Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

first recorded   (ghi nhận đầu tiên)

He is the first recorded missionary in this area.

"Guilt by association" is first recorded in 1941.

The name is first recorded in 1350 as "Riginun".

album was recorded   (album đã được ghi lại)

The album was recorded in Prague and Los Angeles.

The album was recorded at Aguilera's home studio.

The album was recorded in January and February 2006.

song recorded   (bài hát được ghi lại)

is a song recorded by South Korean girl group Twice.

This was the last song recorded by the band.

", a popular Christmas song recorded by multiple artists.

band recorded

This band recorded one album for Liberty Records.

In 1990, the band recorded and released "Once Dead".

The band recorded and released a self-titled EP in 2001.

recorded during

It was recorded during their "2007 Reunion Tour".

"", was recorded during the sessions for this album.

A total of 32 songs were recorded during these sessions.

recorded the song

They recorded the song at their studio in London.

Many singers have recorded the song, including:<br>

Nesmith's band, The Monkees, also recorded the song.

recorded his first

He recorded his first 100-yard game of his career.

He recorded his first album at 15 years old.

On May 3, he recorded his first home run in the Grand Slam.

originally recorded

The song was originally recorded by Shirley Bassey.

"My Friend Jack" was originally recorded by The Smoke.

The song was originally recorded for "Help!"

recorded live

It was recorded live in 1977, and released in 2007.

It was recorded live at Mainstreet on 29 July 1983.

All used instruments were recorded live separately.

ever recorded   (Đã từng ghi)

It is the highest value ever recorded in Germany.

This was the first CD ever recorded of Kerr's music.

as the "loveliest, saddest ballad Blancmange ever recorded".

recorded and released

The concert was also recorded and released on DVD.

"That's Nifty" was recorded and released in 1979.

In 1990, the band recorded and released "Once Dead".

not recorded   (không được ghi lại)

It was not recorded as a new species until 2005.

His exact date of death was apparently not recorded.

He is not recorded as ever having spoken there.

songs recorded

It consists of songs recorded from 2002 to 2006.

It featured all new songs recorded by The Jets.

All songs recorded and written by kid606.

song was recorded

The song was recorded as a single on 19 May 2016.

The song was recorded with the choir "V'là l'bon vent".

The song was recorded in mid-2012 at the S.M.

album recorded

The album recorded for Island remains unreleased.

It was the last album recorded by the original line-up.

A number of singles were released and a debut album recorded.

written and recorded

She had written and recorded the song in January 2018.

One song was written and recorded within the space of a day.

Numerous musicians have written and recorded tributes to Reinhardt.

recorded several

As of then, Onar has recorded several solo albums.

She recorded several albums in the early 1980s.

In this studio, Dre and Yella recorded several demos.

later recorded

Sinden sang it and later recorded it with Davies.

He later recorded a tape to promote his live shows.

He later recorded "Why Did You Break My Heart?"

recorded a population

The 2007 PCBS census recorded a population of 534.

The 2010 census recorded a population of 112,580.

The 1983 census recorded a population of 144,092.

recorded the album

They recorded the album with producer John Fields.

She recorded the album between 2011 and early 2012.

The Presets recorded the album in Sydney and Los Angeles.

recorded their first

Vikings recorded their first ever win over the Cork side.

They formed in 1994 and recorded their first album in 1996.

This lineup recorded their first demos.

recorded history

It dates back at least as far as recorded history.

Armour has been used throughout recorded history.

It will be the closest asteroid of its size in recorded history.

recorded an album

Recently he recorded an album named "Hum aur Tum".

In 2011, Stymest recorded an album with his band.

He has recorded an album with one of these bands.

previously recorded   (ghi lại trước đó)

Nelson had previously recorded the song in 1964.

She had not previously recorded "As Long As He Needs Me".

The song was not previously recorded.

recorded a cover

Day recorded a cover of The Beatles' "Help!"

The Wrights recorded a cover version of the song in 2005.

For the show, McClain recorded a cover of Taio Cruz's "Dynamite".

earliest recorded

Vinall is the earliest recorded cricketing fatality.

The earliest recorded pregnancy was at 38 days.

The earliest recorded use of this name dates back to 1850.

recorded a version

Corey Taylor also recorded a version of the song.

Ariel Winter also recorded a version of the song.

Palladium recorded a version for the film Dirty Deeds.

tracks recorded

When it was issued on CD, tracks recorded in 1991 were added.

Both CD and DVD contain the same tracks recorded live in Ottawa, Canada.

It is an extract of three tracks recorded at a concert in San Franscisco in 1983.

recorded between

It was recorded between February and April 1968.

The album was recorded between Bogotá and New York City.

The remaining songs were recorded between February and May 1980.

recorded on wing

Adults have been recorded on wing from June to July.

Adults have been recorded on wing in February.

recorded as having

The city is first recorded as having a bishop in 968.

He is recorded as having admitted conspiring to levy a war.

He is recorded as having said "If you have to kill, kill quickly.

performed and recorded

Many musicians performed and recorded songs in any number of styles.

Roy Acuff performed and recorded Smith's song, "Beautiful, Brown Eyes".

Every track on the record was scored, performed and recorded by Hawkins.

recorded depth   (độ sâu ghi)

Minimum recorded depth is 1 m. Maximum recorded depth is 1 m.

Minimum recorded depth is 94 m. Maximum recorded depth is 252 m.

census recorded

The 2007 PCBS census recorded a population of 534.

The 2010 census recorded a population of 112,580.

The 1983 census recorded a population of 144,092.

group recorded

The group recorded a new CD in 2000.

The group recorded several albums, including "Desi Beats Vol 1" with Def Jam.

The group recorded nine hours of material that was later edited into 23 tracks.

recorded music

4", but with recorded music rather than radio broadcasting.

After "Ram", the duo formed Wings and recorded music until 1981.

Tomingas has also recorded music for compilation albums with Park.

songs were recorded

She explains how songs were recorded and performed.

The songs were recorded live by ABC Radio sound crews.

A total of 32 songs were recorded during these sessions.

wrote and recorded

Parton wrote and recorded the film's title song.

During his short career, Holly wrote and recorded several songs.

On 5 May, George Harrison wrote and recorded the double guitar part.

recorded songs

Notable artists who recorded songs at Studio A include:

It was the first time Zita Swoon recorded songs in French.

She recorded songs on texts by Goethe with guitar accompaniment.

then recorded

The trio then recorded "Contradictions" in 2006.

Charlie Robison then recorded it on his 2004 album "Good Times".

Cyrus then recorded the song for her debut album, "Meet Miley Cyrus".

maximum recorded

The maximum recorded shell length is 7.5 mm.

The maximum recorded shell length is 4.5 mm.

The maximum recorded shell length is 33 mm.

recorded a song

Merle Kilgore recorded a song titled "The Bell Witch" in 1964.

The band Japan also recorded a song with the title "European Son".

Madeline recorded a song titled "The Legend of the Bell Witch" in 2014.

recorded and mixed

Both shows were recorded and mixed by Nick Raskulinecz.

It was recorded and mixed in WC Recording Studio in October 1998.

This was produced by Meat Loaf and recorded and mixed by David Thoener.

only recorded   (chỉ ghi)

Scott only recorded five carries for 15 yards in 11 games played.

The two disasters are the only recorded instances of limnic eruptions.

The Type II Supernova 1995V is the only recorded supernova in NGC 1087.

last recorded   (ghi lại lần cuối)

It is the last recorded live dodo in captivity.

His last recorded WSOP in-the-money finish was in 1997.

The last recorded sighting of the bird took place in 1853.

tracks were recorded

All of the album tracks were recorded in one take.

Two additional tracks were recorded in the same sessions.

Five tracks were recorded by this line-up but never released.

newly recorded

A song was newly recorded for the "Insomnia" album.

The package included a brace of newly recorded b-sides.

A newly recorded 2011 track, "I Will Remain", was added to the album.

recorded use

The first recorded use of mangonels was in ancient China.

The earliest recorded use of this name dates back to 1850.

The earliest recorded use of the proverb was in the early 16th century.

recorded many

Bing Crosby recorded many of the songs for Decca Records.

The Red Army Choir recorded many albums.

He recorded many bands over this period.

species recorded

This is the second species recorded from the island of Panay.

There is an outstanding butterfly fauna, with 29 species recorded.

Other species recorded are tutsan, bilberry, wood sage and foxglove.

highest recorded

The highest recorded temperature was in August 1989.

The highest recorded temperature in Dhahran is .

The highest recorded age 1 cavy was 200g.

recorded a new

From 2012 - 2014 she recorded a new album in her garden shed.

That year, they recorded a new song, "In Case You Didn't Know".

The group recorded a new CD in 2000.

recorded two albums

While with Alegre, Ray also recorded two albums for UA Latino.

The group occurs mostly in Germany and has recorded two albums.

Mozaik have performed worldwide and recorded two albums to date.

never recorded

He did two tours with them, but never recorded an album.

Following these two albums Bradshaw never recorded again.

The songs are also among the few that Crosby had never recorded.

recorded her first

She recorded her first album in 1978 under the name Flower.

She recorded her first singles in 1987.

Onete recorded her first album "Feitiço Caboclo" when she was 73.

recorded their debut

Whiteface recorded their debut album on Mercury Records.

The band recorded their debut album, "Descent to the Underworld", in 2012.

In 1989, they recorded their debut album, "Ci Incotreremo Ancora Un Giorno".

recorded more   (ghi thêm)

She has recorded more than 100 Nepali Folk songs.

During his career, he recorded more than 30 albums.

They recorded more demos at Rampart in 1992.

recorded and produced

Over the last twenty years he has recorded and produced over ten albums.

Tracks 1-3: written, recorded and produced by The Crystal Method and Filter.

Five tracks from this EP was recorded and produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys..

first recorded use

The first recorded use of mangonels was in ancient China.

The first recorded use of "plum" as a color name in English was in 1805.

temperature ever recorded

The highest temperature ever recorded was 48.3 °C (118.9 °F).

The coldest temperature ever recorded was on 23 January 1969.

The coldest temperature ever recorded was on 19 January 1925.

recorded temperature

The highest recorded temperature was in August 1989.

The highest recorded temperature in Dhahran is .

The lowest recorded temperature in the city range is .

recorded another   (ghi lại khác)

In 2007, he recorded another six touchdown season from returns.

In late October they recorded another album, "You're Going to Die".

She recorded another world No.

recorded before

It was recorded before restoration work was carried out.

Seventy "yea" votes were recorded before there was a single "nay."

He was so excited, you almost believed he had never recorded before.

recorded the first

Moman recorded the first demo cut on the song "Always on My Mind".

Pingone recorded the first description, along with a sketch in the year 1550.

and, according to Michael Campbell, "Bill Haley recorded the first big rockabilly hit."

recorded a number   (ghi lại một số)

Later, Elvis Presley recorded a number of her songs written for his films.

His music has been recorded a number of times by the string quartet ETHEL.

Gelfand recorded a number of cross-over albums combining jazz and classical styles.

version was recorded

An English version was recorded for "Crash-Landing".

That original version was recorded in a garage.

A vocal version was recorded by Kathy Kirby the next year.

recorded only   (chỉ ghi)

Rare to discs, Henri Barda has recorded only 5 albums:

It has been recorded only in northern Ecuador.

Out of 17 songs recorded only 14 reached the final material.

recorded material

It is the last recorded material with ex-vocalist Nick Brooks.

After hearing the recorded material, Jive signed Spears to a multi-album deal.

After hearing the recorded material, president Clive Calder ordered a full album.

temperature recorded

The hottest temperature recorded was .

The highest temperature recorded in Davenport was on July 12, 1936.

The highest ever temperature recorded in the town was on July 2010.

performances recorded

It features seven duet performances recorded in the studio.

The CD edition compiles performances recorded at four different sessions from 1963 to 1966.

However, the musical soundtrack, mostly live club performances recorded on location using an RCA 24-track mobile unit, survived.

recorded a demo   (ghi lại một bản demo)

The band recorded a demo tape and a 7" single during its lifetime.

It was first proposed by Icon Music, who recorded a demo for the song.

This line-up recorded a demo and appeared on a split 7" with Malcolm's Lost.

recorded feeding   (cho ăn ghi)

Adults have been recorded feeding from flowers.

Adults have been recorded feeding on nectar from "Eupatorium" flowers.

recorded and performed

She explains how songs were recorded and performed.

Blue Giant has recorded and performed with Corin Tucker of Sleater Kinney.

During her career, Lääts also recorded and performed a number of children's songs.

recorded shell

The maximum recorded shell length is 7.5 mm.

The maximum recorded shell length is 4.5 mm.

The maximum recorded shell length is 33 mm.

maximum recorded shell

The maximum recorded shell length is 7.5 mm.

The maximum recorded shell length is 4.5 mm.

The maximum recorded shell length is 33 mm.

recorded shell length

The maximum recorded shell length is 7.5 mm.

The maximum recorded shell length is 4.5 mm.

The maximum recorded shell length is 33 mm.

material recorded

A 7" EP of material recorded in 1981, "Tragic Figure", was also issued that year.

The material recorded and compiled by Ingrid Rüütel and her colleagues in 1961-2012.

MCA also released an album of live material recorded at the Grand Ole Opry called "Live at the Opry."

recorded using

"EastEnders" is normally recorded using four cameras.

The film was recorded using the RCA Photophone System.

The album was recorded using two 4-track tape machines.

toured and recorded

The Go-Go's reformed in 1990; Schock has toured and recorded with them since.

Lang had toured and recorded for nearly ten years before leaving the business.

He retained control of the band's name and has toured and recorded with a group as the Crickets.

recorded a total   (ghi lại tổng cộng)

Through the entire event, the same gauge recorded a total of of rain.

The 2010 census recorded a total of 593,832 foreign nationals living in China.

Ornithologists and bird watchers have recorded a total of 175 species at the IBA.

recorded their second

They recorded their second album, "Coming Attraction - Live!

The band recorded their second album mostly at the beginning of 2016.

By 1994 the band had recorded their second project "Barstools & Guitars".

officially recorded

In 2001, the Census of India officially recorded 21 men and 18 women.

The officially recorded spellings tended to become the standard for that family.

They officially recorded their debut album "The Unraveling" on Fat Wreck Chords in 2001.

recorded all

They also recorded all manorial imports and exports.

RTÉ 2fm also recorded all the acts from the IMRO New Sounds Stage.

Shostakovich recorded all of them during the 1947 Prague Spring Festival.

recorded a live

They have recorded a live album "Commodores Live!"

With Hoffman she recorded a live double-album, "Ein Konzert".

Marvin Gaye also recorded a live album, as did The Temptations.

featuring performances recorded

is a live album by American jazz drummer Max Roach featuring performances recorded in San Francisco in 1962 and released by the Fantasy label.

Desafinado (album) Desafinado is an album by American jazz saxophonist Coleman Hawkins featuring performances recorded in 1962 for the Impulse!

Soul Sugar Soul Sugar is an album by American jazz organist Jimmy McGriff featuring performances recorded in 1970 and released on the Capitol label.

all recorded

", all recorded in his own living room on a cassette deck.

The songs in the album were all recorded in the Philippines.

Roger Williams, Andy Williams, and Frank Sinatra all recorded cover versions.

recorded by many

The song has been recorded by many other musicians.

The song has been recorded by many well known performers.

The song is now considered a standard, recorded by many artists.

studio album recorded

It is the third studio album recorded by Young and Promise of the Real.

CPR (album) CPR is the first studio album recorded by Crosby, Pevar and Raymond (CPR).

It was the first full studio album recorded by the group since 1984's "The Heartland Café".

recorded match

They played their first recorded match against Drogheda, and won by 9 points to 8.

There were just two in 1880 and one in 1881, which was the UNEE's final recorded match at Skipton in June.

Brunei played its first recorded match in 1983, but did not appear in an international game until the 1996 ACC Trophy.

recorded version

The recorded version goes on, "Yes, yes, Herr Professor, it is I.

Hammill regards this version as the definitive recorded version of the opera.

One verse mentioned Gabriel by name, but it was not used in the recorded version.

church is recorded

The church is recorded in the National Heritage List for England as a designated Grade I listed building.

when he recorded   (khi anh ấy ghi lại)

His music career began in 1993 when he recorded his first record.

In 1965, Gene Chandler scored another hit with this song when he recorded "Rainbow '65 (Part 1)".

Kaukonen began his solo career several years prior to the breakup, when he recorded the 1974 album "Quah".

lowest recorded

The lowest recorded temperature in the city range is .

The lowest recorded temperature is , while the highest is .

The lowest recorded mass for the adult Age 3 or 4 was 495g.

already recorded   (đã được ghi lại)

By November 2004, Carey had already recorded several songs for the album.

As bassist Bill Wallace would later comment, "All our good stuff was already recorded by The Guess Who".

"Transconvolution" enables a subsequent manipulation of the Point spread function (PSF) in already recorded images.

not been recorded

It has not been recorded in Vietnam since 1997.

The species has not been recorded in the east Pacific.

They have not been recorded farther than away from the ocean.

version recorded

Instead, a new studio version recorded in Nashville in January 2008 appears on the accompanying album, "The Soundstage Sessions".

is a live version recorded in St. Gallen in 1983, and at five minutes and 42 seconds is twice as long as the album version on "Hex".

The slowest version recorded is with Ida Haendel and Sir Adrian Boult conducting the London Philharmonic Orchestra, at well over 55 minutes.

recorded three albums

They have recorded three albums as of 2012.

She has recorded three albums.

Seven Mary Three recorded three albums between 1995 and 1998 with Mammoth.

subsequently recorded

They subsequently recorded an album in January 2008.

This play was subsequently recorded under the title "Metafiction" and released in 2012 as a direct download.

Tilson Thomas subsequently recorded the cycle for EMI with Barbara Hendricks and the London Symphony Orchestra.

recorded his second

As a junior, Taylor recorded his second consecutive 1,000 yard season.

He recorded his second during a Week 7 road win over the Chicago Bears.

He recorded his second regular season interception against the Baltimore Ravens.

recorded a duet

Carter recorded a duet with pop singer Jennifer Paige called "Beautiful Lie" in 2009.

In 2001, Ford also co-wrote and recorded a duet with South Korean pop star Park Ji-yoon.

In the 1970s he recorded a duet with harpist María Cristina Gómez Rabito, and worked as a soloist.