never recovered

The bodies and the airplane were never recovered.

"Scallywag's" financial position never recovered.

He never recovered completely from this illness.

fully recovered

Some clubs and competitions never fully recovered.

(Clavell never fully recovered from his wound.)

She never fully recovered from her month-long torture.

never fully recovered

Some clubs and competitions never fully recovered.

(Clavell never fully recovered from his wound.)

She never fully recovered from her month-long torture.

recovered a fumble   (ファンブルを回復しました)

He also recovered a fumble, which set up an Alabama touchdown.

In the final 3 games he made 9 tackles, defended 3 passes and recovered a fumble.

He recovered a fumble in a November 21, 2015, game against Boston College at Fenway Park.

not recovered

His remains were not recovered and identified until 1949.

William Stead's body was not recovered.

The other scouts were not recovered.

later recovered

Giambra experienced throat cancer, but later recovered.

Ghetia was treated for her injuries and later recovered.

The city was later recovered by Emperor John III Vatatzes.

eventually recovered

Maccido eventually recovered financially.

It took a two more seasons, but Partizan eventually recovered.

He suffered from writers' palsy for several years, but eventually recovered.

recovered the ball

This time, Nevada recovered the ball and retained possession.

Nate Evans recovered the ball and ran 94 yards for a UCF touchdown.

Miami fumbled the snap and Tech recovered the ball on the Miami 39.

body was recovered

Hesslink's body was recovered from the fire.

Huberta's body was recovered and sent to a taxidermist in London.

His body was recovered and after cremation his ashes were scattered over the site of his death.

bodies were recovered

61 mutilated dead bodies were recovered from the pond.

After the raid, 79,466 bodies were recovered and recorded.

They were killed and their bodies were recovered by the IDF.

quickly recovered

After the Second World War, the company quickly recovered.

James quickly recovered and survived the remainder of the round.

It quickly recovered, new fortifications were erected, and it became a "municipium".

recovered in time

Arthroscopic surgery was performed on September 6 and Stammen recovered in time for spring training in 2010.

Joubert recovered in time to compete at the French National Championships, and won his seventh national title.

Teammates LaRon Ellis, Chris Mills, and Derrick Miller had also been ill, but all recovered in time to make the trip.

recovered during

Earlier, 220 remains were recovered during 1996–2005.

137 individual weapons were recovered during the campaign.

Alix's body was never recovered during Victoria's lifetime.

recovered enough

By 22 March he had recovered enough to leave the hospital.

Returning to the woman's sled, he finds that she has recovered enough to speak one word: "Hello."

In the spring he recovered enough, in his own view, to supervise the lens installation at Cordouan.

having recovered

Joeckel entered his second season having recovered from the injury during his rookie season.

Roland awakes, having recovered his reason and his desire for glory and rides off to battle amid a general triumph.

He had only just returned that month to the national side, having recovered from a right Achilles tendon rupture in January.

then recovered

England then recovered to be 3/106 at stumps on the fourth day.

He then recovered his full status as a tenured professor in 1953.

In the free skate, he fell on the quad toe, but then recovered to land six clean triples.