum of per recommendations made by Intamin.

This lack of authority allows for police departments to ignore important recommendations made by oversight agencies.

makes recommendations

The panel screens all candidates for Superior Court judgeships in New Jersey and makes recommendations to the governor and his staff.

It makes recommendations focusing on how to improve the access to and use of space-based information in risk and disaster management.

A citizen advisory committee, the Transportation Board, makes recommendations to the Town Council on transportation and traffic issues.

making recommendations

It plays a key role in making recommendations to the COP on scientific and technical issues.

The commission was charged with making recommendations to Congress regarding ways to increase affordable housing.

This agency consisted of three commissioners who were charged with analyzing the state road system and making recommendations.

recommendations regarding

There are many such tests (10 in one table) and recommendations regarding their use are vague or conflicting.

More controversial was Reinhardt's description and recommendations regarding a phenomenon he termed a "pivot".

The Financial Stability Oversight Board was created to review and make recommendations regarding the Treasury's actions.