İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

recreational activities   (eğlence aktiviteleri)

They also encouraged recreational activities such as sports and arts.

People of village have a limited choice for their recreational activities.

It is also a popular destination for water-related recreational activities.

recreational facilities   (dinlenme tesisleri)

Dhawade has no recreational facilities like cinemas or video halls.

The building also has multi-storey parking and recreational facilities.

There are plans for building recreational facilities, including a gym, at this site.

recreational use   (eğlence kullanımı)

The Touring type is made for recreational use only.

The state legalized cannabis for recreational use in 2014.

Korkeasaari was a recreational use for peorple living in Helsinki.

recreational area   (eğlence alanı)

Immediately south is Lake Senba, a recreational area.

Elma is central to a large recreational area.

The hamlet is used as a recreational area.

recreational purposes   (Rekreasyonel amaçlı)

The area is used extensively for recreational purposes, such as kayaking and hiking.

It was also the first to be built for purely recreational purposes rather than for defence.

Rohrabacher supported the legalization of cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes.

recreational opportunities

The park has several different recreational opportunities.

Urban open space is often appreciated for the recreational opportunities it provides.

The center provides a number of recreational opportunities, including tennis and swimming.

recreational areas   (Rekreasyon alanları)

There are also recreational areas to relax.

In Ibirité there are Polisportives and recreational areas.

Two rooms were used as office and recreational areas for the sheriff deputies.

recreational fishing   (eğlence amaçlı balıkçılık)

Fishing including recreational fishing is done by visitors.

It has a beach for children, along with recreational fishing and crabbing areas.

Cycling and jogging are only common along the sea front, where recreational fishing is also popular.

recreational drug   (eğlence ilacı)

In many countries, cocaine is a popular recreational drug.

He refrains from recreational drug use.

Ketamine, a dissociative anesthetic, is sometimes used as a recreational drug.

popular recreational   (popüler eğlence)

In many countries, cocaine is a popular recreational drug.

The Park is a popular recreational area for people living in the locality.

It is also considered a staple exercise in many popular recreational exercise programs.

other recreational   (diğer eğlence)

The aquatic centre also provides yoga, gym facilities and other recreational activities.

Fishing is possible in the pond year round, and it is used for other recreational activities.

This gondola lift is used for accessing ski resorts and other recreational centers on the mountain.

recreational drugs

Author questions this as a valid use of recreational drugs.

A 2007 UK study ranked MDMA 18th in harmfulness out of 20 recreational drugs.

Presley was not only deeply opposed to recreational drugs, he also rarely drank.

recreational tourism

Forestry and recreational tourism activities, second.

Some secondary forest roads are in use nearby for forestry and recreational tourism activities.

recreational keelboat

The Hunter 310 is a small recreational keelboat, built predominantly of fiberglass.

The C&C 61 is a recreational keelboat, built predominantly of fiberglass, with wood trim.

The Express 37 is a recreational keelboat, built predominantly of fiberglass, with wood trim.

recreational activity

Over 1 in 10 Australians surf as a recreational activity.

Rafting on the Jeker is an entertaining recreational activity.

The most common recreational activity in the wilderness is hiking.

small recreational

The C-Lark is a small recreational dinghy, built predominantly of fiberglass.

White Clay Creek State Park was established in 1968 as a small recreational park.

The Hunter 310 is a small recreational keelboat, built predominantly of fiberglass.

used for recreational

The wagonettes were also used for recreational trips and school trips.

They are also used for recreational trail riding and in mounted police units.

Bellows Field was used for recreational gliders in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

recreational diving

In recreational diving the participant is taking on a voluntary risk.

Nitrox with more than 40% oxygen is uncommon within recreational diving.

Buddy separation is frequently associated with recreational diving incidents.

recreational facility   (dinlenme tesisi)

Dalplex is the largest main fitness and recreational facility.

In 1951, work began on Stead Park, an explicitly unsegregated recreational facility.

Part of the land was previously used as a recreational facility called the Mylor Recreation Centre.

recreational park

White Clay Creek State Park was established in 1968 as a small recreational park.

The area was drained of sewage and waste, to create a green space and recreational park.

League Park was mostly demolished in 1951, but has since been rebuilt as a recreational park.

commercial and recreational   (ticari ve eğlence amaçlı)

It is of moderate commercial and recreational importance.

It is exploited in commercial and recreational fisheries and for the aquarium trade.

In the summer months it is targeted by commercial and recreational fishermen in southern Italy.

recreational vehicle

Camping and recreational vehicle sites are also available.

Starcraft's recreational vehicle business was sold to Jayco in the 1990s.

A large number of terms are used when describing aspects of recreational vehicle usage.

outdoor recreational

The Cleveland Metroparks provides ample opportunity for outdoor recreational activities.

Mount Stuart is a popular outdoor recreational area, including trail running, mountain biking and rock climbing.

The area also supports significant forestry, hunting, sport-fishing, tourism and outdoor recreational activities.

recreational vehicles

In 1998, Carpenter was sold to Spartan Motors, a Michigan-based manufacturer of chassis for fire apparatus and high-end recreational vehicles.

High-profile vehicles such as empty trucks, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles were banned along several Interstate Highways in eastern Pennsylvania due to the storm.

The Watchdogs use conventional technology, with all weapons and paraphernalia purchased from legitimate retailers; members use their own ground vehicles, usually pick up trucks, vans, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles.