record label   (レコードレーベル)

It was released in 1979 by the record label Radar.

NMC Music NMC Music () is an Israeli record label.

Many titles appeared on more than one record label.

world record   (世界記録)

He is a world record holder in his classification.

In so doing, Wallenda set his sixth world record.

Their combined score was a world record at the time.

record producer   (レコードプロデューサー)

His sister is the record producer Nora Guthrie.

Dave Meegan Dave Meegan is a record producer.

2)" by American record producer BoogzDaBeast.

record for most   (ほとんどの記録)

Schultz holds the NCAA record for most strikeouts in a game.

Ian also holds the record for most consecutive HoH wins at 4.

He also holds the record for most title defenses, at seventeen.

new record   (新記録)

The 2004 season set a new record with over burned.

<nowiki>*</nowiki> Indicates new record in the month

The film set a new record for box office sales.

record company   (レコード会社)

The record company came up with the idea, I think.

The record company pressured Parsons to use him more.

He runs his own record company, Lundgren Music.

overall record   (総合記録)

In 2010–11, she led UDM to a 13–18 overall record.

They hold an overall record of 106-29 since 2005.

His overall record for four seasons was 13–25–2.

record labels   (レコードレーベル)

Irving had two record labels, Master and Variety.

It does include corporations or record labels.

He has recorded for record labels since the early 1970s.

independent record   (独立した記録)

Former independent record company Wax Trax!

Records is an independent record label based in Washington, DC.

It is the band's first release on their own independent record label.

holds the record   (記録を保持)

Ian also holds the record for most consecutive HoH wins at 4.

Singapore's sprinter Rocket Man holds the record of most wins.

He also holds the record for most title defenses, at seventeen.

record deal   (レコード取引)

This was their first step towards a record deal.

In 2016 he signed a record deal with Sony Music.

Soon after, he signed a record deal with Capitol Records.

previous record   (前の記録)

In August 2010, Koxa had reached a previous record.

The previous record was 14,938 meters (49,009 feet).

This time bested the previous record of 45.39 seconds.

school record   (学歴)

Season total of 229 assists set a school record.

King set the single season school record for points.

The 28 point first quarter also tied a school record.

record holder   (記録保持者)

He is a world record holder in his classification.

The previous record holder was David Campese.

Dipna is the 400 metres hurdles national record holder.

independent record label   (独立したレコードレーベル)

Records is an independent record label based in Washington, DC.

It is the band's first release on their own independent record label.

It was then that George’s independent record label Evzone Music was born.

first record   (最初の記録)

In 1974 he produced his first record as singer.

He released his first record on 'BPM Legends' records.

It was her first record to be released internationally.

club record   (クラブ記録)

He holds the club record for competitive appearances.

club record over 670 appearances in the League of Ireland.

His 335 passing yards in the first half set a club record.

national record   (全国記録)

In 1955 she set a national record in the shot put.

Lopes' time was a new Cape Verdean national record.

His 50 m split of 27.57 was also a national record.

no record   (記録なし)

There is no record of the work's first performance.

There is no record of the disposition of this case.

There is no record of the Haggart's having children.

own record   (自分の記録)

She later bested her own record with a speed of .

He runs his own record company, Lundgren Music.

Cox formed his own record label, Intec Records in 1998.

track record   (実績)

The winning time of 2:29.4 was a new track record.

Their first run has a time of 57.26, a track record.

He's not exactly got the best track record."

franchise record   (フランチャイズ記録)

Their 15 wins also tied the franchise record.

At the time, this was a franchise record.

They had won or tied 18 straight series, a franchise record.

season record   (シーズン記録)

Their lowest season record was 45–92 (.328) in 1906.

Their final season record stood at 75–69.

Greensburg's final season record was 3-7.

best record   (最高の記録)

His best record of 4/15 was against Middlesex.

"The Times" named it the ninth best record of the year.

best record) during the regular season.

record time   (記録タイム)

South Africa won with a world record time of 41.78 seconds.

Nan Gao set a new Asian record time of one minute 15.05 seconds.

The event sold out in under an hour, a record time for the festival.

fossil record   (化石記録)

Three species are only known from the fossil record:

The totality of fossils is known as the "fossil record".

Paleomycology is the study of fungi in the fossil record.

record against   (記録する)

Gulko has a plus record against Garry Kasparov (+3−1=4).

Ryan's Eagles compiled an 8–2 record against the Cowboys.

The tie brought Alabama's all-time record against Texas to 0–4–1.

record set   (レコードセット)

Hank Aaron previously held the record set in 1976.

Their record set in 1997 lasted for 7 years.

The 13 runs tied a franchise record set in the 1956 World Series.

historical record   (歴史的記録)

1912–20, which correlates with the historical record.

After 1700, new foods were noted in the historical record.

In this historical record, he is said to have been called and .

compiling a record   (レコードを編集する)

UTSA has played in one bowl game, compiling a record of 0–1.

Briscoe had a standout career as an amateur, compiling a record of 70–3.

† Co-champions UAB has played in 4 bowl games, compiling a record of 1–3.

set a record   (記録を立てる)

This set a record for the largest audience at a film premiere.

In 1959, Jim Shoulders set a record of 16 world championships.

Bitcoin set a record high of 19,891 US dollars on 17 December.

own record label   (自身のレコードレーベル)

Cox formed his own record label, Intec Records in 1998.

In April 2017, he founded his own record label, Stay High.

In April 1993, Batio founded his own record label, M.A.C.E.

speed record   (スピード記録)

Parry-Thomas to make bids on the land speed record.

In 1922 he set a national cycling speed record.

The official rail speed record in Croatia is .

league record   (リーグ記録)

He also broke the major league record for strikeouts in 2004.

His club-record 12 victories on the road tied the major league record.

He recorded 16 double-double's and 4 triple-double's, a league record.

record companies   (レコード会社)

Before 1958, gold records were awarded by record companies.

Several record companies had by now shown interest in signing him.

A series of popular pieces were recorded for two record companies.

new world record   (新世界記録)

He made (7.35 m/1,093 points) and set a new world record.

The time 5:19.85 was a new world record.

broke the record   (記録を破った)

He also broke the record in the and equaled it in the .

In June 2019, "High Hopes" broke the record for most weeks at No.

Charles Reidpath broke the record with a 48.2 second performance.

playoff record   (プレーオフ記録)

PGA Tour of Australasia playoff record (0–1) Amateur

European Tour playoff record (0–1) Amateur

Asian Tour playoff record (0–1) Amateur

regular season record   (レギュラーシーズン記録)

The team had a regular season record of 137 wins and 0 losses.

Dallas finished 13–3, tying their best 16-game regular season record.

The team had a regular season record of 270–181 (.599) during that time.

conference record   (会議記録)

Georgetown evened its conference record at 3-3.

As in previous years, qualifying was based on overall conference record.

The two victories pushed the Bearcats to a 3–1 conference record and the No.

winning record   (受賞記録)

The Action finished the season with a winning record.

They would only notch one other winning record in 2002.

Golson was on teams that compiled a winning record of 30–9.

set the record   (記録を立てる)

He surpassed Ed Reed who set the record in 2004.

Aaron went on to set the record in Atlanta two nights later.

He set the record for the most matches as captain in the Ranji Trophy.

compiled a record   (記録をまとめた)

Under Morris, the Minutemen compiled a record of 16–17.

Under Hodges, the Minutemen compiled a record of 35–30.

He compiled a record of 5-7 with a 4.32 ERA in 72 games.

course record   (コース記録)

The winning time of 2:01.90 was a new course record.

In 2017 he broke the course record at the Karlovy Vary Half Marathon.

The current Henley course record is 5:53 set by the winning 2018 entry.

record high   (過去最高)

The record high temperature was on July 1, 1942.

The record high for Resolute is on July 2, 2012.

It sold for a then record high amount: $6,400.

criminal record   (犯罪歴)

He is unmarried and has no criminal record.

Huerta did not have a criminal record.

Luiz Carlos had no criminal record.

attendance record   (出席簿)

The crowd of 57,417 set an attendance record.

The game set an attendance record with 6,120 at the arena.

In 2018, the museum set an all-time attendance record with .

team record   (チーム記録)

It broke a team record previously set in the 1983–84 season.

= Fought as an alternate bout, does not go towards team record.

The team record was better in 1986, with five wins and two losses.

record number   (レコード番号)

It completed a record number of 900+ shows in first five weeks.

A record number of 6,000 delegates from 134 countries participated.

Bold numbers denotes record number of victories in certain disciplines.

record attendance   (出席を記録する)

That was a record attendance on FK Dečić home games.

Fans responded with record attendance figures.

Melbourne holds the current record attendance for Rugby Sevens.

career record   (経歴)

His career record stands at 38-7-3, 14 knockouts.

His career record in the minor leagues was 119–112.

His career record as head coach thru 2017 was .

record low   (過去最低)

The record low for Resolute is on January 7, 1966.

The average rating doubled last year’s record low of 1.6.

The average temperature in winter is , with a record low of .

world record holder   (世界記録保持者)

He is a world record holder in his classification.

She is also the former world record holder.

He is the current world record holder.

studio to record   (録音するスタジオ)

"I went kicking and screaming to the studio to record it."

In October the band went to the studio to record some demos.

In July 1998 Edyta entered the studio to record a new album.

major record   (主な記録)

Have no doubt, this is a major record."

The album was their first to be recorded on a major record label.

Mobile Estates Mobile Estates is Citizen King's only major record release.

not record   (記録しない)

did not record commercially (if at all) in 1902/03.

The band would not record another album until 2013.

He did not record any receptions in either game.

held the record   (記録を保持した)

Hank Aaron previously held the record set in 1976.

Both men held the record at 1:01.76 at the time.

It held the record until 2016 when "Game of Thrones" won 38.

scoring record   (得点記録)

He still holds the scoring record at Holy Cross.

This remains the club record all-time seasonal league goal scoring record.

His goal scoring record totaled to 8 goals in four consecutive league matches.

win–loss record   (勝敗記録)

Allgurin has a win–loss record of 4–3 for the Sweden Fed Cup team.

The following table describes the Royals' MLB win–loss record by decade.

The following table describes the Padres' MLB win–loss record by decade.

coaching record   (コーチング記録)

His coaching record at Washington State was 3–3–2.

Hertz's career head coaching record was 697-678-5.

His coaching record at Abilene Christian was 4–0–1.

record during   (記録中)

Stanford had a 20–23 record during his tenure.

Nugent amassed a 36–34 record during his tenure at Maryland.

He led the team to a 23–5–1 record during his three seasons.

record store   (レコードストア)

By 1930, the census showed him working at a record store.

A blues record store that stocked 45s only.

Then, I got a job in a record store.

record breaking   (記録破り)

The construction time was a record breaking 14 months.

The 2013 toy show featured a record breaking 237 toys.

Lindbergh's record breaking flight was on May 20–21, 1927.

record sales   (記録的な販売)

As his record sales increased, his complaints grew louder.

Her record sales total over 2.400,000.

The band saw increased record sales and notability as a result.

signed a record   (レコードに署名した)

In 2016 he signed a record deal with Sony Music.

Soon after, he signed a record deal with Capitol Records.

In December 2012, he signed a record deal with Sony Music.

worst record   (最悪の記録)

This was the franchise's worst record in its history.

They ended the season with the worst record in the Big 12.

The Tigers finished 43–119, the worst record in franchise history.

vinyl record   (ビニールレコード)

The DVD also came with a CD or vinyl record of the show.

They are included to represent the flipping of a vinyl record.

VinylDisc is the hybrid of a standard audio CD and the vinyl record.

written record   (記録)

The first written record of Šafárikovoa dates from 1245.

No written record of its activities after 1911 has been found.

The first written record about the Bystřice can be traced back to 1298.

continued to record   (記録し続けました)

In the 1980s, Miles continued to record and tour.

She continued to record into the early 1980s.

The Challengers moved on and continued to record albums.

combined record   (複合記録)

Their combined record in all games is 35–11–3.

They had a combined record of 52-1-2 in those four years.

Their combined record is 12–20.

record crowd   (記録的な群衆)

A record crowd showed up at the San Diego Sports Arena for the championship final.

A record crowd of 25,586 attended a Scottish League Cup tie against Rangers in 1949.

The Frenchman Jean Behra won in 1954, before a record crowd, driving a Simca-Gordini.

gold record   (ゴールドレコード)

Curtis cried while receiving the gold record award.

It has been certified a gold record by the RIAA.

1 for a full six weeks and became a gold record.

record held   (開催記録)

The record held until 2001.

She bested by over an hour the record held for almost 20 years – that of Fujitake.

Till now no other club in the history of Malaysia able to match the record held by Selangor.

official record   (公式記録)

The "official scorer" keeps the official record of the game.

According to an official record, the first Head Teacher was Miss M. Manckton.

FIFA does not list the Copa Rio as an official record of club world championships.

did not record   (記録しなかった)

did not record commercially (if at all) in 1902/03.

He did not record any receptions in either game.

This outfit did not record and soon split up.

record was broken   (記録が破られた)

His record was broken three years later by Migen Memelli.

This record was broken in 2009 by sixteen trips of Barack Obama.

The record was broken by Poland's Irena Szewińska a month later.

breaking the record   (記録を破る)

Blaine finished by breaking the record total twice.

Selig called Bonds later that night to congratulate him on breaking the record.

In the following months, more attempts at breaking the record would take place.

losing record   (記録を失う)

This campaign was Pitt's first losing record since 1999.

The 2004 season was Friedgen's first with a losing record.

The Saints never missed the playoffs nor had a losing record.

record label founded   (レコードレーベル設立)

Ltd. was a Japanese record label founded by Ken Suzuki.

is an American record label founded by Marilyn Manson in 2010.

Discuba Discuba is a Cuban record label founded in 1959 by RCA Victor.

record stores   (レコード店)

was only sold in record stores in Japan.

The album, however, was banned from many record stores nationwide.

Her records could then be found in large and small record stores alike.

record the song   (歌を録音する)

Morgan was the first to record the song.

Grohl would later record the song for the "Pocketwatch" cassette.

Tiffany returned the next day to record the song in around four takes.

final record   (最終記録)

His final record was 215–117–1 in 27 seasons.

The team's final record of 26–8 was their best since 2010.

His final record was 83 wins (72 by KO), 17 losses and 4 draws.

archaeological record   (考古学的記録)

Such sudden events may be invisible in the archaeological record.

Scholars propose that a variety of objects from the archaeological record depict Týr.

Not all painting techniques are equally well represented in the archaeological record.

record was set   (レコードが設定されました)

The old record was set in 1995 by David Ozio, who toppled 1,070 pins.

The track record was set by Ronnie Jamroży (62,79 sec on 13 April 2009).

This record was set before any car or aeroplane had attained such a speed.

record contract   (レコード契約)

Clairo signed a 12-song record contract with Fader Label.

That was followed by a record contract with Tyrolis Music.

This success led to a BMG International record contract in 1994.

record an album   (アルバムを録音する)

Friends helped him to record an album in summer 1988.

Zé wanted to record an album with Raul when he was alive.

In 1972 he put together a band called Duck to record an album.

voting record   (投票記録)

His voting record in the House was generally conservative.

Holloway was widely identified as a social conservative by his voting record.

Kelly highlighted a socially moderate and fiscally conservative voting record.

public record   (公的記録)

This is also verified by public record.

Unfortunately, the public record of Hess's endeavors is silent.

Hayes is noted on a public record in County Wexford as early as 1182.

record a new   (新しいを記録)

In July 1998 Edyta entered the studio to record a new album.

Carey later opted to record a new album, that would be released during the summer of 2009.

He also started to record a new solo album, to which he devoted himself to during the short breaks between tours.

another record   (別の記録)

"Is it possible that Fleetwood Mac might do another record?

During the flight, he reached an altitude of , setting another record.

Two years later, he set another record, this time of 220 wings on September 3, 2017.

record when   (いつ記録する)

The C64 has registers which record when flyback occurs.

As soon as I heard it, I know a hit record when I hear it.

Iowa opened the play up with a bang and set an Orange Bowl record when C.J.

personal record   (個人記録)

This score is her personal record for points.

The diary was originally created as a personal record but A.Y.

Lizzy decided to have a second turn, to beat her personal record.

record the album   (アルバムを録音する)

Lynch joined the band in 2000 to record the album "Sing Loud, Sing Proud".

It was named after Millbrook, New York, where the band stayed to record the album.

In December, Devil Doll entered Tivoli Studios with Jurij Toni to record the album.

solo record   (ソロレコード)

Smith was offered the deal from Samsung for a solo record.

He released his first live solo record, "God My Rock", in 2012.

He just released a solo record PACEM.

decided to record   (記録することにしました)

Following this, the band decided to record their material.

After Un Dia Nuevo album came out, the band decided to record another studio album.

tour, White decided to record her own solo music, recording with the likes of Wretch 32.

record producers   (レコードプロデューサー)

Soul", record producers were keen to work with Carmel.

Most of the top rappers, MCs, DJs, record producers and music executives are men.

He visited American record producers offering the singles for an American release.

used to record   (記録に使用)

The technique has since been used to record many modern instruments.

The sales journal is used to record all of the company sales on credit.

In November 2014, the studios were used to record the Band Aid 30 charity single.

earliest record   (最古の記録)

The earliest record of the Old Town Hall was in 1575.

The earliest record of myth of Adapa is from the 14th century.

The earliest record of the Old Tub custom comes from circa 1845.

record and outscored   (記録とスコア)

The Buckeyes compiled a 6–2 record and outscored foes 189–64.

The team compiled a 9–3 record and outscored opponents 232 to 76.

The Buckeyes compiled a 7–2 record and outscored opponents 194–71.

record was released   (レコードがリリースされました)

The record was released for Record Store Day 2016.

The record was released on Alive Records, June 2011.

The record was released in 1961 and reached No.