Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

live recordings

The fourth CD is a compilation of live recordings.

Side B is live recordings taken from the 1988 reunion tour.

Myrta returned in 1952 and made a number of live recordings.

studio recordings

The album starts off with two studio recordings.

Tracks 1-7 were recorded live; tracks 8-11 are studio recordings.

He made several albums, but his last studio recordings were in 1963.

recordings made

His compositions and recordings made him renowned.

There have since been several recordings made by various musicians.

These are among the first recordings made of traditional African music.

first recordings

He made his first recordings with the Rebirth in 1984.

Their first recordings (May 1922) included Fio Rito's "Soothing."

Blake's first recordings were made in 1926, and his records sold well.

audio recordings

She has also participated in the new audio recordings for "Stargate Atlantis".

Although audio recordings of the episode exist, no footage is known to have survived.

Some online or electronic dictionaries provide audio recordings of words being spoken.

new recordings

It was her ninth album of new recordings released since 1982.

The album was made up of mostly new recordings, but included four of her past hits.

It began to revive significantly in the 1960s, helped by new recordings of his works.

sound recordings

Copyright law had been expanded to include sound recordings in 1974.

In addition, he has published many Irish texts based on sound recordings.

Later he was influenced by the singing bowl sound recordings of Klaus Wiese.

recordings include

His recordings include a number of Bach cantatas.

The original Vlach Quartet recordings include Beethoven op.

The band's recordings include the album "Introducing Tárkány Müvek".

early recordings

Hill joined the band after helping engineer early recordings in 1997.

These include early recordings by Beth Jeans Houghton and Emma Tricca.

Wilkinson's early recordings as an engineer were for monaural 78 rpm releases.

several recordings

She also released several recordings of songs.

He made several recordings on the Phono-Cut Label in 1913.

The ensemble made several recordings for the RCA Red Seal label.

many recordings

Among many recordings, worth mentioning are:

Hendrix left behind many recordings in varying stages of completion.

Outside of The Presets, Moyes has released many recordings of his own.

recordings were made

The recordings were made in the house of Furry Lewis.

The majority of its recordings were made at this time.

Only two recordings were made before 1992.

original recordings

Shooter and his band went in the studio to add the music to the original recordings.

Certain aspects of these re-issues were criticized by some fans as being unfaithful to the original recordings.

Coldcut put new music to films from the Russolo era, incorporating original recordings of Russolo's proto-synths.

video recordings

This act regulates the sale and supply of video recordings.

The publication contains an introduction and description of sound and video recordings.

There are also a series of short video recordings of the machine in operation on YouTube.

demo recordings

of Final Warning's first demo recordings.

They continued writing pop songs and sent demo recordings out.

In 2005 Resonance FM released a collection of demo recordings.

solo recordings

hide's solo recordings have sold over 6.6 million copies.

Bond's first solo recordings came with Columbia Records in 1937.

Innerland Innerland comprises the debut solo recordings by Mark Peters.

field recordings

West made his first field recordings in Memphis in July 1968.

The second set of field recordings was recorded towards the end of 2018.

The band took much of their inspiration from Alan Bishop's field recordings.

number of recordings   (cantidad de grabaciones)

The group released a number of recordings on the Argo label.

A vast number of recordings have been issued under Presley's name.

11/18, appear on a number of recordings in various transpositions.

other recordings   (otras grabaciones)

Among her many other recordings are Beethoven's Symphony No.

All other recordings are of 1878 version in either the Haas or one of the Nowak editions.

(Brown would repeat this lyrical formula on "Mashed Potatoes U.S.A." and several other recordings.)

commercial recordings   (grabaciones comerciales)

Usually this is omitted in other commercial recordings of the song.

The ensemble has issued three commercial recordings on the Discantus label.

She made very few commercial recordings; however, numerous bootleg recordings of her performances exist.

made recordings

In 1902, Meinhof made recordings of East African music.

He made recordings with Ray Noble's and Roy Fox's orchestras.

He also made recordings as a vocalist.

numerous recordings

He is featured on numerous recordings as an ensemble player and soloist.

Gianoli made numerous recordings for the Westminster, BAM and Ades firms.

He has produced numerous recordings, including ten by the Klezmer Conservatory Band.

unreleased recordings

The album included performances from live shows and previously unreleased recordings.

The second was the first of three planned releases covering early, unreleased recordings.

An album of her material, "Now and Then", including some old unreleased recordings, was issued in the UK.

music recordings

Classical music recordings are a notable exception.

These vinyl records do not have music recordings pressed on to them.

Merregnon Studios has produced and directed numerous orchestral video game music recordings and albums.

recordings were released

Olle's recordings were released in Sweden as well.

Concert recordings were released on CD and DVD.

Many of these recordings were released on Lewis' own Springtime!

master recordings

Bahlman has declined to give master recordings to 99's artists.

While the band does not own the master recordings from the 2004 album they do own the songs.

All songs are based on master recordings, in two cases, specifically re-recorded for the game.

released recordings

The label has also released recordings by Al Green, B.J.

In 2012 and 2013, he released recordings by his two bands.

MPS produced and released recordings by American, Canadian, European and Japanese jazz artists.

series of recordings

From 1926 onwards, Elgar made a series of recordings of his own works.

Franz Bruinier also made a series of recordings with the flautist Fritz Kröckel.

Their series of recordings entitled "Thrillogy of Danger" was a three EP set of CDs.

tape recordings

The tape recordings of traffic were sent to HQ by courier for evaluation.

The MDTA maintains tape recordings of meetings at its offices on Broening Highway, Baltimore.

A number of tape recordings made by Cannon are on loan to the Manx Museum and National Trust.

performances and recordings

She is best known for her performances and recordings of a number of violin concerti, compositions by J.S.

These historic publications give many accounts of Charles G. Widdén's live performances and recordings in the years 1903 – 1924.

Trío Calaveras Trío Calaveras is a Mexican guitar and vocal trio, notable for its performances and recordings with the pop singer Jorge Negrete.

earliest recordings

Capri released some of Steve Tyrell's earliest recordings.

Some of these compilations featured the earliest recordings by No Doubt.

One of his earliest recordings was on Mark O'Connor's 1988 album "Elysian Forest".

previous recordings

Musically, the album is much more different than previous recordings.

Yasuda also did vocal contributions to previous recordings of this band, e.g.

It was produced by Howard Benson, who has produced several of Flyleaf's previous recordings.

made several recordings

He made several recordings on the Phono-Cut Label in 1913.

The ensemble made several recordings for the RCA Red Seal label.

Barstow made several recordings.

earlier recordings

Fourteen", an outtake from the band's earlier recordings.

He toured widely in Europe and in the US, and several of his earlier recordings were included in movies.

While "Night Train" employs the same riff as the earlier recordings, it is used in a much earthier R&B setting.