reconnaissance aircraft   (偵察機)

India is looking to transfer a single Do228 reconnaissance aircraft.

The reconnaissance aircraft proved to be unsuitable after several months' testing.

15 F-4EJ and F-4EJ Kai were converted to reconnaissance aircraft designated RF-4EJ.

reconnaissance missions   (偵察任務)

The squadron began to fly strategic reconnaissance missions in September 1953.

aerial reconnaissance   (空中偵察)

Furthermore, aerial reconnaissance was poor.

He became an aerial reconnaissance officer in 1925 and a sergeant pilot in 1927.

In addition, British aerial reconnaissance detected the oncoming Italian fleet and was able to escape.

reconnaissance mission   (偵察任務)

Army Suhoi fighter planes were also sent on a reconnaissance mission over NLA positions.

Jayasinghe was killed in November 2008, during a reconnaissance mission in LTTE held territory.

On 23 July 1943 she opened fire on two FW-190 fighters to defend the plane during a reconnaissance mission.

reconnaissance flights   (偵察飛行)

He flew numerous reconnaissance flights over Belgium until he was wounded.

At its peak, British reconnaissance flights yielded 50,000 images per day to interpret.

The secret reconnaissance flights of this aircraft were the first operational missions of the Mosquito.

reconnaissance unit

3 Squadron IAF The No.3 Squadron ("Cobras") of the Indian Air Force (IAF) operates as a Close Air Support (CAS) and reconnaissance unit.

At the outbreak of the Civil War, Whipple served for a time under General Irvin McDowell as commander of the nascent balloon reconnaissance unit.

If the whole RAID has to intervene, the Negotiations section is used as a reconnaissance unit, and prepares the intervention of the other sections.

reconnaissance units

They were used as an anti-tank component of the reconnaissance units.

On 18 September, U.S. reconnaissance units encountered Wehrmacht Panzergrenadiers again.

After World War II the dragoon regiments were reorganized as armoured reconnaissance units.

tactical reconnaissance   (戦術的偵察)

The squadron conducted RF-4C Phantom II training for tactical reconnaissance aircrews.

With the retirement of the last RF-8G Crusaders in 1982, TARPS F-14s became the U.S. Navy's primary tactical reconnaissance system.

Phantoms would eventually equip numerous tactical fighter and tactical reconnaissance units in the USAF active, National Guard, and reserve.

photographic reconnaissance

681 and 684 Squadrons, flew the Mitchell (primarily Mk IIs) on photographic reconnaissance sorties.

It flew visual and photographic reconnaissance missions to provide intelligence for ground and air units.

Several B-17s were converted to long-range photographic reconnaissance aircraft, designated F-9 Flying Fortress.

photo reconnaissance

F4U-1P: A rare photo reconnaissance variant.

Its first sustained combat use was as a photo reconnaissance platform.

F4U-4P: F4U-4 equivalent to the -1P, a rare photo reconnaissance variant.

air reconnaissance

3 Squadron RFC, conducting air reconnaissance over France.

At the 1911 manoeuvres Gallieni used air reconnaissance to capture a colonel of the Supreme War Council and his staff.

Soon after the plans were laid, air reconnaissance reports reached Cavan with accurate information and the attack was cancelled.

reconnaissance squadron

Stryker BCTs include a Stryker-vehicle-based reconnaissance squadron.

He was deployed in a reconnaissance squadron and later as a fighter pilot in northern France.

Reorganized in 1923 as a reconnaissance squadron, assigned to 5th Composite Group in Hawaii as part of the islands air defense organization.

reconnaissance flight   (偵察飛行)

Operations during the second day began with a reconnaissance flight by a Sukhoi Su-25.

ATS members took a reconnaissance flight over the township in an RNZAF UH-1H Iroquois helicopter.

The aircraft had been flying on a routine weather reconnaissance flight from its base at Oldenburg in Germany.

reconnaissance plane

A reconnaissance plane into the system shortly before 1200 UTC on June 25 revealed hurricane-force winds above the surface.

On 15 April 1969, a Navy EC-121 reconnaissance plane was shot down by North Koreans about southeast of the North Korean port of Chongjin.

On September 23, 1916, during a fight with a German two-man reconnaissance plane, Rockwell was shot through the chest by an explosive bullet and killed instantly.

armed reconnaissance   (武装偵察)

The "Stormies" flew two sorties per day of armed reconnaissance along North Vietnamese roads.

The Spectre participated in countless operations within Afghanistan, performing on-call close air support and armed reconnaissance.

On 18 August 1968, an AC-130 gunship flying an armed reconnaissance mission in Vietnam's III Corps was diverted to support the Katum Special Forces Camp.