İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

fumble recovery   (beceriksiz kurtarma)

Kelly had 26 tackles and one fumble recovery as a junior.

He played 2 games in 2018 and recorded one fumble recovery.

Brien also had a fumble recovery during the NFC Championship game.

full recovery   (Tam iyileşme)

After chemotherapy, he made a full recovery.

She made a full recovery but lost the baby.

Yamaoka has since made a full recovery.

economic recovery   (ekonomik iyileşme)

The region has been showing signs of economic recovery though.

This ended the deflation and contributed to the economic recovery.

Although, it likely greatly contributed to Germany's overall economic recovery.

recovery efforts   (kurtarma çabaları)

The station was recognized for its disaster recovery efforts.

On July 1, the rescue and recovery efforts were transferred to the city.

They often are called to assist with search, rescue, and recovery efforts.

recovery time   (iyileşme süresi)

The expected recovery time was four to five months.

During this recovery time, the diode can actually conduct in the reverse direction.

In April, he injured his ankle, with recovery time expected to be from six to eight weeks.

disaster recovery   (olağanüstü durum kurtarma)

The station was recognized for its disaster recovery efforts.

Bangladesh Navy have been an active disaster recovery force abroad.

The franchise system provides localized services as well as large scale disaster recovery.

recovery process   (Kurtarma işlemi)

He began swimming as part of the recovery process.

She took up cycling as part of the recovery process.

Numerous factors impact the recovery process and outcomes.

recovery plan   (kurtarma planı)

In September 2019, the FTA accepted the recovery plan.

The bank drew up a comprehensive recovery plan for the Pakistani government.

They work together as a team to ensure the best recovery plan for the individual.

oil recovery

An application where pore size is beneficial is in regards to oil recovery.

The Galoter process has high thermal and technological efficiency, and high oil recovery ratio.

CO has been injected into declining oil fields for more than 40 years, to increase oil recovery.

heat recovery

Recovered steam goes to the heat recovery system.

Surface blowdown is normally fed to a flash tank and heat exchanger for heat recovery.

She has features to lower environmental damage, including exhaust heat recovery and cogeneration.

recovery operations

The CO will be sent by pipeline to depleted oil fields in Mississippi for enhanced oil recovery operations.

The F-35C variant is designed for catapult-assisted take-off but arrested recovery operations from aircraft carriers.

The role of these task forces is to support state and local emergency responders' efforts to locate victims and manage recovery operations.

recovery system

Recovered steam goes to the heat recovery system.

The building has a green wall covering and turf roof, with a rainwater recovery system.

The Integrator weighs and uses the same launcher and recovery system as the Scan Eagle.

recovery period   (Iyileşme süresi)

On 17 October, in the midst of his recovery period, he gained Spanish citizenship.

Diagnosis of neurapraxia is almost always followed by a quick and complete recovery period.

During the recovery period from his illness, Mears took up music production as a hobby whilst bed-ridden.

cost recovery   (geri kazanım)

However, initial tariffs have been well below cost recovery levels in almost all cases, sometimes covering only a fraction of the cost of service provision.

Tariffs and cost recovery for sewerage A sanitation surcharge of US$0.05/m³ is levied by SDE on behalf of ONAS on water customers in all cities with a sewer network.

Community involvement is strong—they are heavily involved in planning, construction and maintenance, leading to strong ownership and near 100 per cent cost recovery.

energy recovery

In addition they include a lot of energy recovery technology.

Another common method of energy recovery takes place during the wort cooling.

Cory Environmental is one of the UK's leading resource management, recycling and energy recovery companies.