Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

not recover   (no recuperarse)

On 23 August 634, Abu Bakr fell sick and did not recover.

In 1842, the entire town burned down and did not recover.

He did not recover before the Armistice.

able to recover   (capaz de recuperarse)

There they were able to recover 40 chests, worth about £40,000.

She observed "we were not in a good mood, but we were able to recover."

Police were able to recover images and videos, some of which had been deleted.

did not recover   (no se recuperó)

On 23 August 634, Abu Bakr fell sick and did not recover.

In 1842, the entire town burned down and did not recover.

He did not recover before the Armistice.

fully recover   (recuperación completa)

After not being able to fully recover, he retired on February 2, 1988.

However, the same year she had serious food poisoning from which she could not fully recover.

AVSIM was able to fully recover from the hack with the help of IT support from around the world.

time to recover   (hora de recuperarse)

The average time to recover from ADEM flare-ups is one to six months.

The third is too deep in the ground and will require too much time to recover."

Ruis bypassed the early prep races in February to give the colt more time to recover.

unable to recover   (incapaz de recuperarse)

The chain of custody is unclear and many graduates have been unable to recover records.

Unlike 2005, Liverpool were unable to recover from going behind, and lost the match 2–1.

The French were unable to recover Fontaine's body nor those of two French sailors killed nearby.

managed to recover   (logró recuperarse)

He managed to recover in the following April.

The contractor managed to recover lost time through hiring additional workers.

Zappa managed to recover some of his possessions before the studio was torn down in 1966.

attempt to recover   (intento de recuperar)

Sarah is subsequently assigned by Graham to attempt to recover the Intersect.

This pilot was executed by burning in January 2015 and was later used to attempt to recover jailed terrorists.

Re-attach this drive to a secondary computer with a write blocker device and then attempt to recover lost data.

order to recover   (para recuperar)

She sat out the remainder of the season in order to recover.

He went out to the islands of Pontia and Pandateria in order to recover the remains of Agrippina and Nero.

Johnson pleads with Carnby to take the place of Fiske and reopen the investigation in order to recover the tablets.

began to recover   (comenzó a recuperarse)

By the late 1940s the market began to recover again.

In 2003, with the help of friends and relatives, Wai began to recover.

Hull began to recover but little hope was held for Cole, who was delirious and badly frostbitten.

failed to recover   (no pudo recuperarse)

The Knights attempted an onside kick, but failed to recover.

Doricles remained in training as a four-year-old but failed to recover his best form.

He must have failed to recover Malwa but nonetheless recovered the Khetaka (Kheda) region.

trying to recover   (tratando de recuperarse)

In 1809, he traveled through Mississippi Territory trying to recover his fortune.

They were trying to recover their grazing land at the foot of Mount Taylor, their sacred Turquoise Mountain.

In this version, while flying through a violent thunderstorm, Valentine is in the lavatory trying to recover from a panic attack.